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    @ youtube - for all that, we said, analyzed, considered and written? we must conclude that for this [Account Warnings 1]? the fundamental right of freedom of speech? ended up in the middle of the legs of the whores, that you've got here ... and hookers you have it too to be yourself the son of a bitch, that thou art! @youtube-- in considerazione, di tutto quello, che abbiamo detto, analizzato, considerato e scritto? noi dobbiamo concludere che per questo [Account Warnings 1]? il diritto fondamentale della libertà di parola? è finito in mezzo alle gambe delle puttane che tu hai qui... e di puttane tu ne hai troppe per essere anche tu quel figlio di puttana, che anche tu sei!

    @Rothschild, [Account Warnings 1] --- tu non puoi usare me per uccidere la gente.. tu non puoi strumentalizzare me. perché, se è indispensabile? io so assumermi la responsabilità, di uccidere i musulmani meglio di te Ma prima di un massacro di quelle proporzioni? Io devo tentare le vie della pace togliti davanti al cazzo, e lasciami lavorare! Those who leave Islam are killed in most Isalmic nations. Those who leave the true Church of Jesus Christ are allowed to do so with no reverge

    @youtube [Account Warnings 1] MUHAMMAD Verses JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs ---.. la gente vuole comprendere il motivo della tua violenza contro di me? Tu sei un sionista, che vuole finire di rovinare i musulmani questa è la mia conclusione! @Ehi, Rothschild, tu no puoi usare me per uccidere la gente.. in questo modo? Non funziona! Mohammed's Tomb OCCUPIED! Christ's tomb EMPTY! Islam must be received, or you can be killed for rejecting it. The Faith offered by Jesus Christ is for "whosoever will", to receive, and all men are permitted to reject it. (Revelation 2217; John 316)

    @ youtube - YouTube reported as inappropriate. [[Account Warnings 1]] MUHAMMAD 30 Verses JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs --- What's wrong in youtube? Mohammed claimed that there was but one God, Allah. Christ claimed that He was God (John 1030-31;)(John 858-59)(John 5,18; John 14,9) Islam is geocentric, that is, the whole universe is centered on the Kaaba, and all Muslims pray facing that direction Jesus Christ is the center of all Christian worship and fellowship, for He is "in the midst" where his saints meet anywhere on earth.(Matthew1820, John4,22-23)

    SUPERSEXUALFANTASIES I am happy to see you after a long time you are always in my heart and I'm thinking of you often my friend. It does not matter my channel ... since, it has been consecrated to God, then, this is not my problem, but it is a problem of God. lol. I have already won! hallelujah!!!

    @ youtube - Social YouTube reported as inappropriate. [[Account Warnings 1]] MUHAMMAD 30 Verses JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs --- What's wrong in my work? Mohammed's Mission was to conquer the world for Allah Christ's mission was to conquer sin's penalty and power by substitutionary atonement (2Corinthians5,21;1 Peter 318) Mohammed considered Christ a good prophet Christ pronunced Mohammed to be a false prophet(John 1010; Matthew 24,11) @ muslmani - God has given me to you as a gift, to be your Mahdia, but since you have not been worthy to receive this mercy? Here enlightend used me now for your destruction!

    @youtube- La community di YouTube ha segnalato come non appropriati. [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]]30 MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs --- cosa c'è che non va nel mio lavoro? The Koran (Qur'an)is a terrorist manual which condones figting, conflict, terror, slaughter. and genocide against those who do not accept Islam. the Bible ia a missionary manual to spread the gospel of peace to all the world(Romans1015) @muslmani-- Dio ha dato me, a voi come un dono, per essere il vostro Mahdì ma, poiché voi non siete stati, degni di ricevere questa misericordia? Ecco io sono usato dagli enlightend, ora per la vostra distruzione!

    @ youtube-I never thought that you were an anti-Semite [[Account Warnings 1]] Against Me "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" the Koran says "Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them"(Qur'an 9.5) Christ said "Preach the gospel to every creature"(Mark 1615) The Koran says,"I will inspire terror into the hearts of unbelievers"(Qur'an 8.12). God inspires His terror into the hearts of believers(Isaia813)

    @youtube- io non avrei mai pensato, che, tu eri un antisemita [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against me "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Mohammed ordered death to the Jews (see A.Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad, Oxford University Press[1975], p.369). Christ ordered that the gosple be preached "to the Jew first" (Romans116) The Koran says"Fight in the cause of Allah"(Qur'an 2.244) The Bible says"we wrestle not agaisnt flesh and blood", and "the weapons of our warfare are not carnal! (Ephesians6,12;2) Corinthians 10,4.

    @youtube-grazie?! [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against me "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Mohammed said the witness of a woman was half the value of the witness of a man; and Mohammed said a women goes to paradise because she satisfies her husband sexually(quest'ulma parte? lo dice anche la mia Bibbia) the Bible teaches that a husband is to love his wife and be willing to die for her. (Ephesians 5,25) Mohammed called upon his servants to fight. Jesus said"My kingdom is not of this word;(John 1836)

    @ youtube-bisgazziere pimp what's wrong with you?! [[Account Warnings 1]] Against Me "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Islam calls on its followers to observe, Five Pillars, while all other aspects of life can be vulgar and not affect the Muslim's prospects in Paradise The Bible calls on the Christian to submit to the total change of his life by the Spirit of God.. No, area of life and thought is the choice of the follower. (Romans 121-2) the Muslim looks forward to eternity in Paradise where there will be virgins who are used for eternal perpetual copulation The Bible believing Christian looks forward to being with Jesus Christ and is delighted with that.(2 Corinthians5,8)

    @youtube- bisgazziere lenone cosa c'è di sbagliato con te?! [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against me "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" *Moammed hated music * Jesus and His disciples sang hymns, and the Apostle commanded the Lord's Church to sing.(Matthew26,30, EphesiNS 519, COLOSSIANS 3,16) ++ Mohammed allowed that a Mullah, Imam, or Mufti can be a terrorist and moral animal like Osama bin Laden ++ The Bible requires that a leader in the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ must be above reproach, and when this is not true, Christians demand such a fallen leader be removed from leaderschip.(1 Timothy 3,1-7; 5,19-20)

    @ youtube-this time? ever, I would have thought that, you could descend so low! You have reached the bottom of your drain! You killed the truth democracy now! You have suffocated, the innocent blood of the true Christian martyrs! [[Account Warnings 1]] Against Me "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" *Many Muslims are peaceful and peace-loving becouse they do not strictly follow the teachings of their founded *Many christians are peaceful and peace-loving becouse they do strictly follow the teachings of their founded (Romans12,17-27) +Mohammed said the Koran is authoritative only in Arabic, and only in his dialect. +the Bible is authoritative in many languages around the world, for God knows all things and can inspire His Word in more than one language

    @youtube- questa volta? mai, io avrei potuto pensare, che, tu potessi scendere, così in basso! tu hai toccato il fondo, della tua fognatura! Tu hai ucciso la veritàla democrazia, adesso! tu hai soffocato, il sangue innocente, dei veri martiri cristiani! [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against me "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Modern day disciples of Mohammed respond to the terrorist attacks by cheering in the streets. modern day disciples of Christ are deeply grieved at pastatrocities carried out by those who were "Christians" in name only(the crusades, the Spanish Inquisition)

    @ youtube-a satanist gay, like you? you're not in the position to regulate someone like me! stop to punish me, and this is my warning to you! [[Account Warnings 1]] Against Me "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Modern terrorists derive their inspiration from Mohammed and carry out their desplicable atrocities in the name of his God. Christians derive their ispiration, from the One who said "Blessed are the peacemakers" (Matthew 5,9)

    @youtube- un satanista di gay, come te? tu non sei, nella posizione di disciplinare uno come me! smettila di punire me e questo è il mio avvertimento per te! [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against me "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Mohammed declared a holy war (Jihad) against infidels Christ achieved a holy victory on Calvary's cross(Colossesi2,14-15)and his followers share in that victory (John16,33 ) Mohammed constrained people by conquest Christ constrained people by love "(2 Corinthians 5,14)

    hey-this @ youtube Muslims? kill me, 300 Christians every day! At this rate? You're going to close, another channel for me! but, then, will the Holy Spirit, to shut you with the stone of a tomb !-[[ account Warnings 1]] Against Me "Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Mohammed was swift to shed blood (Romans 3.15-17) Christ shed His own blood for the salvation of many (Ephesians 17) Mohammed lorenzojhwh as the UniusREI preached "Death to the infidels!" Christ Prayed "Father, Forgive Them, for They Know What They Do not" (Luke 2334) Hey, muslims of Sharia law when you decide to go out, from your curse? make it known to me because I am the Mahdi

    hey @youtube-questi musulmani? ammazzano a me, 300 cristiani ogni giorno!! Di questo passo? tu finirai per chiudere, a me un altro canale! ma, poi sarà lo Spirito Santo, a chiudere te con la pietra di una tomba!-[[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against me "MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs" Mohammed conquered his enemies with the sword Christ conquered his enemies with another kind of sword, the sword of the Holy Spirit, which is the Word od God (Hebrews 412; Acts 2,37) Mohammed said to the masses, "Convert or die!" Christ said "Belive and live!" Ehi, muslims of sharia quando, tu deciderai di uscire dalla tua maledizione? fallo sapere a me perché io sono il Mahdì

    hey @ youtube-Satanist, but. lol. Also you are muslim murderes !-[[ account Warnings 1]] Against my Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs! Mohammed Practiced Force Christ preached FAITH (John 629,35) Mohammed was warrior Christ is a deliverer (Col.1 13; 1Thessalonians) Hey, muslims of sharia the FMI_NWO uncle he is coming to take your trophy

    hey @ youtube-Satanist, but. lol. Also you are muslim murderes !-[[ account Warnings 1]] Against my Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs! Mohammed and His fellow warriors Murdered Thousands None But Christ saved many Murdered Mohammed's method was Compulsion Christ's aim was voluntary conversion (Acts 3.19) Hey, muslims murderes after me? He is Uncle Tom 666+322!

    hey youtube-@ I knew you were a satanist, but. lol. but I never imagined that you were also a Satanist account of Muslim !-[[ Warnings 1]] Against my Verses MUHAMMAD JESUS ​​CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs! Promoted Mohammed Persecution Against the Infidels Christ forgave and converted the chief persecutor (1 Timothy 1 13-15) Mohammed was the taker of life Christ was the giver of life (John 1027-28) Hey, muslims murderes after me? He is 666 +322 for you with love

    @youtube--[[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] against my MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST muslims Kill the Christian martyrs! Mohammed's disciples killed for the faith Christ's disciples were killed for their faith (Acts 12,2; 2)+(Timothy 4,7) Ehi, muslims murderes after me? came 666Rtihscild and 322Bush ie 3°WWnuclear for you

    @youtube-- cosa dice il video che tu hai distrutto? MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs[[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] Jesus was sinless 1Petre 2, 21-22 Muhammad was sinful surah 18-110 Muhammad was the prophet of war Christ is the Prince of Peace Isaia 9, 6-7 --ANSWER-- DOPO DI ME? arrivano i bombardieri di Rothschild warnig Muhammad!

    @youtube -- cosa tu hai fatto ancora? contro di me? [[Avvertimenti sull'account 1]] 30 MUHAMMAD VERSES JESUS CHRIST Kill the Christian martyrs 01 luglio 2011 1145 (PDT) | La community di YouTube ha segnalato uno o più dei tuoi video come non appropriati. Quando un video viene segnalato, viene esaminato dal team di YouTube in base alle nostre Norme della community. Dall'esame è emerso che i seguenti video presentano contenuti che violano le presenti norme, pertanto sono stati disattivati | Rifiutato (contenuti non appropriati) | Video bloccato in alcuni Paesi. Visualizza info copyright. --- ma è questa la verità che a te fa tanto paura?

    @all Muslims, that we have, in the West? are all good people! is why, all governments Islamic states are criminals! of rapes are committed in the name of Allah, (rapes religious), against Christian girls, who are kidnapped, raped, and of course forced to marry a Muslim, (youtube has deleted my video [[account Warnings 1]] .. but , was only to be an accomplice of Satanists Muslims, in fact, Satanists help each of them each and all against the Christians), with the complicity of the police, because the boy Christian can not marry a Muslim girl? here is that Christianity is doomed to extinction! If all Muslim governments, do not give a true freedom of religion? Then, the war against them? will be inevitable!(as it has always been in the past) Because their system is actually a form of Satanism

    @ lCEgov - where you were son of a snake. when Jewish bankers have robbed the people of America of its democracy (real) and its monetary sovereignty(banking seigniorage of IMF privatized S.p.A.)? When the contempt of the Constitution was made to introduce, any form, of Freemasonry and of Satanism where were you? Now, I command you, at the cost of your life to put an immediate remedy to this crime of lese-majesty of the American people! @ YHWH - you has wanted to do of me, your Unius Rei, so my jurisdiction dominates the entire planet! I order in the name of Jesus, that all predators in any form must to be heavily damaged and killed! Glory to God forever hallelujah

    MrDierenees Commento al tuo video The Real Rogue Nuclear State BY David Duke @ The IMF is mostly US banks, which are in turn supported by the private Federal Reserve. The Fed is owned mostly by the Rothschilds, who are in control of the World. I can't predict what will happen next Will the Euro collapse and what about the dollar? Will the banking cartel scheme us into a new currency? What about Iran, Israel and the Samson Option? We live in truly volatile times. Pray for the best and prepare for the worst. Miniatura1605 The Real Rogue Nuclear State BY David Duke For me, the concept of race is Merely an invention of the devil!

    MrDierenees  Commento al tuo video The Real Rogue Nuclear State BY David Duke Martin van Creveld, Jewish professor of military history of the Hebrew University in Israel "Most European capitals are targets for our air force [....] We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen, before Israel goes under."
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    [[the end]] the money? is more than a symbolic element "is spiritual!" but the Jews, Satanists, the "Illuminati or enlightened, and Compay Rothschild666, Bush322". have made a "merchandise" (so, who we are become "commodity" means, "enslaved" all whole human race! see EzraPound and Giacinto Auriti .. That's why, from the French Revolution (through the invention of the "Assigned") they have control of the world ... and have the NWO by the foundation of the Bank of England ... since it is money is an ideal value and conventional that is, spiritual the money can not be bought or sold ... here, because we are now, under the ideological and practical Satanism the bank seigniorage, whose function is the predation of peoples, through all the wars that are necessary to regenerate a new IMF since the cost of money is equal to 270%, then the destruction or the war they are an indispensable institutional ie an arrangements istitutional

    [[conclusione]] il denaro? è più che un elemento simbolico "è spirituale!" ma i satanisti ebrei, gli "Illuminati Rothschild666 e Compay Bush322" ne hanno fatto una "merce" (è così, che hanno trasformato in "merce" "schiavi", tutto il Genere Umano vedi EzraPound e Giacinto Auriti).. ecco perché, dalla Rivoluzione Francese (attraverso la invenzione degli "Assegnati") loro hanno il controllo del mondo... ed hanno il NWO, con la fondazione della Banca di Inghilterra... poiché essendo un valore ideale e convenzionale cioè spirituale il denaro non può essere comprato o venduto... ecco, perché, noi oggi siamo, sotto il satanismo ideologico e pratico del signoraggio bancario, la cui funzione è la predazione dei popoli, attraverso tutte le guerre, che, sono indispensabili a rigenerare un nuovo FMI poiché, il costo del denaro è pari al 270%, allora lo sterminio o la Guerra sono una indispensabile modalità istituzionale

    [[Corpus Domini]] Benedetto il nostro Messia che è sempre con noi  anche nell'EUCARISTIA oggi Domenica 26 giugno la Santa Madre Chiesa Cattolica celebra la presenza del Signore Gesù Cristo nella Eucaristia auguri santo padre Benedetto XVI

    Commento al tuo video mystery Mahdì king Israel Unius Rei mistero 1_2 XwannabeXfamousX SAID lies in the muslim christians dont get Killed Countries.. Those are big lies ... cause we live in peace .. im part Syrian and syria and egypt has The Most christians from the whole middle east and i never ever Heard a story of a christian Being Killed by a muslim - ANSWER - but if youtube has punished all my channels for video harrowing of the poor Christian martyrs ! how can one who believes in God .. lying in this way? behold, thou hast said to be full of demons! AWESOME! "Who is Asia Bibi? 160000christianmartyrs. Blogspot. Com

    @ Muslims - I believe that Islam is for everyone, and that Christianity is just  for few... so, if Islam becomes the only world religion? I am prepared for this! I would also be happy for this [God knows I do not lie, because metaphysics can not lie or pretend!], But, if I remain the only Christian in the world, I would not be on documents ((marginalized)), tortured, treated as an idolator (because there is Allah's forgiveness for the idolaters), then reduced to slavery .. and then, are not holy enough, to accept martyrdom, as hundreds of Christians every day, that you kill and torture .. Therefore, if you do not give me immediately the freedom of religion? I decided to let you kill by the enlightened, the upcoming 3 rd WWnuclear! Ok, I am aware of the inevitability of this war!

    @InsanidadesDaBiblia -- what everyone knows? and what is obvious, does not need to be demonstrated... because God is obvious and it is also obvious? he does not need to be demonstrated... but, since your two horns are curved? They also come down over your eyes in fact, you do not see the glory of God in the universe, but you think that the stench, of your fart BigBang, has created something by accident! @InsanidadesDaBiblia -- There is an honest way, to be an atheist, and therefore, there is also a hope for the atheists to enter the Kingdom of God, but you are blasphemous .. Your person is like that of a Satanist! For that matter, that is, you do not have a hope of entering the Kingdom of God!

    Open Book of Revelation Data 23/06/11 Messaggio They know what they are doing but their puppets do not. The army of locusts with the Scorpion sting control the bands and the words they design. They have a command to torment men and strike at their souls with a deadly sting. I warn you to be aware and fight them with the weapons that cancel the poison in the words of death! Grace, Anthony

    ChristianHopeVideos SAID My Name is Anthony Clinton. God saved me from death through drug addiction and demon possession by a miracle in 1974. I immediately went back to my home town and proclaimed Christ to the City. Since then I have been accross the world preaching this miracle message. I am thrilled to be a part of God's plan to rescue a perishing world bound for eternal hell. Please pray for me that God would give me unction and utterance to preach the Gospel and that it be confirmed with signs and wonders. This might be to the eternal praise and glory of God. Jesus' miracles have not ceased to operate, they are happening now. They will not happen for those who doubt He is able but that is there own fault. They deny the provision of God.

    It's Time to wake up and see what these demonized stars of music are about. Do you think their quest for your soul is a joke? It certainly isn't as you will see in the satanic imagery you will see in the albums of Rock Music. Eph 510 Determine what pleases the Lord,Eph 511 and have nothing to do with the unfruitful works of darkness. Instead, expose them for what they are. For it is shameful even to mention what is done by people in secret. But everything that is exposed to the light becomes visible, for everything that is visible is light. That is why it says, "Wake up, O sleeper! Arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you.''so, then, be careful how you live. Do not be unwise but wise, I will expose these devils in disguise and prove they have no power over those who call upon the Name of Jesus.

    @InsanidadesDaBiblia -- Bravo! you get out of your sewer lair last! Prove me, that God not exists bravo! sei uscito dalla tua tana fogna finalmente! dimostrami che Dio non esite

    SuperLion911 (1 day ago) كويتي بحق! صدقني اخي انا لوا اني كنت في ولدة قبل 1600 سنه لما لطغت يدي في دم مسيحي واحد والرحمه تمنعني ان اقوم بهذا العمل والله يحفضكم ويجعل السعاده والفرح في ايامكم Skateboarderx543 Is this war or something? - ANSWER- I love you my brother (SuperLion911) and my friend (Skateboarderx543). these Freemasons have destroyed Christian civilization and now, They No Longer Have The cultural categories, to make peace! and Therefore, No Longer know how to make peace! if you do not support the Christian Civilization Humanities personalistic metaphysics? They all die very soon. is why. i am univesal Brotherhood

    @trophycute SoqueiArolaEmJesus - together with the Tsar Nicholas II? There Are Thousands Of People Who Have Been at the Noah's Ark on Mount Arat .. but, the Masonic government of Turkey, hide this truth (as if to say That the Bible is false, but, the Koran is true. but, only idiots do not realize, That, the Koran is a work of esoteric and it is Because Muslims are forced to be criminals ignorant Murderers.. to keep Their Lies! Turkish shit! where are the Armenians?), and also make as a favor, to the synagogue of Satan, of enlightened the Jewish banking lobbies of seigniorage, I know with the IdeologicalCrime ofevolution (LOL. eternal theory)? You Could Remain a brain full of shit .. for the exploitation of your enslavement

    @trophycute SoqueiArolaEmJesus - you are shit! animals? have more Dignity than you! not as an atheist, but as derogatory and vulgar ... etc. .. etc. ... Because, you can not, receive anything from God, without faith! What is your hope? That since, the exodus of Jews from Egypt is been, a historical fact? Were in fact the Jews in the desert of Saudi Arabia, why, fear of the Egyptians was huge! is in the desert of Saudi Arabia is the real Sinai also, where Moses Received the Ten Commandments, which effectively Condemn you to the hell also! Also the hell it is right for you!

    Commento al tuo video 311 Jewish fraud of evolution scam or creation It Take @ SCRulerShinoda - no! The nature was not created fragile, to have a god creative of idiot, but was very powerful .. we have the skeletons of men of 30 meters (Nephillim), etc. .. etc. .. everything was glorious and majestic giant! but everything has been damaged, because of original sin! I believe that you were also damaged too, as IDOT to be an atheist too .. lol. but you do not know this, of course!

    @ mrstrophy1 --- No! I have no interest in saving your soul damned! or to give any religion .. to someone. I have not created you for love, infinite, and I, I have not sacrificed for you ie, for a "turd" like you my only son also ... I'm not like, that pathetic and romantic love of God YHWH fuck you! begone in the hell! @mrstrophy1 --- no! io non ho nessun interesse  a salvare la tua anima maledetta! o a dare una qualche religione.. a qualcuno. Io non ho creato te, per amore infinito, ed io, io non ho sacrificato, per un escremento come te il mio figlio unigenito anche... io non sono come quel patetico innamorato e romantico di Dio JHWH fottiti!

    SuperLion911 said كويتي بحق !شكرا اخي الله يحفظكم ويحفظ بلادكم -- answer- God my Allah bless you my best friend and brother! and your beautifull country.. God JHWH blessings too, to all Nations in the world ie my universal brotherwood! shalom + salam= love x all وقال SuperLion911  كويتي بحق! شكرا اخي الله يحفظكم ويحفظ بلادكم -- الجواب - الله  بلادي الله  يبارك لك  أفضل صديق وأخي! وبلادكم جميلة.. سلم الله JHWH جدا، على جميع الأمم في العالم  أي  بلدي brotherwood عالمية! شالوم + حب = خ السلام جميع

    1 / 5 Re. RussiaChina @ India Iran etc.. - mood99100 SAID Discover Islam. The Fastest Growing Religion in the World! O. .. man ... Have not you thought-one day-about yourself? Who has made it? Have you seen designers to design Which Has not?! Have you seen a wonderful, delicate work without a worker?! It's you and the whole universe! Who has Made Them All?! You know who? .. It's "ALLAH", prize to be HIM. Just think for a moment. - ANSWER- GOOD is all this your proof about God! But Christianity is in crisis, while Islam is more intollerance, criminal, for suffocation of the universal right of freedom of religion ie, santanAllah is expanding,

    2 / 5 mood99100 - because Rothschild (666) and Bush (322), have planned this, to completely destroy the Kingdom of God on earth, and to do, namely, the New Tower of Babel (IMF-NWO). which is the Kingdom of Satan! Therefore, as they have destroyed and made illegal the Nazis? In the same way they have decided to do with the Koran ... and they have the right of the story, too because it is true, that, you are criminals with whom, it is not possible to live you are the most suffocating dictatorship satanic, after the enlightened of course! so the 3 rd WWnuclear it is against all of you! but you have no hope of success! no technically, no spiritually, because the blood of innocent Christian martyrs, of these 1600 years, as 300 Christian martyrs of every day? everything is against you, at the throne of God

    3 / 5 mood99100 SAID How are you going to be after death?! Can you believe That this exact system of the universe and all of These great creation will end in in nothing ... just after death! Have you thought, for a second, How to save your soul from Allah's punishment?! Have not you thought about what is the right religion?! That it is the religion the right Bible-which is not distorted-has preached. Just have a look at The Bible of (Bernabo). - ANSWER - this fact, that the Bible has been falsified? is a lie, which is not compatible with people, that they follow God! only with with the ignorance, violence, therefore, that you have been able to spread your curse Islamic on all the world .. against all the unhappy that they came in contact with you? all of them were exterminated, as the Armenians, etc. ..

    4 / 5 @ mood99100 - Every day innocent people are killed by you ie, 300 Christians marthirs from you, from your criminal and satanic racist! Do you believe that Satanists Jewish lobbies of Americans are fools? They charge you too money at interest! what hope you have to win against them? They will the neck, the brainwashed Christian peoples exasperated by your Islamic intolerance a terrible war, that will only see the victory of satanaRothscild in the whole world! Before destroying their enemy? the enlightened Jewish Americans lead him to become bad and even dangerous you... you are making their game!

    5 / 5 @ mood99100 - since the French Revolution, they through the masonry, the banking system? they have taken control of the world! Why the Catholic Church has done more than 600 anathemas against freemasonry? But now she is forced to be silent! You need to look at the reality, also, through the eyes of your victims! Transforming a religion in imperialism? is just the perfect job of satanaAllah and your damn prophet .. What do you say to Satanists? tell "Destroy the Muslims? Was inevitable!!" because the Zionist Satanists, they win against us, for their cunning!

    abdibaasit SAID what i have always called to was to submit to almighty the one who created me and you, the one that created the universe and that which is within it. i said that god does not beget nor is he begotten because god is above the attributes of his creation god has his own attributes which best suits him, which he told us in the quran not to say he can't do anything but to push away any deficiencies from almighty god.- ANSWER- Satanists? they think that love is a weakness ... but full of hate, selfishness and violence, they ended up digging an abyss of hell! In fact, if love is a form of weakness, then God is weak .. because his weakness is his strength, which shall be revealed in the process and to condemn, just all the Muslims who have done harm to the innocent Christian martyrs every day from 1600 years. again and forever. for that asshole of your prophet!

    abdibaasit SAID i said that god is one not three in one because that is the believe of polytheist, you can not worship picture nor cross nor statue because that is the works of devils. and we as muslim we do not submit our self to any other laws other than the quran because submitting to other laws is considered to be act of worship hence you fall in to the category of polytheist only god sets law. - ANSWER- NO CHRISTIAN make worship the pictures! and no one thinks you're a polytheist, for the fact that, you have 1. body, 2. Soul(psiche) 3. spirits, or in your soul(psiche) are 1. "I" child, 2. "I" parent 3. "I" rational self .. and no one thinks that water is not one, because it can manifest itself as 1. Liquid 2. Solid 3. steam! it is for your cultural inferiority only that you need to kill Christians to protect your religion. but your crime of story? is about to end in tragedy!

    @ abdibaasit, IslamicGuardian3169 - I am the Mahdi! I already have conquered the world because the world is anxious to let conquered himself; from me, I am the wealth (monetary sovereignty to give free money without interest to all governments of the world). I am the universal brotherhood, true justice, which is love for perfect equality. I love all those who believe that God is love, and work to be fair, before, for a God of love that is, for freedom of religion .. but if you want Odiare yourself, along with that other asshole of the Zionist like you? ok! bring it on .. but Allah is not with the racists who murder innocent Christian martyrs throughout the world. I thought I'd give one only MosChea, all over the world the task to develop the Islamic theology ... that Islam will no longer, as it is now a criminal imperialist project but peace!

    Riddimtownradio SAID I am for Allah and Allah only. King of Kings --ANSWER- Allah is God in heaven. but you are on earth in this your Islamic Sharia your curse for you will continue to kill and be killed! Therefore, you are a threat to world peace and that's, what you have been for 1600 years! because you have turned a noble religion(Islam) in an act of imperialism! You can not live more. if I not become your king. I am on earth the highest level of truth and justice, as Allah is in heaven ... but it is about him that I am the Mahdi
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    FINALLY! WTF! "satana"...LMFAO! I enjoy your sense of humor, my friend! lol ;-) V V V V V V
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    You're fucking crazy!

    @ My Muslim brothers - saith the Lord at all "I have no pleasure in seeing the destruction of sinners, but that they make the conversion for live!" Looking my universal brotherhood that is it definitely is rational and respectful of every religion .. I am sure that God is for me, before seeing all of you die? you hear the true voice of the Holy Spirit. I am, UniusRE, ie, the metaphysical King of Israel, no lie in me would be because I represent every man in mode rationally. One who will be destroyed? will be only for himself, the guilty for his own destruction. Who wants the evil of his brother? lol ... in this? "I'm not a jew, muslim, etc. .. of racist demon! then, his own blood be, only against him in Jesu's name, Amen! Alleluia!

    @ My Muslim brothers - Muhammad is dead, and has been judged! Of course, for those that he has killed? He is not seen as a prophet! And if a man leaves his soul captured by the spirits (demons) of religion, he alone will be responsible for ricere a terrible condemnation in the Day of Judgement. As you are an Muslim racist and rapist murderess? What you think you receive? You were wrong to believe in evil spirit! Since the Holy Spirit of God, that attest to the truth, continuously, for a pure heart! Because, no revelation of true prophet, he can say to make the evil against peaceful and honest people for to suffer them for their beliefs .. that is what you do ... as from all public offices, that is, your government offices? they are all excluded non-Muslims!

    @ My Muslim brothers - there is nothing that can bless more, all of you, of me UniusRei, on the eve of this global conspiracy against you, for your total destruction ... because the spider web it was cleverly put you around for a long time, as if to say, that, AMAS was smart in Palestine ... no! has been a blessing for the Zionists only, AMAS instead. You need not be afraid of what Muhammad said .. because he did not write the Koran, to know with certainty what might have been corrupted .. and, anyway, every man is the same as every other man, if it is true that God is one .. then we are all responsible about the prophecy and about the word of God too .. that is, with equal rights and duties. differently? would be unfair to the verdict of God against us!

    @ My Muslim brothers - but as I UniusREI, Mahdi and king of Israel, as I could love all the false democracy, masonry and bank seigniorageie, their precious institutions  supranational and international Satanism .. and all the institutions occult? That is the democracy of any sexual perversion and immorality of all? Sure, it's instinctive for me to have sympathy for your morality, which, objectively, is a superior morality! But you have to purify your hands from all the innocent blood that your fathers have done, and you do not want to admit, even, if, as the Turks do not want to admit of the Armenian genocide yet.

    @ My Muslim brothers - because you have to prove that they are stupid? really, all the governments of the world, are all, as of the blind. What has history taught? Jewish Americans enlightened, hide their responsibility, for their provocation and aggression, then highlight the mistakes of the enemy, indeed, do so, that the enemy becomes always more criminal ... and because they are interested in the control of the people, that is the bank seigniorage, the IMF-NWO, here, that they push everything to the maximum possible destruction .. in this way, that they play the role of heroes, the saviors of the country .. Certainly, the people will never know, they actually are many "322" that the Bush administration's "skull and bones", and human sacrifices to Satan .. will now be your turn to play the part to be bad ... but, you are really bad! You only need to be more dangerous ... but for this, we will not have to wait long, as the Americans? they are specialized in making auto attacks.

    @ MyMuslimBrothers - Because thou and your prophet did damn! of a noble religion (Islam), for to make an act of imperialism (sharia), ie, an absolutely hostile act, Harmful, Against All peoples. This is Satanism! Because the Christian martyrs, who are Among you? They are a thousand times, more saints than U.S. (Which we all are bad and hypocritical Christians), then? You are the Satanists who kill the saints! If you do not hear my words? If you do not force all Muslims to make the country freedom of religion? .. you invite enlightened U.S. global war to make Against You! Since everything in the Islam In Its future, increasingly Was Planned to Be Intolerant own by the Zionists That Will Win! If you insist That, in this your evil imperialism, But your religion is innocent, Which Should Be love and mercy. But you say, That it is Satan, INSTEAD!

    @MyMuslimBrothers - Because thou hast done! has your prophet did damn! of a noble religion (Islam), an act of imperialism (sharia), ie, an absolutely hostile act, Harmful, Against All Mankind. This is Satanism! Because the Christian martyrs, who are Among you? They are a thousand times, more saints Than us (Which we all are bad and hypocritical Christians), then? You are the Satanists who kill the saints! If you do not hear my words? If you do not force all muslims country at the freedom of religion? .. invite you, to make global war Against You! Since everything in the Islamic world, Was Pushed Toward radicalism more exasperated own by the Zionists .. and They Will Win! If you insist That, in this your evil imperialism (innocent of your religion, Which Should Be love and mercy) But you say That it is Satan, INSTEAD!

    @ My Muslim brothers -certainly, you deserve all the evil, that the enlightened has thought to do, against you .. although their cunning it is to deceive, and of make strong the enemy, before of destroy him .. you think you are right with God. but it is not so! look! because, for 1600 years, like today, you are always frightened, humiliated and enslaved killed all the poor unfortunates who have fallen under your violence, so a great curse is about at the throne of God, to push against you, for a Your total disgrace. yours? seems right for you, but in reality it is a satanic curse that is the lack of freedom of religion!

    @ My Muslim brothers - some people think that a religion should win against all other religions .. but this thought is a real blasphemy, apostasy and is a great blasphemy against God For if God Almighty Allah, he was served, loved and known, ONLY under one name? or under a single religion? This can only be Satan! is his god, that he wanted all religions .. therefore, turn one only religion, in a project imperialist? is primarily a rebellion against God himself .. no true prophet might say, to do evil, to people of other religions.

    @ My Muslim brothers - muslims country? oh no! a Territory, can not ever belong to a religion, Because, the domain of religion is spiritual .. Ideological This perversion of religion? Is An Abomination Against God's holiness, Against His Will inscrutable! You can not see the conspiracy, and the abyss, That the enlightened are digging under your feet ... pushing the your spread dell'Isalm more intransigent, Intolerant and violent .. But The Conclusion is only this "Shall you be exterminated, and the Holy Quran, will be abolished for ever!"

    troppe cose cattive stanno avvenendo nel mondo tutto il male nasce e viene peggiorato, a motivo del signoraggio bancario del FMI-NWO ----------- forse volete affidare voi stessi a Anticristo Maitreya 666 Benjamin Creme? --------------------------- I am the common home for all peoples ie, the true Jewish Temple .. do not believe in supernatural powers! not believe the gurus, the charismatic .. to Anticristo Maitreya 666 Benjamin Creme, since. God's work is human nature in its rationality

    @ to All Nations for unity! - 1. stop ideology, 2. compulsion, coercion or discrimination about religion. 3. Stop racism or competition among religions. If we do not reach, ""fast"", the unit that lorenzojhwh, king of Israel that UniusRei that is, my universal brotherhood? Satanists American of banking seigniorage, IMF-NWO kill all of us, all together in the forthcoming 3 rd WWnuclear, about for 2012. @all Nations per l'unità! -- 1. stop ideologia, 2. costrizione, coercizione o discriminazione circa la religione. 3. Stop razzismo o competizione tra le religioni. Se non raggiungeremo "velocemente", l'unità cioè lorenzojhwh, king of Israel cioè UniusRei cioè universale fratellanza? i satanisti americani del signoraggio bancario uccideranno tutti noi, tutti insieme, nella imminente 3°WWnuclear, circa per il 2012.

    1 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie King of kingsEnligtened] I am the greatest king of the whole history of the human race. I am a very old pedigree, That, has taken, the control of Israel, and of Judaism, from the terrible times, the deportation to Babylon, ... Of those we wrong? Immediately became the human sacrifice, of the terrible, But the logic of the predictable god Marduk, in this way, That we have learned, to serve and to know Satan. Since the Torah is written, "who disobeys such an only precept of the law, then disobeys, to the whole law. And since God, YHWH, has given to we, most of 600 commandments ... behold, That, we thought, That, to him we, not he wanted to of the well ... so, we thought, That, for us Satan Marduk he was, more just and reasonable. " and in fact, all the promises of Satan Marduk? they are carried out all,

    2 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie Lord of LordsEnligtened] as between the uncertainty of being the predestined victims, the selfishness of all, and then, in the belief That, however, in any way, we could have ever, deserve the paradise of God YHWH, so demanding ... because the God of the Our Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? is for us, an true self-harm ... so, we have given up, at paradise unlikely or impossible, for to have, our certainty, of n domain for today, all the earth .. Of course, before the deportation to Babylon, we were Jews, But after, we have always pretended, of being Jewish, etc. .. Because, they know it all who is of Satan? he is of Satan, only! Therefore, every religion or a people? They are only a cover. Was excellent, for us, this cover Jewish, because we have always found the Jews, for coverage, That, they have always paid for all our crimes ..We do not we have no respect for human dignity, we treat the men, as, chickens, rabbits, etc.

    3 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie King of kings Enligtened] .. we have created an institutional structure perfect and invisible ... Certainly, we have been very patient. Then, not hard, be patient, when it has and so much wealth power. We have worked hard hard, in all these centuries, But, with our strategy of the small steps, and with many transnational institutions, at our service, as, masonry, banking, international satanism, secret service, intelligence, etc. ... now, to Now, not us we have more of reason fear nothing ... Our domain has not it can no longer be scratched, as we expect, shaping, well in advance, every historical event, having an absolute power, not only on the plan economic, military, financial, political, and means any strategic monopoly, this allows us of be, an absolute power over the souls of all men. everything, every resource, and of every man

    4 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit Lord of LordsEnligtened i]this planet has been enslaved at our power institutional and spiritual as him, and his father as, his grandfather were born all slaves not they can understand a reality so and complex so far, the fact That my monarchy, is the secret? This one is of me, Zeus, and of all other enlightened, the "Gods of Olympus, that is, the immortal ... all the other? I'm just, slaves, lol. evolved animals, cannon fodder, pawns pigs, sheep, dogs ... all in a big tournament hell a virtual reality in which we have imprisoned the human race, saw That we create, the money, out of nowhere (bank seigniorage, and then we pay even an interest , unquenchable) .. so, That we help some nations, But then destroyed other nations ... because we are the creators of all the human race, the makers of history.

    5 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie King of kingsEnligtened] only us, That we are in the top floor of the pyramid, we can understand the reality, because only we, the overview of the Actually, it was so fragmented, in Chinese boxes, with cage, That contain cages, That, to those, That we have grown fat, an for some, fear (and do really well to get scared), and n bit for interest they are forced to play the part, idiots .. because each authority is fragile, temporary or elective, which is elected by us. But, our jewel? is the global banking system, it is absolutely, stolen, at the control of political authority, so we can do, every form of accounting fraud, That is convenient, of to for us .. In fact, if we have made in person of Budget, colored toilet paper (the money available), of the your notes?

    6 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie Lord of LordsEnligtened] lol. To that we are not it cost nothing, oh! only, for this seigniorage? When we receive the bills of the State, for buy the notes? we close to the budget zero, in fact, we receive of the bill, as, the consideration of the money .... That this is how the accounts of the budget becomes zero. And it is this that 100% the financial strength (of the world), disappear in black, that it becomes invisible. Only in this "first" step? I am the master of a monetary wealth, That shall be equal to all the cash flow, of the world .. But, with public debt (100%), and the fractional-reserve (70%), and the games of bag? I have a wealth That equals at two thirds of all, the money supply of the world ... My power is absolute ... ever, for an other man was so big and powerful, as, me, first of me!

    7 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit King of kingsEnligtened i] That's crazy monetary system? That is crushing the vitality. of all the people? To say, more of more, my absolute power? That is, the power over the souls? I have need of do many, war .. But, for regenerate an monetary system, That is so and parasitic devitalizzante? I have need of do too, of the world wars because, in need of credit, and nell'incameramento, of the riches of the dead bodies? Is to regenerate, an new monetary cycle, that is, regenerate IMF. Is clear if the religions, and not the politicians they become of the heads of the fuck? evil, selfish? ignorant? Sectarian, racist? So, I not I could make war, here, because I have to keep very low morale and the level of the cultural the human race. We need of 200,000 human sacrifice to Satan, for to exercise, an control supernatural on the minds of the and leaders of the elite,

    8 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie Lord of LordsEnligtened] for subjugate, intimidate and blinding, the inner faculties, of anyone .. seems, That every State has an its independent budget, But, in fact, not so, in fact, it is true sovereign power? is money that is, the seigniorage of the Lord! I, on behalf of Satan, I am the true Lord of the world! And, because all man take the money in your pocket? So, to man they are forced to DO THE CULT of ME! My power is such, That, all that, That can be said to you lorenzojhwh, or to all men, put together months? It's useless. Because, in reality, the true power not it is in institutions, or in politics or in government, But the real power, is much higher ... now, is to layout, in an irreversible manner, of n small number of people that the Jewish lobby, the synagogue of Satan, to which I am proud of to be the head.

    9 / 9 [Ah, Ah, Ah, I am RothShit ie King of kingsEnligtened] All the people? The Jewish people? Only victims! Are we not deceiving the governments? How could they be wars? That's how we gave the illusion of Hitler to win the war ... because our wealth and our power, real? Is not quantifiable, the victim of round, so it's for for this very important to us, and bring to power the wealth ... Indeed, lol. The pig is slaughtered when he is big! Ok! You are now too many! We will destroy more of 5 billion of people, because our real domain to become perfect and absolute, even when we have destroyed China. Our deception, as, the star of my false To David six tips? Every your reality? It was built for too long all always say "It's always been like that so it is normal!"

    @ youtube? you have blocked for two times, your access to this page? it was you? Or, it was a disturbance caused on ADSL? @youtube ? mi hanno bloccato, per due volte, l'accesso a questa tua pagina !! sei stato tu? oppure, è stato un disturbo provocato sulla ADSL?

    the time of your death? You Realize That All the lies Satan has made​you to believe. Selfishness has ruined you! These videos with your bad? You Have Brought many people to hell with you! You Have undermined the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross! [♰] Amen In Jesus's name. I has the wrong done to All Those Criminals Who Toppled the cross [MENE Techel PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB "Drink your poisons made​by yourself." You are all lost! "Luke19.27; by ReiUnius & King of Israel

    Commento al tuo video Warning to the Muslim World by David Duke unius rei SuperMaryam16 SAID greedom okay .. bye. I Just wish Would you learn about the islamic sharia. - ANSWER - NO! I know hundreds of Christian martyrs killed by the Muslims, every day, BY more than 1600 years, STILL .. and now STILL ...? yes! Today thousands of Cristina, are in prison, to be guilty of being Christians in Muslim nations. this curse on the Islamic world? AND THIS curse Islamic AGAINST THE WORLD? must stop now FAST! VELOCEMENTE!

    @ SuperLion911 --- thanks my brother! Allah Holy Holy Holy, the merciful and magnanimous. Greatly bless thee, bless thee mightily ... and through you bless all Muslims of the world! @ بفضل SuperLion911 --- أخي! الله  قدوس قدوس قدوس، الرحمن الرحيم، ورحب الصدر. يباركك إلى حد كبير ، يباركك بقوة... ومن خلالكم  يبارك جميع المسلمين في العالم! @SuperLion911 --- grazie fratello mio! Allah misericordioso e magnanimo. benedica te grandemente, benedica te potentemente... ed attraverso di te benedica tutti i musulmani del mondo!
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    كويتي بحق ! شكرا انت رجل عظيم بحق وطيب وانت اخي ولي الاعتزاز ان اكتب بصفحتك العالم غرق بظلام والكرهه تسبب بمرض للقلوب الجنه للطيبين الذي يعدلون وعندما يقع اي شخص ويمد يده يطلب المساعده تجد الطيبين هم يساعدون هذه الحقيقه هم خير الامم هم طريق النجاه والنور في الظلام ليروا من خلالهم اين تطئ ارجلهم اتمنا السلام والمحبه والخير للجميع الله يحفظكم من الشر

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 37,[36] But the angel of the Lord came down and struck the camp of the Assyrians 185.000 men (Satan, Masson, sharia, ENLIGHTENED). When the survivors stood up in the morning, here were all dead. HALLELUJAH! [36]Ora l'angelo del Signore scese e percosse nell'accampamento degli Assiri centottantacinquemila uomini(SATANISTI, MASSONI, SHARIA, ENLIGHTENED). Quando i superstiti si alzarono al mattino, ecco erano tutti cadaveri. ALLELUIA!! --ANSWER-  Oh, yes! this is really exciting for me! alleluia. it is this, what is going to do the Lord God OH, si! questo è veramente esaltante, per me! alleluia. è proprio questo, quello che sta per fare il Signore Dio

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 33[22] For the Lord is our judge, The Lord is our lawgiver, The Lord is our king; he will save us. [23] Then, even the blind (Jews) share an enormous prey [23] the lame (Palestinians) will make a rich booty. [24] None of the people (in my kingdom) will say "I am sick '; the people who lives there, was acquitted, was pardoned from his sin.

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 33[17] Your eyes will see a king in his glory (lorenzojhwh unius REI) behold a boundless country (the world). [18] Your heart will ask for its terrors the past "Where is he who keeps track? (tax collector) Where is he who weighs the money? (loan shark loan shark) Where is he who inspects the towers? ". (seigniorage banking) [19] You will not see that most foreign people (Masons) people from the obscure language, incomprehensible (esoteric, occult power) strange the language is not understood.

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 33 [11] Have you designed hay (racist, imperialist), bring forth stubble your breath I shall eat you up like fire. Alleluia! [12] The people are kilns for lime, cut off plug to burn in the fire. [13] I feel so far apart from what I have done! the neighbors will know what is my strength. "[14] They fear the sinners in Zion, fear took hold of the wicked. "Who among us can dwell with devouring fire? (only lorenzojhwh) Who among us can live in everlasting flames? ". (only lorenzojhwh) [15] He who walks in righteousness, and speaks with sincerity (only lorenzojhwh)

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 32[15] But, finally, we will be infused a spirit from above (when the Kingdom of UniusREI, will replace the NWO-IMF);then, the wilderness becomes a garden and the garden is deemed a forest. [16] In the desert, take, home, the right and justice will reign in the garden. [17] The effect of righteousness will be peace, the result of a lasting security law.[18] My people will live in a place of peace, homes in quiet in safe places, [19] although the wood will fall and the city will be sunk. [20] Blessed are you! Sow on the bank of all streams allowed to remain free and oxen and donkeys.

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 30][29] You raise your hand as the night when there is a festival; and gladness of heart as those who leave at the sound of the flute, to go to the mountain of the Lord the Rock of Israel. [30] The Lord will hear his glorious voice and show you how to hit his arm with fierce anger,

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 30] [26] The light of the moon will be as bright as the sun and the sunlight will be seven times more, when the Lord will heal the wound of his people and heal the wounds produced by his beating .-- ANSWER- Alleluia! Glory to God forever! Then the Lord can beat ... this, yes! which I like .. all my enemies? are advised, for the worst of the worst! Because of one thing, of that, I'm pretty sure they are punished, too to long and in mode too hard!

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 30] [20] Even if the Lord will give you the bread of affliction and the water of affliction? However, most will not hid your teacher, your eyes will see your teacher (lorenzojhwh)[21], your ears will hear this word (of lorenzojhwh) behind you, "This is the road, follow it, " If ever you go left or right. Isaiah [chapter 30][20]Anche se il Signore ti darà il pane dell'afflizione e l'acqua della tribolazione? tuttavia non si terrà più nascosto il tuo maestro; i tuoi occhi vedranno il tuo maestro (lorenzojhwh),[21]i tuoi orecchi sentiranno questa parola(of lorenzojhwh), dietro, di te «Questa è la strada, percorretela», caso mai andiate a destra o a sinistra.

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 29] [17] Of course, a little bit more and Lebanon shall be turned into an orchard (American Jews? will be back in Lebanon!) and the orchard is deemed a forest.[18] on that day the deaf will hear (the Jews) the words of a book; freed from darkness and darkness, eyes of the blind (the rebels and sinners) will see. [19] The humble will rejoice in the Lord again, the poor will rejoice with joy in the Holy One of Israel. [20] For the tyrant (enlightened) will no longer disappear the mocking, will be eliminated (killed by God himself) who plot evil,

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] Isaiah [chapter 29] [15] Woe to those who want to escape the sight of the Lord. to conceal their plans, to those acting in the darkness, saying "Who sees us? Who knows? ". (LOL. aliens, enlightened and Satanists) [16] How much are you perverts! Did the potter is estimated to clay? An object can be said of its author "I made ​​him"? And a potter's vessel can say "I do not understand"?

    [[The Jewish Messiah lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]] [[Il Messia ebraico lorenzojhwh ie UniusRei]]Isaiah [chapter 30] [1] Woe to the rebellious children - says the Lord - projects that do not suggested by me, you bind alliances, which, I'm not inspired so add sin to sin.[2] You're off to go down to Egypt (USA) without consulting me, to put under the protection of Pharaoh (enlightened Rothschild) and shelter in the shadow of Egypt (masonry Bush).[3] The protection of Pharaoh be your shame and shelter in the shadow of Egypt your confusion.
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    dont leave youtube!stop using your channel if you want but you never know who your videos might help in the future!God bless!

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I am preparing myself to leave YOUTUBE I'm demoralized! those wishing to understand the future? he should read my comments! ******************************************* MI STO PREPARANDO me stesso, a LASCIARE YOUTUBE io sono demoralizzato! chi volesse capire il suo futuro? lui dovrebbe leggere i miei commenti! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    []is the end[] I am distressed by the evil, hypocrisy, hardness of heart, lack of honesty, and for the criminality of all leaders, elite, rich, seigniorage banking, satanism, satanist, horror, porno, industrial, political, leaders, freemasons, racist, sharia, zionist, communists, that is, for the crime of all the governments of the world.. Yes, I am distressed! I will start to leave youtube and internet .. therefore .. I'll start to preparing for myself, for the World War. prepare your soul, for the assessment of the your Creator! This world will be destroyed, so that will been created a nightmare scenario. ie an world to most bad, and more bad!

    [all institutions and governments? are absolutely criminal!] In fact, institutions and governments having Freemasonry and seigniorage banking, why, they are the enemies the executioners of the people, all accomplices of tyrants enlightened, that is, the Jewish monarchy, occult, satanic of IMF BCE FED, ecc.. -NWO. As today is in Syria? So will for all the nations! all people will react with angrily, why, since this inflation, recession and unemployment, is an figures artificially it is induced by monopolists American Jewish lobby, is working to destabilize all institutions, so that it can be done one war, for an new World War), this conspiracy of silence? no longer be tolerated!

    [the superiority of Christian civilization? It has allowed democracy secularism, pluralism, integration, acceptance, cooperation! All those who fight the Christians? is clear "It is they who claim to be Satanists by themselves" .. and since, Satanism is stronger, is than of the enlightened, they, or are complicit, or are victims of the enlightened, for their own self-destruction ... because the Satanists have no concept of friend, love, ecc.. is only for his Alliance ... they are merely, opportunists, and monopolistic .. therefore, they (Rothschild, and Bush, and Company) are programmed to kill everyone, to stay alone

    [la superiorità della civiltà cristiana? essa ha permesso la democrazia laicità, pluralismo, integrazione, accoglienza, collaborazione! Tutti quelli che combattono i cristiani? è evidente " sono loro che, dichiarano di essere satanisti, da se stessi".. e poiché, il satanismo più forte è quello degli enlightened, essi, o sono complici, o sono vittime degli enlightened, per la loro stessa autodistruzione... poiché, i satanisti non hanno il concetto dell'amico o dell'alleato... essi sono soltanto, opportunisti, e monopolisti.. pertanto, loro(Rothscild and,Company Bush) sono programmati ad uccidere tutti, per rimanere da soli

    [Islamic fundamentalist extremism] .. That is why the enlightened, have financed the fall of all the governments Muslim moderates and secular, that is why, these criminals will bring of the Sharia, put the terror in the West, making inevitable a world war against Islam .. My being a biblical fundamentalist it is only for my own spirituality? has the value completely opposite to that of Islamic fundamentalist .. because I breathe democratic values ​​in the political

    [superiority cultural and moral, of the Christian civilization] under the satanic Masonic scheme of banking seigniorage, this invocation of Charlie Chaplin (Charlot), has the same taste of the desperation of Kennedy, which addresses the people, to protect, so, in mode impossible and desperate Christian values ​​... But, it they are now no more defensible, since the political and institutional system it has become the system of enlightened ie, pure Satanism of IMF-NWO. The synagogue of Satan, masonry, which has the one only eternal goal, the destruction of Christianity. Since they won against Christianity! Then we witness the massacre of all Muslims, and a ban on a global scale of the holy Koran.

    [superiorità della civiltà cristiana] sotto il satanico regime massonico del signoraggio bancario, questa invocazione di Charlie Chaplin(Charlot), ha lo stesso sapore della disperazione di Kennedy, che, si rivolge al popolo, per tutelare, in modo impossibile e disperato i valori cristiani... ma essi, ormai, non sono più difendibili, poiché, il sistema politico e istituzionale è diventato puro satanismo degli enlightened of IMF-NWO. La sinagoga di satana, della massoneria, che ha l'eterno obiettivo, della distruzione del cristianesimo. Poiché loro hanno vinto contro il cristianesimo! Allora noi assisteremo al massacro di tutti i musulmani, e alla messa al bando, su scala mondiale del santo Corano.

    now, the evil of all religions and all cultures, against Christians, is hidden at Christians (5% of Americans), by media world, namely the Jewish and Zionist monopoly of information (network). .. Therefore, the poor and innocent Christians? they ignore the fact that all religious and ideological systems, are against them. While Christians are not against anybody, because, they're just the Jewish lobby, of banking seigniorage (the directors of every war), they have taken, the control of people and symbols of Western culture .. that is the wolf that has been coated lamb skin for appropriating of the all symbols of Christianity and Judaism

    ora, la malvagità di tutte le religioni, e di tutte le culture, contro di loro, è tenuta nascosta ai cristiani(5% della popolazione occidentale), dai mezzi di informazione mondiali, cioè dal monopolio ebraico e sionistico della informazione(NetWork)... pertanto, i poveri e innocenti cristiani? loro ignorano, il fatto, che, tutti i sistemi ideologici e religiosi, sono contro di loro. Mentre i cristiani non sono contro nessuno,,, poiché, sono soltanto le lobby ebraiche, del signoraggio bancario(i registi di ogni guerra), loro hanno preso, il controllo dei simboli dei popoli e della cultura occidentale.. cioè è il lupo che si è rivestito della pelle dell'agnello appropriandosi dei simboli del cristianesimo e dell'ebraismo

    [[the superiority of Christian civilization is the fact that there are not, in Christianity, the concept, of the "different", every man for himself, is the Temple of God! But, outside of Christian civilization? is one only satanic Racism(zionism, sharia, ecc..)!]]. One of the tragedies of "original sin" was that of law of predation, which has become one of the characteristic of omnivore animals (scavengers) of the "earthly paradise". Sin has brought them, to become carnivores and predators ... That's why enlightened Jews take by the neck the ideological falsehood of evolution, in order to transfer, on the men, the same laws of the animal kingdom.

    [[la superiorità della civiltà cristiana è data dal fatto che non esiste, nel cristianesimo, il concetto del "diverso" ogni uomo, per se stesso, è il Tempio di Dio! Ma, al di fuori, della civiltà cristiana? è un solo satanico razzismo!]]. Uno dei drammi del "peccato originale" è stato quello della predazione, che, è diventata, una delle caratteristica, degli animali omnivori (necrofagi) del "paradiso terrestre". Il peccato ha portato gli stessi, a diventare carnivori e predatori... ecco perché gli ebrei enlightened hanno spinto per il collo la menzogna ideologica della evoluzione, per poter trasferire sugli uomini, le stesse leggi del regno animale.

    sHitEatingpOPE ti ha inviato un video "Shema Israel! Чуј. Израелу!" @sHitEatingpOPE-- very nice video, it no longer believes in a peaceful solution, but that takes for granted a clash of civilizations, and is preparing to deploy in the war world... that is, for the massacre of all the Muslim peoples and the banning of the Koran on the entire planet. Of course these criminals Muslims have deserved, this treatment! but my level of civilization, he knows a better way, without the use of violence... @sHitEatingpOPE-- video molto bello, che non crede più in una soluzione pacifica, ma che da per scontato uno scontro di civiltà, e che si prepara uno schieramento per la guerra... cioè per il massacro di tutti i popoli musulmani e per la messa al bando del Corano su tutto il pianeta. Certo quei criminali dei musulmani meritano questo trattamento! ma, il mio livello di civiltà, conosce una strada migliore, senza l'uso della violenza...

    I'm too tired and I have to go to sleep .. these days, all teachers like me, are the polls to their students ... You were a good student! you think you can do unius rei? this awesome responsibility! I would be happy to transfer this responsibility to a more fool me ... but I suppose it must be God to make this choice

    but I am a universal ministry politic and theological is evident for that, That I am the most suitable ... but the situation is truly tragic if the whole human race needs a political savior, that is a broker attorney mediator ma io sono un ministero teologico e universale è evidente per questo, that io sono il più idoneo... ma la situazione è veramente drammatica se tutto il genere umano ha bisogno di un salvatore politico, cioè di un procuratore mediatore

    The Jews can not have the direction of the work about the Jewish temple .. my universal brotherwood because they are racist while God is not racist Gli ebrei non possono avere la direzione dei lavori circa il tempio ebraico.. perché loro sono razzisti mentre Dio non è razzista

    the Jewish temple was revealed to Moses, in the detail ... Surely every man is the temple of God, and in the heart of every man God has put its 10 commandments ... are the symbol but are important for men,,, if this can save many souls from hell? this may be a good project, but it could work? it must be done without malice il tempio ebraico è stato rivelato a Mosè, nei minimi particolari... certo ogni uomo è il tempio di Dio, e nel cuore di ogni uomo Dio ha messo i suoi 10 comandamenti... ma i simboli sono importanti per gli uomi,,, se questo può salvare molte anime dall'inferno? questo può essere un buon progetto, ma perché possa funzionare? esso deve essere fatto senza malizia

    does not exist in me the concept of diversity .. For me there is no "you"! there is no hatred in my heart. The whole human race? is one family! I'm the father! But if I have much love for everyone ... then, everyone has learned to have so much love for me? in my project, "Noah's Ark"? I did not leave no one for drowning. non esiste in me il concetto della diversità.. per me non c'è un "voi"! non c'è odio nel mio cuore. Tutto il genere umano? è una sola famiglia! io sono il padre! Ma se io ho tanto amore per tutti... poi, tutti hanno imparato ad avere tanto amore per me? nel mio progetto, di "arca di Noè"? io non ho lasciato nessun illuminato affogare.

    I'm afraid to add the title of "the Jewish Messiah, " to my political project, as this might suggest, of me that I am a megalomaniac, a fanatic ... but no, I'm just a man who is suffering with a purpose the universal brotherhood, for I am as a man who has no identity, has no nationality, or has no religion .. ie I'm UniusRei io ho paura di aggiungere il titolo di "messia ebraico", al mio progetto politico, poiché questo potrebbe fare pensare di me, che io sono un megalomane, un esaltato... ma no, io sono soltanto un uomo che soffre, con uno scopo preciso la fratellanza universale, poiché io sono come un uomo che non ha una identità, nazionalità, o religione.. io sono UniusRei

    because you say so much nonsense? Who is innocent? we all need conversion, I will too! we all have to strengthen in us the virtues. if the foundation of the entire world is the banking seigniorage, ie, Satanism ... everything can only go from bad to worse .. and time is running out very dangerously perché tu dici tante sciocchezze? chi è innocente? tutti abbiamo bisogno di conversione, io anche! tutti dobbiamo fortificare, in noi la virtù. se il fondamento di tutto il mondo è il satanismo del signoraggio bancario... tutto può soltanto andare di male in peggio .. e il tempo sta per scadere molto pericolosamente

    I do not think that religion is the real problem ... the enlightened, Zionists, Satanists they have the best weapons of mass destruction the best!! but the poor Muslims, Communists, Hindus have religion as a weapon of destruction, become an ideology ... because all of them are fossils, still live in a last past, they have not had an evolution, as we Christians. we had non credo che la religione sia il vero problema... gli enlightened, sionisti, satanisti hanno le migliori armi di distruzione le migliori, ma i poveri musulmani, comunisti, induisti hanno come arma di distruzione la religione, trasformata in ideologia... poiché, tutti loro sono dei fossili, vivono ancora in un lontano passato, loro non hanno avuto una evoluzione, come noi cristiani. abbiamo avuto

    There are too many people sad, frightened, suspicious, around me .. you are wasting precious time ... unfortunately and when people are sad, then, becomes bad ... Instead the solution is very simple ... I'm there! What's wrong with me? I do not see anything wrong, for myself! Perhaps people want to do this war? I think maybe I'm in wrong, and that the enlightened are in right? c'è troppa gente triste, impaurita, sospettosa, intorno a me.. si sta perdendo del tempo prezioso ... purtroppo e quando la gente è triste, poi, diventa cattiva... invece la soluzione è molto semplice... ci sono io! cosa c'è in me che non va? io non vedo niente di sbagliato, in me stesso! forse gli uomini vogliono fare questa guerra? forse pensano che io ho torto, e che, gli enlightened hanno ragione?

    No, we're the last stop ... when it destroyed the old world the world of selfishness and sin? It will be done, by God, a new world, under the law of the Holy Spirit. between 300 years? is the Messiah the real one ... not me, I am only his representative .. Unfortunately, the only hope to make this universal brotherhood No, noi siamo al capolinea... quando sarà distrutto il vecchio mondo il mondo dell'egoismo, del peccato? Sarà fatto, da Dio, un nuovo mondo, sotto la legge dello Spirito Santo. tra 300 anni? viene il Messia quello vero... non io, sono soltanto un suo rappresentante.. purtroppo, l'unica speranza per fare la fratellanza universale

    Mistafied781 You are pathetic ... .. God said, "yet" .. so everyone is still time to become good, "yet" Mistafied781 tu sei patetico... ..Dio ha detto "ancora" .. così tutti hanno ancora tempo per diventare buoni "ancora"

    @Messia -- lorenzojhwh for jewish Messiah that is king UniusRei, Mahdi, only a political project, according to the heart of God that is, the universal brotherhood. [Isaiah chapter 1] [1] The vision of Isaiah son of Amos, was upon Judah and Jerusalem in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah. [2] Hear, O heavens, listen, earth, because the Lord says "I reared and brought up children, but they have rebelled against me.[3] The ox knows his owner and the ass his master's crib, but Israel does not know and my people do not understand. "

    @ Messiah - I understood thanks to "ISEL333" jew, that Messiah is only the man, but he takes, in mode particular he is blessed by God so much to be, this particular evident to all. In this light, I read the book of Isaiah ... and was even more ingrained in me, the belief that there is no real Jewishness to you, outside of the Kingdom of Israel, that is Palestine, of the Jewish Temple. that is, universal brotherhood and world peace. In fact, God struck their, with the death, ie, the father and the husband of Ruth the Moabite, to have abandoned, with obstinacy, the land of Israel ... why, we must not forget it, they wanted to escape the punishment of God for the people, ie of the famine.

    @Messiah- all Jews are so racist, that none of them speak in youtube, with you (Gentiles), about politics, etc.. Jews, who are on youtube, to discuss about politics, Palestine, etc.. are all officials of the Mossad.. many times, they are not Jews, but are instructed to give answers, only ... However, with no any of them, you can talk of the banking seigniorage ... if I did not succeed in three years? Then, you can not succeed even you! @Messiah- tutti gli ebrei sono così razzisti, che nessuno di loro parlerà in youtube, con te(Goim), circa la politica, ecc. gli ebrei, che sono in youtube, per discutere circa la politica, palestina, ecc. sono tutti funzionari del Mossad. molte volte, loro non sono ebrei, ma sono istruiti per dare delle risposte, soltanto. tuttavia, con nessuno di loro, tu potrai parlare di signoraggio bancario. se non ci sono riuscito io in tre anni? allora, non puoi riscirci neanche tu!

    plking1 SAID LOOK-UP ON TWITTER = TheRealSunGod LOOK-UP ON TWITTER = The Real Sun God --ANSWER- you do not know that the Messiah always chooses sinners? tu non sai che il Messia sceglie sempre i peccatori?

    @ INDIA --- satanic to the theory of reincarnation devil satanic INDIA devil -- for theory of reincarnation @ INDIA --- of 3000 classes for racism and slavery @ INDIA --- where all religions are allowed except Christianity @ India - I've heard, that are the elephants and snakes to make the revenge of the poor, innocent Christian martyrs

    @ Jews - I today 08/06/2011, reading the prophet Isaiah, today I have understood, that the Unius Rei, who is the King of Israel? He is also the Jewish Messiah, that is, seen from a Jewish perspective, but he lorenzojhwh is not a racist, because the love of God is like the sun, which spends beneficial for all good men, but all will burn only the Vampires .. amen alleluia @Jews -- io oggi 08/06/2011, leggendo il profeta Isaia, io oggi ho compreso, che, l'Unius Rei, che è il Re di Israele? lui è anche il Messia ebraico, cioè, visto da una prospettiva ebraica, ma, lui lorenzojhwh, non è un razzista, poiché l'amore di Dio, è come il sole, che spende benefico su tutti gli uomini buoni, ma brucerà tutti i vampiri.. amen alleluia

    @ISEL333 .. @jews - today in front of your eyes has proved to be the word of the prophet Isaia28, 11 "Well, you stammering lips(very bad english) and by using a foreign language(Italian), that the Lord will speak to this people!" @ ISEL333 .. @ יהודים - היום מול העיניים שלך הוכיח את המילה של Isaia28 הנביא, 11 "ובכן, אתה מגמגם השפתיים (רע מאוד אנגלית) ועל ידי שימוש בשפה זרה (איטלקית), כי יהוה אדבר העם הזה! "

    Commento al tuo video David Duke Zionist Matrix of Power in America Binhiding123 SAID Sharia law is for muslims in muslim countries "are chritains on Holy War Against Muslim, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan --ANSWER- you want to stay in these two lies of Satan? I swear against you and against all the criminals of the Sharia, as you In Jesu's name "you will see the disaster for your children 1. a religion without freedom? is great Satanism is desecration of the holiness of God! 2. just the Jewish lobby, of banking seigniorage, the enlightened Jews of the IMF-NWO, who control the world are in control of power, Christians are in danger of extinction, less than 5% in America or Europe, it is the Christians who go to Mass (lol. ie, all children and women) ... because as long as there are Christians? Zionists can not massacre the Muslims! But, the Zionists have stolen both the symbols as of Christianity, such as those of Judaism

    @against SHARIA--The second most powerful weapon against one group of people, right after genocide, is mass immigration. It is not a new technique by any shape or form; it has been used since at least the middle ages, even though many European patriots seem to think it is a recent phenomenon. All colonial powers used it to a greater or lesser degree the English used it heavily in Ireland with their export of Protestant Scots to Northern Ireland to unsettle the native Catholic culture; the Indonesians used mass immigrations of Muslims to East Timor,

    @against SHARIA-- to enhance their mass murdering of Catholic Timorese, in a similar fashion to what the Chinese did and continue to do today in Tibet and in other homelands they torment. Similarly the Zionist governments of Europe, America and Australia allow millions of all kinds of folks into our borders in order to disrupt our lives and to disrupt our societies, and to accelerate the destruction of our age old cultures.Since the late 60's, there has been a blatantly destructive program of population and cultural devastation put in place in the West,

    against SHARIA--and only those who are either too blind, too stupid, or completely indoctrinated cannot see it happening or admit to its consequences.In the beginning, they tried to justify the waves of third world immigrants with the supposed deficit of labourers after the Second World War and the rapid rise in industrialization in Europe. That excuse was obviously false, and other more ridiculous excuses followed political asylum, lack of menial labourers, low birth rates and population ageing, etc., etc. All this was done, of course, alongside a brutally effective programme of psychological manipulation, to get us all to self-hate ourselves and our History, so that whoever could see through the ridiculous lies would be instantly singled out as an extremist, a racist, or even more absurdly, a fascist.All different peoples from all the corners of the third world did make their way into our shores, bringing with them all kinds of shortcomings, complications and grievances

    @against SHARIA-- . And then one day someone told them they stopped being just shambolic drug dealers, rapists, rioters and indolent wasters of resources and better started organizing themselves into partisan groups and they realised they could not only live off the fat of the land, but they also have a fair (?) shot at taking things over. They were aided, and continue to be aided, by the Left, by Freemasonry, by Zionism and by all the other groups that hate, psychotically, Europe and European heritage and wish to see it laid to waste. Their lawyers, judges, politicians, journalists and activists jumped at the opportunity of inserting a force that would help crumble the fabric of the societies that did not succumb to the Marxist takeovers. Out of all the groups of foreigners who profited by this scam, no group were, by very far, as dangerously successful as the Muslims.

    @to all x @India of criminals, murderers! - is there anyone in the world .. which may explain in "sireAndracottus, that the theory of reincarnation, is the support or the legitimate of the existence of 3000 social classes in India, that is, it supports exploitation, racism, discrimination, contempt and violence, evil and injustice, between men ... that he, as one who believes in reincarnation is a criminal ... because I did not have succeed with him!
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    hi i am very suprise how your video are not getting high views, becuase u speak of the truth, keep doing wat u doing great job
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    a big hello from me

    jhwhpantocrator jhwhpantocrator (23 minuti fa) Spam Commento al tuo video Warning Muslim in sharia is satanism by David Duke ISEL333 SAID @ jhwhpantocrator we the Jews pray to Our One God, That Our Messiah will come soon, and the world will be much better .-- ANSWER- you really believe what you said? I did not. I do not think so ... because the world is going from bad to worse ... and the guilt of all is the seigniorage banking of the Rothschild and Rochefeller, etc. .. that is, the true synagogue of Satan, and every war and every holocaust or Shoah.. The Messiah is now at the end of the world (including 300 years), now if you do not satisfied of me your the King of Israel, you have to do this, is this sudden experience of the 3rd WWnuclear

    1/4[[massoni, lobby ebraiche, of banking seigniorage]]The Public Trust has been betrayed! A word to those who betrayed the Public Trust! Take notice that as of this moment you are on trial in The Great Court of kingdom of God! Right here, right now, today, on this very website, you are on trial! Everything comes around, you see. You forgot this, didn't you? For years you've grown accustomed to always getting your own way. In fact you have become so used to getting everything you want that you simply cannot imagine losing or being defeated! So now be afraid! Be very afraid of this website court of King of Israel ie Unius Rei.

    2/4[[massoni, lobby ebraiche, of banking seigniorage]]There will be no intimidation of witnesses here! You cannot threaten people in return for lying testimony. You have no one who will todady to you, no one you can bully, no one you can scare into submission, and no one to buy so you can get your way! No one here will lie and cheat for you! And no one here is afraid of you! You cannot speak the truth here, for you would be damned out of your own mouths! Perjury will not help you, for the evidence against you is a mountain of simple truth. When you lie it will be instantly apparent to everybody, and your transparent perjuries and contemptible falsehoods will be seen for what they really are!

    3/4[[massoni, lobby ebraiche, of banking seigniorage]] You cannot subvert this website court to your own selfishness, neither can you cut back-room deals with other dishonest hacks and crooks, and self-serving politicians! Your sins have finally caught up with you! "Oh, Pshaw!" you say! "You can't do this to us!" "Pshaw, indeed!" we reply. "We absolutely can do this to you and we are doing it right now!" The Court of Public Opinion has now been told what you are doing, and there nothing you can do to hide!

    @Rothscild shit-- By the way, there have been hits on this website from every country, worldwide. Most people are returning again and again! They are learning what the truth is in the world! your pompous arrogance and your utter disdain for those you consider your "inferiors" about talmud, is exceeded only by your hatred for any individual whom you perceive threatens your power or your pocketbook! You should be locked up, but justice in world today is corrupt lacks the backbone to do so. It is time for The Court of Public Opinion to pass judgment on you! Now be afraid! Be very afraid! The world is watching you! When the Public Trust is betrayed, not only individuals lose, everybody loses! What hurts one of us hurts us all!

    @youtube -- God is in control, but, will be die for youself. why you are an sinner stubborn.. stop satanism and porn... ohhhhh !!! Jews did not understand that the promised land, not is a State (something I believe absolutely) but it is the universal brotherhood.. while the Jews are to scaring the whole world! the enlightened are satanist bigh .. the best satanist.. they laugh on their 11-09, when die jew or muslim

    @Mistafied781 & youtube SAID How about the Muslims, Who Have The Most stayed silent During all of this? To  Satanists Are They? They Seem to know how to play the game Better Than even the Christians. I guess my friends are Jewish Satanist  too now huh? - Answer- YES. everyone has betrayed .. all have betrayed and they are all corrupt for many centuries ... the jew has seduced them .. for God? Satanists are all .. no one will be saved from destruction! the straw is dry, and enlightened? has the fire of hatred! the fact that you have a channel for God? or that someone makes offers to the Lord? this is not enough! in this mode also, did the Jews doing at the time of Jeremiah, the prophet!

    I do not know what God will do all of you .. tragedy but I think that will allow at enlightened of banking seigniorage to make even this 3 rd nuclear WW.. However, the enlightened could never make their agenda of 1. sharia, 2. zionism; 3. 3°wwnuclear, ecc.. if the racism and immorality, not be more and more at an level growth .. Therefore ... if people will living again, the morality in the world? must be improved quickly ... but, as this could be achieved, if YouTube is full of shit?

    youtube is the only, and is the last hope that is remained to all mankind it is essential for all of us, the raising ethical standards in this server .. this is not a religion, but it is a cultural revolution that the secular and rational metaphysics ... if, you do not listen to me? sure, you can are always spit on your children! youtube è l'unica; ed è l'ultima speranza, che è rimasta a tutto il genere umano è indispensabile per tutti noi di moralizzare questo server.. questa non è una religione, ma è una rivoluzione culturale cioè la metafisica laica e razionale... certo voi non ascoltando me? certo, voi siete sempre , sputare sui vostri figli!

    you're just a bunch of sheep! think that the sheep eat the grass that has gone before you has urinated up, etc. .. but God holds responsible for all of all, that is responsible all for everyone,,, that's why I've seen, you also, will fall into the abyss of the hell voi siete soltanto un branco di pecore! pensate a magiare l'erba che la pecora che è passata prima di voi ha urinato, ecc.. ma Dio ritiene responsabili tutti di tutti, cioè tutti di ognuno,,, ecco perché io ho visto, anche te cadere nell'abisso

    because all institutions they have not more an in educating, because the bank seigniorage, of the synagogue of Satan, has downgraded and disqualified all political and religious institutions .. So it is that youtube has do to moralize the world. Only the good, and true ie my universal brotherwood ie shalom + salam= blessings too ie natural law, should be here. Because the disease of the evil? has enormous economic powers, namely the Jewish lobby of Satan, but the good is made ​​dependent only on the shoulders of the poor people like me.

    @Mistafied781 -- [♰ ★] everywhere, there is the work of man? what may be the kingdom of God! then in youtube There can be no God? but, here there are many people who find life or death that is both death of soul and body. all this? Satanists know, but you do not know, for you, be a perfect irresponsible! tutto questo? lo sanno i satanisti, ma tu non sai, per essere tu, un perfetto irresponsabile![♰★]"ovunque, c'è il lavoro dell'uomo? quello può essere il regno di Dio, quindi in youtube ci può essere Dio. qui c'è tanta gente che trova la vita e che trova la morte sia dell'anima che del corpo

    enlightened Jews of the synagogue of Satan? ie seigniorage banking of IMF-NWO? They stole the real political if I'm not in youtube? I have to take a weapon ... but there are too many people to kill ... so, I'll leave that be the angels to kill for me![♰ ★] "amen"was said in Jesus's name. I has the wrong done to All Those Criminals Who Toppled the cross [MENE Techel PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself." You are all lost "Luke19.27; by ★ ReiUnius ♰ ♥ King Israel ♥ Mahdi

    @all mistafield ie spammer official of youtube-- is useless, that you do the jerk with me today! you do the worship of youtube ... anyway? this is not a social network? I do not allow anyone to show their sexual identity. no, not to animals and no, not to animals evolved ie human, why, honest people and good that is, those people that have been created by God? all these dirty things to your youtube do not do them! è inutile, che, tu fai il cretino, con me oggi! tu fai il culto di youtube... comunque? non è questo un social network? io non consento a nessuno di esibire la propria identità sessuale. ne agli animali, ne agli animale evoluti, poiché le persone oneste e per bene cioè quelle persone che sono state create da Dio? tutte queste tue porcherie di youtube non le fanno!
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    Buddhism - Buddhism in the West is synonymous with peace, compassion, wisdom, ecumenical brotherhood. As with his best-known figure, the Dalai Lama. In the most persecuted religion of Buddhism has a reputation, and Tibet is the emblem. But to read the latest Report on International Religious Freedom published in Rome June 25, 2004 by Aid to the Church in Need, a figure jumped clear of the opposite sign. In almost all countries of Asia where Buddhism is the majority, rampant religious repression. And this affects all religions other than Buddhism.
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    Buddhism - The most striking case is perhaps that of Myanmar, the state that had previously named Burma. The June issue of the monthly American Crisis "was released a report by Benedict Rogers which makes it the relentless persecution of minority Christian and Muslim, complete with a forced conversion to Buddhism. I martiri cristiani tra il 2000 e il 2010 hanno raggiunto il milione, con in media 270 morti ogni 24 ore. Ma nessuno ne parla. pubblicata da Papa Benedetto XVI il giorno martedì 17 maggio 2011 alle ore 6.05
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    From the U.S. State Department, Myanmar is ranked among the six worst oppressor of religious freedom in the world. In another ranking of persecution of Christians, organized by Open Doors, is the third state to another dominant Buddhist Laos. Here is an overview in alphabetical order of the states of Asia where Buddhism is the prevailing religion. With notes on the religious situation of each, taken from the 2004 Report of Aid to the Church in Need.
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    Bhutan --- Public worship, evangelization and religious proselytizing is illegal if made by non-Buddhists. In the two versions Ningmapa Kagyupa Buddhism and shapes the policy and it is illegal for a Buddhist convert to Christianity. In the country may be brought only Buddhist religious texts. No other religious teaching is permitted in schools. Fifteen Hindus were expelled from the south in neighboring India and the Government has implemented a program in the region of forced settlement of Bhutanese Buddhists.
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    CAMBODIA --- Prime Minister Hun Sen declares appreciate the work of foreign missionaries. However, a recent resurgence of nationalism - which is closely linked with Buddhism is the state religion - has made life more difficult for Christians and Muslims, mostly found in rural areas. In July 2003, hundreds of Buddhists attacked a church in Kok Pring, in south-east of the country, during the Sunday, blaming the Christians of a drought that had lasted three years. Particularly critical is the situation for the Christian Montagnards fled to Cambodia from Vietnam. The cambodian government hunts them down and return them to the Vietnamese police, which puts them in jail.
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    LAOS --- The Communist government, in power since 1975, expressly stated that he wanted to eliminate Christians, because Christianity is considered a violation of Laotian customs and "imperialist foreign religion" backed by Western and American political interests. Christians are therefore regarded as subversives and enemies of the state. Persecution particularly affects ethnic Hmong Christians, converted by American Protestant missionaries.
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    LAOS --- Theravada Buddhism is the largest religious organization in the country and gives the impression in public life, especially in rural areas. It is the state religion, but the government favors as a characteristic element of the nation and a growing number of places Buddhist rituals in state events. Proselytizing by other faiths is severely hampered. There has been cases of forced renunciation of Christian faith, by imprisonment for those who refuse.
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    MONGOLIA --- The constitution guarantees religious freedom and the Government generally respects it, but there are barriers to proselytizing and difficulties for the registration and obtaining permits for the conduct of religious activity. Buddhism - Tibetan Lamaist type - not the state religion, but is considered an integral part of national life and has gained supremacy and of advantages over other religions.
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    MYANMAR - since 1962 is ruled by a communist military regime, regardless of the election victory in 1990 the Democratic Party opposition led by Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize. Theravada Buddhism practiced by the majority, not the state religion, but the government controls and supports, and pursued the Christian and Muslim minorities. Catholic schools were confiscated by the state and Christians do not have access to leadership positions. The Christians belong mainly to the populations Chin, Kachin and Karen, among which are active independence movements.
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    MYANMAR --- Many have fled to Thailand and India, where they live in refugee camps. In the region of Chin crosses the mountains, expressive of their faith, have all been torn down, often replaced with pagodas. Christians are obliged to pay an annual fee to support the Buddhist religion and, if they convert, they get privileges, among other things, exemption from forced labor for the army, who are periodically forced. Bibles are banned, and so the meetings outside of Sunday liturgies, which in turn are often disturbed or interrupted. Many Christian children are taken away from their families and interned in Buddhist monasteries.
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    SRI LANKA --- In Sri Lanka, where Buddhists are nearly 70 percent - says the 2004 report of Aid to the Church in Need - "Christianity is perceived as a colonial imposition and the plight of Christians are rapidly deteriorating" . The entrance to the country of new pastors and priests - especially Jesuits, banned for more than thirty years - is severely hampered. The reaction is also expressed in anti-Christian forms of violence and is targeting especially evangelical and Pentecostal communities.

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    SRI LANKA --- Buddhist monks, especially in rural areas, driving the attacks on churches, schools, pastors and faithful, with destruction and massacres, and march in protest marches against the "diabolical conspiracy of the Christian forces to convert and corrupt the nation ". In August 2003 the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution prohibits proselytizing. In September, the government ordered the closing of all Catholic schools of higher learning.
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    --- THAILAND Buddhists are 85 percent of the population and Theravada Buddhism is the de facto state religion. But freedom for all religions is guaranteed in law and practice complied with. Good progress was also registered against the Muslim minority, especially after the appointment in 2002 of the Muslim Wan Muhamad Nor Matha to interior minister.

    @ IIVedantaII - Jews have suffered, also rightly, because they have hidden, and, to their detriment they go on for more than five centuries to hidden, the crime of genocide of the whole human race that is, the banking seigniorage, and all their plots, that it could never have been written in history books. This led the Jewish lobby, at have the control of all world governments, as, has provided the document of the "the Elders of Zion," that to be a fake, however, has been realized in detail. However, as Coelet says "there is a time to hate, and a time to love", this time for me still is, the time of love, therefore I still can not hate anyone. not even a dickhead like you.

    @to all world - Jesus in Bethlehem is risen! Soon all the lies of Satan will end up in tragedy! Because you've decided to amass the wrath of God against your children? why, you want to do hurt at Christians? The Christians were not programmed to be evil or dangerous, as they have proven to be the evil Muslims, Zionists, Hindus, Communists, etc. .. But are the Zionists, the most evil of all, because they claim to be Jews and Christians claim to be the West and Israel, while only, the Zionists and Freemasons that they are the real and true Satanists accomplices Rothschild Bush and company ie banking seigniorage of the IMF-New World Order. I will not make of you a Christian ... this is not essential. But everyone has to believe in my universal brotherhood, because there is no other possible hope for the world.

    but be cruel against one man? it's like to be cruel, against the whole human race too. that is to be cruel, even against themselves. There is a universal law in fact, on all the spiritual realities of hate, love, violence, mercy, etc. .. them before or after? must return, behind. also As it can be argued the verdict of God? Men are crazy! ma essere crudeli contro un solo uomo? è come essere crudeli, contro tutto il genere umano anche. cioè è essere crudeli, anche contro se stessi. c'è una legge universale infatti, su tutte le realtà spirituali di odio, amore, violenza, carità, ecc.. esse prima devono tornare, indietro. inoltre Come poi potrà essere sostenuto il giudizio di Dio? Gli uomini sono pazzi!

    I felt the hardness of heart, of a rabbi (one of the best) When I phoned him to talk about bank seigniorage .. but he did not has do want to talk to me ... I wondered to myself "Where is your faith, and where is his justice? above all, where is its historical perspective? History did not teach him anything ?"... sic ... these are the same, which, they say "Where was God at Auschwitz?" .. as they are atheists! God was the wrath of the fire was in the ovens crematoi  Incinerators ZIP! because all Jews? may not, not know the bank seigniorage.

    1. as the voice of one only jew it is raised to protect the German people which died of hunger and despair, to anarchy, banking seigniorage scam, debt pubblic scam, recession, etc. ..? no! nobody! 2. as the voice of one only jew, today rises to denounce the seigniorage banking? no nobody! 1. quale voce di ebreo si è sollevata, a protezione del popolo tedesco che moriva di fame e di disperazione, per anarchia, signoraggio bancario, debito pubblico recessione, ecc..? nessuna! 2. quale voce di ebreo, oggi, sorge per denunciare il signoraggio bancario? nessuna!

    not only Jews but all people of the world have become evil cruel, insensitive, etc. .. but this is not a problem for me, for I am the power of truth. If the Jews believe that they no longer have a holocaust, just because they won institutionally through the enlightened, and have perfect control of all our institutions, and have thought control of public opinion? well, this is a big mistake .... when will spread terror among the people? all the lives of the rich, will all be in danger too. But even this has been planned and designed, by the enlightened, for human race 1). reduced for extermination, and 2). electronic control, need a few men, by virtue of their control and power

    since Jesus is risen? Then, all the lies of Satan, will not have succeed. I am the fire and the whole world is like straw for me ... I'm universal brotherwood. Jews have learned that many Shaoh, Holocaust were all be led, planned, procured by Jewish moneylenders enlightened, for they will thus Satanists, that they want the destruction of the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob .. I believe which only Jews can free us, from this trap of institutional bank seigniorage.


    1/3 [THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION] WHO ARE THE ELDERS? This is a secret which has not been revealed. They are the Hidden Hand. They are not the "Board of Deputies" (the Jewish Parliament in England) or the "Universal Israelite Alliance" which sits in Paris. But the late Walter Rathenau of the Allgemeiner Electricitaets Gesellschaft has thrown a little light on the subject and doubtless he was in possession of their names, being, in all likelihood, one of the chief leaders himself. Writing in the WIENER FREIE PRESSE, December 24, 1912, he said

    2/3 [THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION] "Three hundred men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of the European continent, and they elect their successors from their entourage." In the year 1844, on the eve of the Jewish Revolution of 1848, Benjamin Disraeli, whose real name was Israel, and who was a "damped," or baptized Jew, published his novel, CONINGSBY, in which occurs this ominous passage "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

    3/3 [THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION] And he went on to show that these personages were all Jews. Now that Providence has brought to the light of day these secret Protocols all men may clearly see the hidden personages specified by Disraeli at work "behind the scenes" of all the Governments. This revelation entails on all peoples the grave responsibility of examining and revising AU FOND their attitude towards the Race and Nation which boasts of its survival over all Empires.

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a document forged by the Russian Secret Police in the early 20th century. It was based on an earlier French novel, and was promoted as evidence of an international Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. It had wide circulation among some rabidly anti-semitic groups including the Nazi regime in Germany. The Protocols, blood libel, host desecration, ritual murder, and other discredited stories are still occasionally mentioned by the media in some Muslim countries and by some neo-Nazi groups worldwide. --ANSWER- it is true but, is an true and very pity though that is been all achieved on time .. together with the bank seigniorage (IMF) and at the control of any other monopoly (NWO)

    @to all -- I do not have an my black list because the Satanist of today? may be the saint of tomorrow! who still want to be my enemy? he can make his declaration my ministers angels? are listening! I am Mahdì that is King of Israel ie UniusREI, for universal brotherwood io non ho una mia lista di proscrizione poiché il satanista di oggi? può essere il santo di domani! chi vuole comunque essere il mio nemico? lui può fare la sua dichiarazione i miei ministri gli angeli? sono in ascolto!

    @ALBINOSULTIMATECATS1- if it was just sufficient a single drop of sweat .. So why, Jesus wanted to pay all of his blood on the cross! Because Jesus, as true man is also true God, he had to touch the lowest point! He knew what men have suffered, and he wanted to know the maximum of pain because the pain of every man would be reached. When you believe in Him? Satan is called, and is declared guilty of all your crimes in your place! while you are covered by the holiness of Christ. Now, since I am the ReiUnius, I can give, in legal terms, an amnesty universal for all the crimes that have been made, outside of my kingdom, that has been made in the empire of darkness of enlightened and their satanic banking seigniorage

    @ALBINOSULTIMATECATS1 - does not matter how many prostitution "Lady gaga megs of Satan" could do, or how many human sacrifices to Satan, were able to make or participate .. no! a single drop of sweat of the innocent Jesus, the Messiah in Bethlehem, the true Son of God, who is called Christ? It covers all the sin of the world and destroy every bad thing! This is true faith of the Church! We the Church of Christ, in communion, with the Holy Pope Benedict XVI, we claim failed, all the works of Satan, and all the his institutions for the next 50 years. amen.Halleujah.alleluia.

    ALBINOSSUPERCLONES -- SAID Unfortunately for me personally and my white super lions channels of Satan is too late. But your soul is still pure , stop fighting , you deserve a better life , you can`t win, just quit. You will be so free and so relief if you surrender and join with us. We love you. Johnny. -- ANSWER-- I'm not a man who can be killed .. I am a ministry with unforeseeable consequences io non sono un uomo che può essere ucciso io sono un ministero dalle conseguenze imprevedibili

    ALBINOSULTIMATECATS1 SAIDHello friend, like always i read your comments with the greatest possible interest, you continue the battle and you refuse to surrender . Why are you torture yourself , just quit , they don`t want the truth. You are good man, you want only to help, so sad. Your friend, Johnny. -ANSWER- my friend, Johnny.. thanks! If you remove the video fetishism, sadism, masochism, food crush under feet? you would be, ready to be in court, of your judge of your Creator, God. all the rich of the world? they decided to destroy all the poor of the world! If this was not the truth? China has already destroyed the American "Shield Space", with his HAARP. is NOT never, too late. debt, shame, guilt and punishment? have all been paid on the cross by Jesus of Bethlehem . .. why, you passively wait for death? Your love is good ... but my love is stronger! If you want to live and be a free man? you must be mine! your brother lorenzojhwh

    SuperLion911opendoorsukكويتي بحق ! امر مؤسف ما يحدث للمسحين انا مع العدل القتل ليس لعبه او تسليه هو محرم عند الله والظلم مشكله كبيره وسيحاسب الله من ظلم كويتي بحق ! انا ضد الافعال التي ترتكب ضد المسحين هم اخوان لنا ومن المؤسف ان اري ذلك من التهجم علي الكنائس في بيت لحم وهجرة المسحين شيئ مؤسف حقا الله لا يامر بالكراهيه وانما بالمحبه والتسامح وان كل انسان يساعد اخوه الانسان بدون مقابل الاجر عند الله

    @to Saudi King Abdullah- but what harm they have done, your innocent children, to have had of the morons like you, for parents? Mecca so much holy, that no one only Christian, who worships him, in three gods, he just should not come to contaminate it.. But, you who can never be forgiven by God! you worships Jews zionist of Rothscild, with his money, that you have in your pocket that is, the banking seigniorage, which is the real Satan ideological and practical you're just saying, of being accomplices of the worst Satanism, throughout the history of mankind you are All donkey with horns, your religion is false lost is your hope in God Allah. you are only a form of Nazism. you can never be forgiven by God.. not the idolater christian..

    @to Saudi King Abdullah- because you would not no possibility to use your weapons, or even, to bark, against the Americans .. When them, the enlightened, they'll say that, you're a monster, along with all the Muslims? You can not answer 1. because you do not have the NetWork of the Zionists, 2. because it's true "You are truly a monster, and a criminal. ". I command you. in the name of Jesus, to use your weapons, so that 1. be abolished, the Sharia, all over the world. 2. to liberate and defend all Christians, who are with you, 3. to proclaim the true freedom of religion, 4. the true equality of all citizens before the secular state. for this? You have a month's time!

    @to the Saudi King Abdullah-or will you to stop for your curse end, of your damn satanAllah, and damn your Prophet, which has lasted by over 1500 years against the entire human race? Or will the enlightened, for the fact that you know well, as suck at their seigniorage banking. because, the fact that they are powerful Satanists? this condition is secret! You'll be the bad guy, but they are good, in fact, not only their, the democratic values ​​(lol.della Freemasonry and bank seigniorage). However they have the Network, and you "no "! Indeed, how could a holy man like you, to shake the hand and Bush, and also of kiss him, too, love of his mouth, lol. of his "skull and bones"? and you, you can not say to me "I ​​did not know!"

    @ to the Saudi King Abdullah - why not a single MIG, of Gaddafi stood up in the air? because the French have taken the plunge, as dogs knowing that there was, not air defense? Why? Why Americans can hit fighters mig, with laser beams from satellites, or through, the UAV drones predator at high altitude invisible .. you're done playing to make the fool? or, you're playing to play the part of the criminal, who will write the word "end ", against 1.5 billion Muslims around the world .. to make disappear, each book of the Qur'an in the world? I am Madhi for Islam Holy

    @ to the Saudi King Abdullah - Religious freedom is very limited. Although there are no restrictions for those who practice their faith privately, it is impossible for non-Muslims, to build places for worship. The law also provides for the death penalty for apostasy. no to nobody, not Muslim is allowed to become citizens of the Saudi state. Among migrant workers there are also the man of Christian religion. In Saudi Arabia, Christians can be arrested and flogged, too, for the possession of "material, view considered, as a propaganda, " as the Bible. The prayer meeting of Christians can be stopped by the police. by [wikipedia]

    @ Massoneria, i sionisti, la sharia, satanisti, illuminati, NWO, FMI, signoraggio bancario, comunisti siete tutti razzisti, cioè tutti anti-cristi! cazzo! ATTENZIONE! avete tradito il vostro Creatore Dio, quello che stai per ricevere per sempre? è più di 1000 volte, più spaventoso, di tutti i film dell'orrore messi insieme! [♰] "amen", ha detto in nome di Gesù. Io ho fatto il male, a tutti quei criminali che hanno rovesciato la croce [MENE Techel PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Bevi i tuoi veleni fatti da te." Voi tutti siete persi "Luke19.27 io sono. ♥ Mahdi, VALE a dire ReiUnius ♰ & ♥ Re DI Israele

    Omniscientus @ - @ thetrophy1 - The world over of last five centuries ago that is, before the "French Revolution" is one only and one same stage, it is only a mortal and unius/unicum theater, everything is only at disposal of predation of Zionists of the IMF namely, the International Monetary Fund of banking seigniorage ... well you make you fat, with to the pigs of the Jews not to mention with their of banking seigniorage, as a prostitute who has, with the note money in his mouth. but do not know who organized the Holocaust & shoah, at perfection against all and against jews ... therefore, does not matter which side is your heaven or your hell everyone in the world are shouting in unison "Enough ENOUGH!" with this occult power of the Zionists Bush and company enlightened mansory, against all our lives!

    @ thetrophy1 - Omniscientus is staff of youtube I pray every day for the death of a person who has closed my uniusrei2! @ Omniscientus - corporations tube?. is evident in this "corporation tube"? Many have independently (or for a rules of procedure) the power to close sites, etc ... because this is not a corporation with a single commercial profit ... but, is the true Masonic government of the world ... However, they are all taken for a ride lol. because in order really against everyone and against everybody the true power is the only one Rothschild(seigniorage banking) and company Bush(NWO)

    @thetrophy1 - no one can see God in this world .. but God can be "seen" for his love and true philosophy that is metaphysical humanistic, universal brotherwood, personalistic ... so you can not see God, but you can see me, that I see in my light of reason, "matafisica" the truth ... or that you trust me? or that you do this fucking 3rd WWnuclear @thetrophy1 - nessuno può vedere Dio in questo mondo.. ma Dio può essere visto nell'amore e nella filosofia che è metafisica umanistica e personalistica... così voi non potete vedere Dio, ma potete vedere me, che io vedo nella luce della ragione "matafisica" la verità... cioè o vi fidate di me o fate questa cazzo di 3°WWnuclear

    @DlABL0GlCAL-- original sin is human nature that is why Jesus said "My words are spirit and life". There can not be, for nobody here to the possibility of salvation outside of Jesus the Messiah of Bethlehem ... However, God wants that, the best people are not been lost, why. God did this ministry of ReiUnius In fact I am the "meta-physics. il peccato originale è la natura umana ecco perché, Gesù ha detto "le mie parole sono spirito e vita". Non ci può essere per nussuno una possibilità di salvezza al di fuori di Gesù il Messia di Betlemme... tuttavia Dio vuole che gli uomini migliori non vadano perduti, ecco perché ha fatto questo ministero del ReiUnius infatti io sono il "META-FISICO.

    @Muslims and communists - your Satanism? is not more intense than that of Hitler ... but your fuck of satanAllah? is too smaller, against the fuck super Rothshid, ie true Satanism, of enlightened, Jewish lobby, monopolies, etc. .... you too will be conquered and castrated ... is only a matter of time and of some World War .. accept my universal brotherhood, if you want to live dickhead! @musulmani e comunisti -- il vostro satanismo? non è più intenso di quello quello di Hitler... e comunque il tuo satanAllah è troppo più piccolo, del vero super satanismo di Rothshid, illuminati, lobby ebraiche, monopolisti, ecc.... anche voi sarete conquistati e castrati... è soltanto una questione di tempo e di qualche guerra mondiale.. accettate la mia fratellanza universale, se voi volete vivere!

    @muslims- but as you can make a caliphate to win a war impossible, if you buy the money from the Jews, for 200% of its value, ie the bank seigniorage (100% of its value), plus debt public, another (100% of its value), but that's the money in your pocket, that says, as you are slaves of the Satanists Jews, you are Satanists of sharia, down of other super Satanists @muslims- ma come voi potete fare un califfato per vincere una guerra impossibile, se voi comprate i soldi dagli ebrei, per il 200% del suo valore, cioè il signoraggio bancario(100% del suo valore,), più il debito pubblico (100% del suo valore), ma è proprio il denaro che avete in tasca che dichiara, come voi siete dei satanisti schiavi, di altri ebrei satanisti e super satanisti

    @muslims- enlightened are replacing all the your moderate and secular governments, with those fundamentalists ... because there is someone among you who believe that war can be won against the IMF seigniorage banking. -NWO enlightened ... Hitler also believed @muslims- gli illuminati stanno sostituendo tutto tutti i tuoi Governi laici e moderati con quelli fondamentalisti... perché tra di voi c'è qualcune che crede che può essere vinta la guerra contro il NWO-FMI... anche Hitler ci credeva

    @ muslims- this is the operation that will be made​​ against you. is a winning strategy as against Nazi, the Catholic monarchies, ecc.. then, Garibaldi has made the unity of Italy, thanks to the Freemasons, and the "corruption" of the generals of the "Two Sicilies", who were paid to do win him, etc. .. one side are the bad that is you and you're really bad, in fact, you deserve to be exterminated! because of the atrocities you do every day against the innocent Christians, which, for you are slaves, traitors, idolaters, criminals, etc ... the other side? are the "good", that the democracies of human rights, etc. .. Too bad that the nations and peoples? do not see the banking seigniorage, because then would see the false democracies, of Zionists, Satanists and Freemasons.

    @muslims- will come a day the Zionists our bosses of banking seigniorage, that is the masters of all the world and their NWO, that is the Jewish lobby they not hide more, very cleverly, all your atrocities, that, you do against the innocent Christians? There will come a day, however, that all these your crimes, will be shown, because all Muslim governments and was scheduled to become like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. .. that is, all will be extremists, like Iraq, Libya, Palestine, etc. .. in this way, that the Jews washed their conscience, for all the crimes they have done against the Palestinians, because it will be obvious to all ... it was just inevitable the extermination of all Muslims and the repeal of the Quran in all the world.

    @ Freemasonry, Zionists, sharia, Satanists, enlightened, NWO, IMF, seigniorage banking, communists they are all racist, ie all anti-Christs! fuck! WARNING! you have betrayed your Creator what you're about to receive for ever? it is more than 1000 times, all the horror movies put together! [♰ ✡] "amen"was said in Jesus's name. I has done the wrong to all Those Criminals Who Toppled the cross [MENE Techel PERES] CSPBCSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself." You are all lost "Luke19.27. I am ♥ Mahdi, THAT IS ReiUnius ♰ & ♥ King OF Israel

    @RussiaChina India Iran etc. - is not any cheaper than killer, that 3rd WWnuclear ? But what I also think about you? You are, together with enlightened? you are also complicit in all this, by many years ago! But no one, of my enemies, who can hide himself from my anger and God's wrath, why, still although he went to hell by Satan? Even them I'd go to pick you of course in Jesus's name! with that, JEW IN THE WORLD he can talk of seigniorage banking ... for then 1. be Expelled from His synagogue of Satan, 2. be held-up as a traitor to His people, 3. be Expelled from satanRothoscild, & His star's six-pointed, lol. no, never been star's David? I not still, have found one only single jew, That, he Decided to live this risk. But, is in this mode That, enlightened can prepare a new Shoah, agaist Him, & Holocaust agaist all us. lorenzojhwh the King of Israel. biblebelievers. org. au / przion3. htm

    original sin is only in the U.S.? or not! lol. or not! in USA they are only Satanists institutions that they did the 11-09 on commission, of the Jews enlightened of banking seigniorage because they had a desperate need to wage war in Iraq in USA stanno soltanto i satanisti istituzionali che hanno fatto l'11-09 su commissione, degli ebrei illuminati poiché, loro avevano un disperato bisogno, di fare una guerra in Irak

    @ DlABL0GlCAL - the way to the good it is not something romantic, like to appease our conscience, or as a to feel, the more good. the way to the good it is a constant absolute gift of us, for God. to the giving of blood, martyrdom. I will be in paradise for 40% of all people that today are in the world. but if they fail to recognize how 'real' the Word of God, and as a "liar", the world and themselves. Because if I'm honest? I must acknowledge that everything that is in me or s an excuse, or is a justification of sin, the very my thought? is the original sin

    for GOD? We are all King here why he has did the universe! that's why we can not pay the bank seigniorage to the Jews to be their slaves if, God moved himself here? he would destroy our gifts! no .. we who must implement the Kingdom of God on earth. or when it gets God? we would only for be been punished by him!

    Children are innocent to us, and they are innocent for God also. God loves children! The infinite justice of God is his infinite love for all! as well as its has predilection for me. I'm much more sinful than you .. sinner is to be my choice, we want to remain humble and measure the power of grace against the power of sin in my body. I am not an interior obedient, I am obedient only formally or officially. this is done by me, to always measure myself, in my need to know there is the grace that sin, but all this is internal to me. but I never allow at sin to take dominion over me. I know manage him! Therefore, the sin will never make me his slave.

    @DlABL0GlCAL -- original sin? is human nature itself fallen totally and hopelessly we are not sinful, we are the sin same is sin in us all! is the sacrifice of the cross that makes you understand, as we are totally rotten right into the chromosomes, even into the DNA il peccato originale? è la natura umana stessa decaduta totalmente ed irrimediabilmente noi non siamo peccaminosi noi siamo il peccato tutto in noi è peccato!

    I started working "very hard" on youtube in 2009 I think youtube has improved with me... @DlABL0GlCAL -- sloth is much worse than laziness is resentment, anger and opposition to religion, is opposition against to the holy things of God .. is like taking a shower on a pig ... he will not be happy! that's why the salvation of souls is only a miracle of God... original sin is invincible, because you can not kill yourself. you are the original sin! you are damn in the hell! l'accidia è molto peggio della pigrizia è risentimento, rancore opposizione per la religione e per le cose sante di Dio... è come fare la doccia ad un maiale... lui non sarà felice! ecco perché la salvezza delle anime è soltanto un miracolo di Dio. il peccato originale è invincibile poiché tu non puoi uccidere te stesso

    @ DlABL0GlCAL - God created a beautiful man he was immortal, he was under the dominion of the Holy Spirit, he had this knowledge infused ... he was in the image and likeness of God .. but today we are in the image and likeness of Satan, for the original sin but, of course, for those who are in "sanctifying grace "? that Jesus has won for us? he certainly, he is in the image and likeness of God. I am in God's image! I am the son of God now!

    @DlABL0GlCAL -- is original sin because it is the origin of our human nature in this world or in this third dimension why all us, are affected by disasters and we all need redemption è originale perché è all'origine della nostra natura umana in questo mondo o in questa dimensione tridimensionale ecco perché tutti siano partiti disastrati e tutti abbiamo bisogno di redenzione

    @DlABL0GlCAL -- How do we reffering to "original"from other Than to say it is "original"? origale sin is the instinct of the seven deadly sins it is in all us!!! against which we must struggle all his life lust pride sloth laziness that is against religion or hatred towards the good throat envy avarice this plot is the dark nature of any man that this is the original sin!

    the lives of us all? is only in God's hands! my goal is not power I hate everything in this is world of shit ... but, I have been programmed for the salvation of all souls from hell .. for that depends on me ... because this must never be forgotten, even though I have a ministry and secular political? I am always one Christian ministry. this is my goal to bless all men of the world I do not push anybody by the throat, about a religion that, this is contrary to my instincts. If I speak of my religion? is only to spite those who use violence

    no, my only enemy is myself only! in fact, I have no enemies ... I have not done any harm to anyone, if I have to defend innocent? this is not my fault! I'm not a pacifist! Certainly, I can kill, but 1. only in self-defense, or, 2. to protect innocent anywhere in the world that's my instinct no, il mio unico nemico è soltanto me stesso!!! in realtà, io non ho nemici... io non ho fatto, del male a nessuno, se mi devo difendere? questa non è colpa mia! io non sono un pacifista! certo, io posso uccidere ma 1. soltanto per legittima difesa; o; 2. per difendere un solo innocente in qualsiasi parte del mondo questo è il mio istinto

    I do not know, who can stop this mad machine of our society it is the bank seigniorage that is Satanism ideological and practical in Italy the people are so stressed out that some children died because their parents have forgotten them in hot car io no so, chi può fermare, questa macchina impazzita della nostra società è il signoraggio bancario che è il satanismo ideologico e pratico in italia la gente è così stressata che alcuni bambini piccoli sono morti perché i loro genitori li hanno dimenticati, in macchina sotto il sole

    @DlABL0GlCAL-- for me the "original-sin"is already a state of damnation! but God did not want to close the story with us, as he closed with the rebel angels God has given us a second chance! I believe that Adam and Eve, we were in the "earthly paradise" with us, that is the fourth dimension. What is the name of this sin? is treason! unfortunately, for the 60%? is only a confirming that their treachery was done in the "earthly paradise"and so they end the same in to hell. But 40% will be saved, some are for the five "heavenly paradise", but only the Christian fundamentalists, they are like the children of God, for his own have the same divine nature this is the reward of faith and martyrdom.

    ok .. they laughed even of Jeremiah ... but then they have to drink their own urine, etc. .. if they laugh at me? I do not think they do it again! because the bank seigniorage is not a laughing matter. but this is my strength, I am the unity because I believe in one God and one only humanity ... I do not merge religions How does masonry or NewAge. I believe that all religions are true. ok.. loro ridevano anche di Geremia... ma poi hanno dovuto bere la loro urina, ecc.. se ridono di me? non credo che lo fanno più! poiché il signoraggio bancario non è una cosa da ridere. ma, questa è la mia forza  io sono la unità perché io credo in solo Dio e in una sola umanità... io non fondere le religioni come fa la massoneria o la NewAge. io credo, che le religioni sono tutte vere.

    idiot! war is not made ​​by the religious, but is made ​​by politicians with the sole purpose of greed / for power, religions are manipulated only ... but this is no longer possible for Christianity, because the Jewish lobby and the Freemasons led the Christian religion definitely out of the political. idiota ! la guerra non è fatta dai religiosi, ma è fatta dai politici con il solo scopo della avidità del/per il potere, le religioni sono soltanto strumentalizzate... ma questo non è più possibile per il cristianesimo poiché le lobby ebraiche e la massoneria hanno spinto la religione cristiana definitivamente fuori della politica.

    slows down, that, you are not born, as an innocent virgin. You have betrayed like me like. in the "earthly paradise" the Creator! You are born as a soul that has been damned by original sin you are one who has chosen to betray the Creator, and therefore you are in the image and likeness of Satan. Without grace, repentance, obedience, etc. .. there is no hope for anyone. rallenta tu non nasci come un vergine innocente. tu hai tradito come me. nel "paradiso terrestre". Tu nasci come un anima che è stata dannata, dal peccato originale tu sei uno che ha scelto di tradire il Creatore, e pertanto tu sei ad immagine e somiglianza di satana. Senza la grazia pentimento ubbidienza, ecc.. non c'è speranza per nessuno.

    around the world? all is under a single media monopoly ie pornocracy of the lobbies of Satan ie, enlightened... Chastity is, therefore, become very difficult ... ... much more difficult than in the past .. I believe that the Catholic Church should adapt and allow its priests to the marriage as it is for the Orthodox. tutto il mondo è sotto un unico monopolio mediatico, la pornocrazia delle lobby di satana enlightened, pertanto la castità è diventata molto difficile... ... molto più difficile che in passato.. io credo che anche la Chiesa Cattolica dovrebbe adeguarsi e permettere ai suoi preti il matrimonio come è per gli ortodossi.

    Mistafied781 - If an electron was forgotten, of the infinite love of God for a moment? he would have disintegrated Immediately! is too short our time in this dimension, but hell and heaven are eternal. If Satan had the power to disintegrate himself? would do him immediately! But he can not commit suicide, as is the love of God, living him That is the wrath of God por also.. Only God is the being and, therefore, all his enemies are crazy. However, as the volcanoes that have an awakening cyclical, every 500 years? It is God himself, even as he is about to enter this dimension. Rothschild Bush and company? they are been warned!

    @ muslims- enlightened? They are spreading for in all Muslims Country Islam more of the worst full of hatred, resentment and Extremism, Fundamentalism, Intolerance Against christians, etc.. .. this is the excuse the enlightened Which They need to make the 3rd WWnuclear The War for Them is still in Fundamental indispensable requirement of the IMF So They created the pretext for the war with projects designed and Implemented through Decades .. this will make illegal all over the world, the holy Quran. enlightened Have Already Won Christianity Against Islam But Also after winning? They will not have more Obstacles to manipulated and control minds of people. Will only one herd of animals Evolved The Human Race! amen

    @muslims- enlightened are for spreading in all the Muslims Country of the Islam worst full of hatred, resentment and extremism, fundamentalism, intolerance against christians, etc. .. this is the excuse which the enlightened they need to make the 3rd WWnuclear the war for them is still a fundamental requirement of the IMF in the decades so they create the pretext for the war ... ie work for make sure that after the war becomes indispensable so that, this will make illegal all over the world, the holy Quran. enlightened have already won against Christianity but also after winning Islam? they will not have more obstacles to manipulate and control minds of people one and the same herd of animals evolved and full of lust, ie the human race! amen

    @Bush Senior- anyway, if you decide that for you the excitement of golf, may be sufficient? This you must know I am ready to detect the structure of the NWO and all the sovereign rights of bank seigniorage, because I am the political project of ReiUnius, which is also the King of Israel that is, the universal brotherhood. Yours faithfully. if youtube accepts friendships? Then, he will be forced to open this his page, even to my kingxkingodom, but Rothschild, who wants to be the King of Israel and who wants build the Jewish Temple for love to Satan, this time? He said "no!". even if you were a Satanist? would work the same, too! The next time you see an alien? you have to do this you have to say at him ie, at the alien "I order you, in Jesus' name, tell me how is the hell?". If you see that creature is to suffer deeply? then you will have seen evidence that the enlightened, have deceived to you.

    @Bush Senior- condemned to poverty since the recession all nations, so the IMF, for the global crisis? it is forced to die. that's why this crime scam must be hidden necessarily, in a new world war to serve as a cover. Perhaps the game of golf, not give more to you strong emotions? that you want to see death more than 5.5 miliadi of people? Nations that are not in a "recession"? are the only nations [[(the last that it remains to be conquered in favor of the Jewish lobby of the synagogue of Satan, ie, the real planners of the Holocaust)]], which are not yet in the NWO of IMF ie, Banking seigniorage, they are only China and Iran, with the exception of some privileged nations like England, in which no one know the reason, why, Europe has to pay part of the rights of bank seigniorage, for buying of the Euro

    @Bush Senior- was not very busy your life? all those guilty feelings now, to weigh down your soul? After a life so stressful, painful?! ... go to hell for Rothscild... not a good prospect. and if hell was not a situation totally hallucinating? lol. then there were so many demons, in the waiting list, to make the aliens. if then, you're a Satanist perfect (as I think) and love all this kingdom of Satan, that is about to come into the world that is, the NWO, perfect after the 3rd WWnuclear? Only this I can tell you "who divided the Red Sea? is not One who has already saved his people Israel? WELL! He is not the kind That will leave his job in half!"

    I know that enlightened have given to you the management of the project aliens .. and this for you? is really a huge responsibility! which becomes an impossible responsibility, if enlightened, have deceived you, about there are not an origin of aliens of another solar system. They are "earthly creatures, " have always been here, that is, are the demons, at which has been make a body genetically modified. I do not have a good opinion about you ... lol. but, anyway, anyway, I do not have a good opinion of anyone, not even of myself, therefore, we could be friends! Why like men? we are all too selfish, lustful, etc. .. we are all predestined to go to hell. That's why salvation is by faith (in all that God says in the Bible its all over) and humility (that is, to know & ask repentance for our sins.)

    1 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [extreme evil, the last time ending with the final apostasy in the Church. That's apostasy, the scriptures will not at all mean the abandonment of the Church, but an introduction of the doctrines of Demons in the Church, That the things of the world, are brought into; and accepted in the Church, and, l ' practical abandonment the Gospel of Christ. Basically not, you will listen to that That, says the Gospel, but the goats will listen the wicked leads, and well accepted all gladly things of the world. The gospel not, shall be preached, will be replaced from various entertainment and worldly, various doctrines of demons.

    2 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2 Timothy 31, But know this that in the last days difficult times will come, 1 Timothy 41 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, That, in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and, to doctrines of demons, Matthew 2214, For many are called but few are chosen. [Mark 76 But He answered and said unto them, Isaiah prophesied of Ben you hypocrites, as it is written "This people honors me with her lips, but their hearts are far from me. selfishness, insensitivity, injustice, lack of brotherly love in the Church. Matthew 2412, and why, iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold;

    3 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church] Matthew 721, not, anyone who tells me, 'Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but whoever does the will of my Father That is it' heaven. Goats not, tolerate sound doctrine, the gospel of Christ, but they like to listen to a different gospel, corrupted by evil men That, they use the Word of God for money in their own destruction. 2 Timothy 43, The time will come, in fact, where not, endure sound doctrine but, for itching of hear, they will accumulate teachers to suit their own desires

    4 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2 Peter 22, and many shall follow their pernicious doctrines, and, for their cause, the way of truth will be maligned. not the goats, like listening to the truth of the gospel of Christ, but like to hear the bad conductor that speaks to distort the scripture, telling them to favole. Isaia 3010, That, they say to the seers "not, have visions, and, to the prophets," not, prophesy true things, tell us pleasant things, prophesy deceitful things.

    5 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2Corinzi11, 4 For if someone comes and preaches another Jesus other than That, we preached, or if it is of receiving a That spirit that, you have received, or a gospel other than That, you accepted, you bear it well! [13] Since Cotesta these are false apostles, deceitful workers, That, disguise themselves as apostles of Christ. [14] and, not, is it any wonder, why, Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. [15] not, That is so great, if his ministers also, disguise themselves as ministers of justice, but their end will be according to their works.

    6 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [The Word of God warns Christians by wolves, by the mercenaries of the gospel, from bad drivers, That, say they are ministers of God, but they are ministers of the devil, who introduce doctrines of demons. 1 Timothy 65 vain disputes of men of corrupt minds and, deprived of the truth, That, estimated to be a source of piety earnings, and separated from them.

    7 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [Matteo7 15, "Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are wolves rapaci.Efesini 56, No one there seduce with, empty arguments, for it is for That these things, the wrath of God comes upon men rebel. Romans 121, That us where they are without excuse, why, although they knew God, not, as they glorified God nor gave thanks, but data are empty arguments, and the foolish their heart is darkened

    8 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [Acts 2029, That I know, after my departure shall enter in among you 'wolves, which not, sparing the flock; Jude 12 , These are spots in your love-feasts when they feast with, you recklessly, feed themselves, without water, clouds, brought here, and, there by winds, autumn trees without fruit, two times; dead, uprooted; Titus 1  11, they subvert whole households, teaching things That, not, should, for of love dishonest gain. The false teachers, bad conductors, the wolves, the mercenaries of the gospel, the creators of false doctrines, those That, distort the words of the gospel to your liking, and, to their advantage.

    9 / 17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2Pietro2, 1. But false prophets also arose among the people, as there will be false teachers among you That, introduce of sneak heresies of destruction, and, even denying the Lord That, bought them, you will ruin inflicted on him. [2] and Many will follow their licentiousness;, and to cause them the way of truth will be maligned. [3] In their greed will exploit you with, fake words, their judge has long been at work, and, not ruin their , dozing. [4] why, if not God, spare angels That, had sinned, but sunk them, confining them in dark caves for the trial will be held against them;

    10/17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2Pe 2.5, and if not, spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, preacher of justice, with seven others when he brought the flood upon the world of the wicked, [6], and, if, by reducing to ashes the cities of Sodom and Gomorra, condemned them to destruction why, serve as an example to those That, in the future would live wickedly, [7] and, If I save just Lot That was saddened by the wanton conduct of the wicked [8] (why, that just, That, lived among them, for what he saw, and he heard every day is tormented soul just because of their unfair works)

    11/17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2Pietro2, 9. the Lord is able to bring the godly out of temptation, and, reserving the unjust to be punished on Judgement Day, 10, and, especially those That van in filthy lusts after the flesh, and, despise authority. Audacious, arrogant, not, they have a horror of speak evil of dignities, [11] whereas angels, though greater of for them and power, power, not, bring against them before the Lord, no opinion gossip. [12] But these, like beasts without reason, born in the animal for life and to be taken, destroyed, hurt of saying That this, ignore it, for they shall perish their own corruption, receiving the wages of their iniquity. [13] They find their pleasure in the carouse in broad daylight, and are stains, shame, enjoying their deceit while participating in your feasts;

    12/17 [2Pietro2, 14. have eyes full of adultery and, That, can not stop of sin, beguiling unstable souls, an heart they have exercised with covetous practices; are sons of curse. [15] Leaving the straight road, you are lost, following the way of Balaam the son of Beor That, he loved the wages of unrighteousness, [16] but was rebuked for his prevarication dumb ass, talking with, the human voice, suppressed madness of the prophet. [17] These are wells without water, and, clouds driven by a turbine; them is reserved the blackness of darkness. [18] why, with, pompous speeches, and, emptiness, they allure with the lusts of the flesh, and the lascivious ones That you were already a little away from those That live in error, [19] promising them freedom , while they themselves are slaves of corruption;

    13/17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [2Pietro2, as one becomes a slave of That what, he won you. [20] For if, having escaped the defilements of the world, through the knowledge of the Lord, and, Savior, Jesus Christ, of Permit new, wrapped in them, and, win, their last condition becomes worse, more of the first . [21] Why, it would be best for their not, you know, the way of righteousness, That, after knowing it, to turn back, from the holy commandment, which had been given them. [22] of the case That what they said with, the truth of the proverb The dog has returned to his vomit, and, The bitch wash is wallowing in the mud. The Righteousness of the Lord? no one can mock of God the Father Almighty!

    14/17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [[is very sad to see these things to say, by Protestants against Catholics] Galatians 18,9, but even us, even if an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel, than That,we preached to you, let him be anathema. As we said before, I repeat even now If anyone is preaching to you a gospel contrary That the one you have received, let him be anathema. Revelation 22, I know thy works, and, and your labor, and thy patience, That, not, and can withstand the evil, That you have tested those, and call themselves apostles, they are not, and have found them false

    15/17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [[is a terrible punishment against sinners!] 1 Corinthians 1622, if not someone, who loves the Lord Jesus Christ, let him! Maran-atha.Giobbe 3411, since he makes man according to his works, and, he may be found in each, the salary of his conduct. AMEN. 1Chronicles 289, the Lord investigates all hearts and covers on all the intent of the thoughts.

    16/17 [final apostasy in the Church]] new age Freemasonry Modernism [[is a terrible punishment against sinners!] Hebrews 413, and, not, there is no creature That, is hidden in front of him But all things are naked, and, before the eyes of God discoveries One to whom we have to render ragione.Romani 827, and, That he, the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit, because it intercedes for the saints, according to Psalm 6212 God, you too, O Lord, belongs steadfast love, why, you repay everyone according to his works. Isaiah 5918, He will reward each according to his works, the fury to his adversaries, recompense to his enemies, at the islands will give full pay.

    17/17 [final apostasy in the Church] new age Freemasonry Modernism [is a terrible punishment against sinners!] Jeremiah 3219, You are great in counsel, and, mighty in deed, and, your eyes are open on all the ways of the sons of men, for to give to each according to his works, and, according to the fruit of his actions. Revelation 223, and, shall perish with the death his sons, and all the churches shall know That I am He That, investigates the minds and hearts, and, I will pay each of you second, its opere.Salmi 3314, by the place of his residence he observed all the inhabitants of the earth.

    1/4[/watch?v=ryqrqeeTJek]VLADIMIR PUTIN said I would put it this way Russia is fighting terrorism not only in Chechnya. Russia is fighting international terrorism and is ready to fight it anywhere. In our country we confront it first and foremost in Chechnya. It is a complex tangle of problems that initially were engendered by separatist trends in that republic. In the absence of an effective administration, separatism quickly transformed itself and came under the influence of international terrorists and religious radicals who within a few months took the power that was there for the taking. And you know about it very well. It is no secret for any of those present that no one can accuse Russia of suppressing freedom.

    2/4[/watch?v=ryqrqeeTJek]VLADIMIR PUTIN said In 1995 Russia granted full de facto independence to the Chechen Republic. And we had to pay the price in 1999 when a large-scale attack on Russia, in the Republic of Dagestan, was launched under the slogan of creating a caliphate and wresting more territory from the Russian Federation, the whole of the North Caucasus and some other areas. What does that have to do with the independence of Chechnya? Who can answer that question? I will tell you. That question is answered by the people who aided and abetted that aggression, who inspire and finance this kind of activities.

    3/4[/watch?v=ryqrqeeTJek]VLADIMIR PUTIN saidThey are religious extremists and international terrorists. By the way, I would like you to note that the creation of a caliphate on the territory of the Russian Federation is only the first part of their plan. Actually, if you follow the developments in that sphere, you ought to know that the radicals have much more ambitious goals. They speak about creating a world caliphate. They say it is necessary to kill Americans and their allies. I think that you are a country that is an ally of the United States and you are in danger. They speak about the need to kill all the non-Muslims or crusaders, as they put it.

    4/4[/watch?v=ryqrqeeTJek]VLADIMIR PUTIN saidSo, if you are a Christian you are in danger. But if you decide to renounce your faith and become an atheist, you too are to be eliminated in accordance with their thinking and their principles. You are in danger. If you decide to become a Muslim, even that will not make you safe because they believe that traditional Islam is also hostile to the goals that they set themselves. So, even in that case you are in danger. --ANSWER- How can it be alien to all this the Saudi Arabia? But this is precisely the agenda of enlightened, in order to make the 3rd WWnuclear ... At that level can not be naive, nobody they are all accomplices of satanists Rothscild & company Bush instead!

    somebody told me that Rothschild is a Christian but I can not believe to this that even a real jew who believes in God can do the wear. no he not can! because today as I have shown, the wear is incompatible with faith in God c'è chi ha detto a me che Rothscild è un cristiano ma io non posso riuscire a credere in questo, che neanche un vero ebreo che creda in Dio, possa fare la usura. poiché come oggi io ho dimostrato, la usura è incompatibile con la fede in Dio.

    @youtube -- plese! You have understood that my comments are important, as also the comments of my "uniusrei2" you have closed and that are been lost. However, in order to show you, the Zionists enlightened of banking seigniorage, that you were ruthless against me? You have punished me, beyond what is necessary, with a disproportionate use of force. and have rejected all my "appeals" too. Now the whole world knows, that my "uniusrei2" not had, ever had any, penalties, when thou hast shut him because, I wrote on this your page, for three hours(very slowly), part of the biblical book of wisdom only that is an important book for all world religions, and also for all atheists. please

    you do not try, my article on the Internet because I invented it, now tu non cercate, questo mio articolo in internet perché, io ho inventato esso, adesso

    7 / 7 [[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] Accordingly, the evangelists have intended focus the symbolic value of "talent", as one of many gifts that, God makes the man, skills, aptitudes, gifts  natural, economic, supernatural, spiritual, psychological, etc. .. these are all "talent" of God, to be put to use for the good of society that, we have been entrusted by God, therefore was the scope of ethics, while is the absolute evil of economic theory that can, only, be functional, at the needs of a servant of evil, but That, lol. he not is also lazy.

    6/7 [[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] but rather, with this parable he did prove extremely wicked, the lazy servant, as evidenced by the extreme way to make the criminal practice of usury, because it was associated with his "evil", from which the servant could make a profit. That is, the same logic of Satan (the interest), in which the servant really "evil," but also "lazy" not, was able to make a profit, of the capital entrusted to him. While in reality, he was only, by his work how it was for, the other two servants, That, he was of earning a profit.v

    5/7[[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] for take advantage of multiple times, and, in many ways, of a good intuition). it is the duty of all to be industrious, and, manufacturing. as the reward for the hard work, That is capable of multiply wealth, reiterating its condemnation of the servant that was so "lazy", and "evil" also that is usury(which he could have applied in its wickedness). However, it is too obvious that the creator of the parable of the "Good Samaritan" in which Jesus clearly states, as well as, also the Gentiles (all persons, of all peoples) are our neighbors. Jesus not could deviate himself from the teaching of the Torah, and, of the prophets

    4/7[[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] saying, "You should have put my money, at bankers (for do an interest), and, so, I of return, I would withdraw my (money), with, the 'interest. " , And adds "Take therefore the talent, and, give it to those who has the ten talents, and the unprofitable servant? cast him into the darkness. " these two stories differ for the number of servants, and for the number of coins entrusted to their care (Jesus himself he must have used several times the same teaching with, more variants, however for  always get the same education, as is for all best teachers "God is a judge demanding very cruel"

    3 / 7 [[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] That one, that had two? returns four. but the servant, who had been given a talent alone, he had buried him, for fear of losing it, That is so he can return a coin only at his master. *** Matthew 25.14-28, The master praises, and rewards the enterprising two servants, and, industrious, That, were able to capitalize on the capital received, and blame, and condemns the servant "wicked "and" lazy. "

    2 / 7 [[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] In the Gospels, in addition, there are also two famous parables of Matthew 25.14-28, and, of Luke 19.12-26, whose teaching, seems to contradict (apparently) the principle of the illegality of any form of lending at interest. Matthew 25.14-28, said "A man was to leave, of start, like this some of his servants to distribute their of the talent, ie, allocate of the means, in relation to their abilities. The return of the master, the servant That he had received five talents? makes ten talents!

    1 / 7 [[absolute abomination of wear in the gospels]] false teachers have taken as an example, the parable of the talents of Matthew, and, of Luke, in which it would seem justified the wear (for Only the wicked servant) while not there in fact more, stronger condemnation agaist wear ie, against evil. Because as I will demonstrate the slothful servant, not, was able to obtain, even a profit, by his wickedness for he be in the same logic of Satan, for wear, just why, he was also lazy. But Matthew, and, Luke recalled, explicitly, That it is necessary to grant loans, in money, but That, however, this must not, be done with the hope of receiving a reward. or interest.

    1/7 [[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] falsi maestri hanno preso ad esempio, la parabola dei talenti di Matteo e di Luca, nei quali sembrerebbe giustificata la usura (per il solo servo malvagio), mentre non c'è condanna maggiore contro la usura malvagia. Poiché come io dimostrerò l'infingardo servitore non ha saputo trarre, neanche un profitto dalla sua malvagità per essere lui nella stessa logica di satana l'usura, proprio perché era anche infingardo. Ma proprio Matteo e Luca ricordano, in modo esplicito, che è necessario concedere prestiti, in denaro, ma che tuttavia, non deve essere fatto questo con la speranza di riceverne, un compenso.

    2/7 [[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] Nei Vangeli, inoltre, si trovano, anche due famose parabole, di Matteo 25,14-28 e di Luca 19,12-26, il cui insegnamento, sembra contraddire (apparentemente) il principio dell'illiceità di ogni forma di prestito ad interesse. Matteo 25,14-28, racconta "un uomo, era in procinto, di partire, così distribuisce ai suoi servi alcuni talenti, assegnandoli in relazione alle loro capacità. Al ritorno del padrone, il servo che aveva ricevuto cinque talenti? gli rende dieci talenti!

    3/7 [[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] quello che ne aveva avuti due? ne restituisce quattro. ma, Il servo, al quale era stato affidato un talento solo, lo aveva sotterrato, per timore di perderlo, è così che lui può restituire una moneta soltanto. *** Matteo 25,14-28, Il padrone elogia e premia i due servi intraprendenti e operosi, che hanno saputo mettere a frutto il capitale ricevuto, mentre biasima e condanna il servo "malvagio" e "infingardo".

    4/7 [[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] dicendogli "Avresti dovuto affidare il mio denaro, a banchieri(a interesse) e così, io ritornando, avrei ritirato il mio(denaro), con l'interesse". E aggiunge "Toglietegli dunque, il talento e datelo, a chi ha dieci talenti, e il servo fannullone? gettatelo fuori nelle tenebre". questi due racconti, differiscono soltanto, per il numero dei servi, e per il numero, delle monete affidate, alla loro custodia(Gesù stesso deve avere usato più volte la stessa parabola con delle varianti tuttavia per giungere sempre, allo stesso insegnamento, poiché capita a tutti i migliori docenti,

    5/7 [[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] di sfruttare più volte, e in diversi modi, una buona intuizione). è dovere di ognuno essere operosi e produttivi. come la ricompensa per la operosità, che è capace di moltiplicare la ricchezza, ribadendo la condanna del servo che era così "infingardo", tanto da non avere applicato neanche la sua "cattiveria" cioè l'usura. Tuttavia, è troppo evidente che il creatore della parabola del "buon samaritano" nella quale Gesù indica chiaramente, come anche i pagani(tutte le persone, di tutti i popoli), sono il nostro prossimo. Gesù , cioè, non poteva discostare se stesso dall'insegnamento della Thorà e dei profeti

    6/7 [[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] ma anzi, con questa parabola lui faceva risultare estremamente malvagio, il servo infingardo, come evidenziava il modo estremo la criminale pratica della usura poiché era associata alla sua "malvagità", da cui quel servo avrebbe potuto trarre un profitto. Ovvero, la stessa logica di satana(l'interesse), nella quale quel servo, veramente "malvagio", ma, anche "infingardo" non aveva saputo trarre un profitto, del capitale a lui affidato. Mentre in realtà, era soltanto dal suo lavoro come è stato per gli altri due servi, che andava guadagnato un profitto.

    7/7[[assoluta abominazione della USURA nei Vangeli]] Pertanto, gli Evangelisti hanno inteso privilegiare il valore simbolico del "talento", come uno dei tanti doni che Dio fa all'uomo doti, attitudini, doni naturali, economici, soprannaturali, spirituali, psicologici, ecc.. questi sono tutti "talenti" di Dio, da mettere a frutto per il bene della società che a noi è stat affidata da Dio. pertanto era l'ambito dell'etica e la malvagità assoluta della dottrina economica che può essere solo funzionale, alle esigenze di un servo malvagio, ma che, non sia anche un servo infingardo.

    1/2 [St. Anthony of Padua -- (he is more famous than San Francisco or Jesus) The miser's heart usurer .. In Tuscany, there was the funeral of a usurer that he was unimaginably rich. For the funeral was called S. Antonio (LOL. rich want the best, because of their financial strength). But San Antonio, he began to shout that the dead man should not be buried in a consecrated church, but along the city walls, like a dog. In fact, his soul was damned to hell, also, that his body had no heart, according to the saying of the Lord Jesus

    2/2 [St. Anthony of Padua --given by Luke the Evangelist "Where is your treasure? there is also your heart!". In this notice, of course, everyone was shocked, the family's honor, demanded that St. Anthony of Padua had to be put to death immediately, it took a place an excited exchange of views. So to apply the death penalty, against St. Anthony, were called the "surgeons" who opened the chest to the deceased. But there they not found the heart, which, even according to the prediction of the saint, were found, preserved in his safe, where he kept his money.

    for Torah, prophets, etc. .. time is not of man but of God but of the man it is nothing. Man is only one administrator, who will do then make a report of its administrative tasks to his master God. why for God was sacrilegious the demand money in exchange for an extension of time (what happens with the loan money ). Also there was a hierarchical relationship between God, nature and work (called 'Art') work, can never usury, since it is not done for the promotion of man and nature, as is evident, as wear usury destroy the man. That is why, it is not lawful to make money, from more money, or from the exploitation of the work of others

    @ Jew enlightened [DAMN usurers] - between the rules that God gave to Moses at Sinai "If you lend money to my people (LOL.. all peoples are of the Lord), the poor who is with you (LOL.. around the world has become smaller), you do not behave as a creditor, that you impose on him an interest "Es.22, 24. those who profit through, on the passage of time, he forgets that only God is the master of time. This was a big sin, but except for the Jewish bankers, who in their cruelty lent themselves to all illegal traffic, as the slave trade ..

    @ Jew enlightened [DAMN usurers] - Nevertheless, many banks flourished mainly in Tuscany (from the fourteenth century), but the Tuscan bankers (Catholic), knowing that was commit a sin, through the banking, for appeased their guilt, make, with huge donations at the Church, or supporting works of art with a religious theme world-class. And this is one of several reasons why Tuscany is a land of extraordinary artistic treasures.

    @ Jew enlightened [DAMN usurers] - The following steps are execrable and warnings in various ways that reinforce the previous bans in the Nehemiah, Psalms, the Proverbs, Jeremiah and Ezekiel * Nehemiah encourages lenders to forgive debt or waive interest from their brethren; * Psalms, it was announced that anyone who lends money without usury, inhabit the tent of the Lord; * Jeremiah condemns usury by offering his own example of right man to his brothers; * Ezekiel warns lenders to wear and requires attention because they will not live, he must die, to himself will responsible of his own death.

    execrations, warnings and curses against usury (that ie against any payment of money at interest) are made ​​by Nehemiah, Psalms, Proverbs, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Ezekiel, prophet(important) and priest(more, and best important), who he lived during the exile in Babylon (where was born the curse of Talmud), after the deportation of 597 BC esecrazioni, ammonimenti e maledizioni contro la usura (cioè qualsiasi corresponsione di denaro ad interesse) sono fatti da Neemia Geremia Proverbi salmi ed Ezechiele. Ezechiele, profeta e sacerdote, visse nel periodo dell'esilo a Babilonia(dove naque il maledetto talmud), dopo la deportazione del 597 a.C.

    [[ DAMN usurers ]][Jeremiah 8] backsliding of Israel [6] I paid attention and listened, and they do not speak as they should. No one repents of his wickedness, saying, What have I done? Each follows its course without turning ... - Answer--- The Law (has been manipulated, when the priests of Jerusalem have to compose and assemble the sources of the Scriptures [ie [Deuteronomy 23.21]]) in the hands of priests --- [8] How can you say We are wise, the law of the Lord is with us? A lie has reduced the lying pen of the scribes! [[does not say, about the interpretation, but he says, about, their pen]] [9] The essays will be confused, shocked and taken in as a string. They have rejected the Word of the Lord, which may have wisdom? . yes UniusRei have wisdom!

    Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! [Jeremiah 8] backsliding of Israel[6] Ho fatto attenzione e ho ascoltato; essi non parlano come dovrebbero. Nessuno si pente della sua malizia, dicendo Che ho fatto? Ognuno segue senza voltarsi la sua corsa... --ANSWER- La legge (È STATA MANIPOLATA quando i sacerdoti di Gerusalemme hanno assemblato le Sacre scritture[ie[Deuteronomy 23,21]])nelle mani dei sacerdoti -- [8] Come potete dire Noi siamo saggi, la legge del Signore è con noi? A menzogna l'ha ridotta, la penna menzognera degli scribi![[non dice circa la interpretazione, ma, dice proprio la penna]][9] I saggi saranno confusi, sconcertati e presi come in un laccio. Essi hanno rigettato la Parola del Signore, quale sapienza possono avere?

    [Jeremiah 8] backsliding of Israel[1] "In those days - says the Lord - will extract from their graves the bones of the kings of Judah, the bones of his princes, priests, prophets and inhabitants of Jerusalem.[2] They are scattered in honor of the sun, moon and all the host of heaven that they love, serve, followed consulted and worshiped. They will not be collected or buried, but will remain on the land as manure.[3] Then death will be preferable to life for all who remain of this evil in every place where I have dispersed them. "Saith the Lord of hosts.[4] You tell them  Thus saith the Lord. Perhaps those who do not fall up again and who loses the road does not go back?[5] So why do this people rebels continue with rebellion? Persist in bad faith, refuse to convert.

    @jew enlightened[DAMN usurers]--[[Deuteronomy 23.20] Do not do to your brother-interest loans, no money, nor food, nor anything which lends at interest. [21] The alien can lend at interest, but not your brother, because the Lord your God may bless you in everything you put your hand in the country of which you are going to take possession. - Answer-, We shall TODAY AS IT WAS Jeremiah and other prophets, etc. .. to say that this verse is false, that is to disavow this verse as a serious manipulation against the Word of God

    @jew enlightened [[ DAMN usurers ]] -- which of your rabbis evil and satanic, that is, those who want to justify the wear, he wants to challenge me about the Word of God, on this page in public? If they remain hidden behind the computer? it is only because, they know very well that they are of the criminals killers ie, racist of Talmud. quale dei tuoi rabbini malefici e satanici, cioè, quelli che vogliono giustificare la usura, lui vuole sfidare me, circa la Parola di Dio, su questa pagina pubblicamente? Se loro rimangono nascosti dietro il computer? è soltanto perché, loro sanno molto bene di essere dei criminali.

    @rabbis of Satan - [[DAMN usurers]] - [Leviticus 25.35] If your brother is with you becomes poor and without resources, help him, as a stranger and tenant So that I may live with thee.[36] Do not take interest from him, nor helpful, but fear your God and your brother to live with you.[37] do not lend him money at interest, nor give him his meals food, with interest.[38] I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt, to give you the land of Canaan, to be your God.

    @rabbis of Satan - [[for a mind pure and honest? for the feelings of God? every man is a brother!]][[Leviticus 25.39] If your brother is with you becomes poor and sells himself to you, do not work of him, as a slave;[40] to be with you as a laborer, as a tenant. You will need until the year of jubilee will;[41] then you will go along with her ​​children, will return to his family and you will return the possession of his fathers.

    @jew enlightened -- [[ DAMN usurers ]] @ against the rabbis of Satan -[I desire mercy, not sacrifices, saith the Lord God] --The year of jubilee. [Levitico 25][10] You shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It will be a jubilee for you each of you to return to his property and his family. [17] None of you hurt her brother(all man), but fear your God, for I am the Lord your God. [23] The land shall not be sold in perpetuity, because the land is mine and you are with me as strangers and sojourners. [24] Therefore, in all the land which you possess, you shall grant a redemption of the soil.

    @jew enlightened -- [[ DAMN usurers ]] [Exodus chapter 22] Crimes and compensation [24] If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor, with you(there in the past? not there is the ability to leave their own country), do not be to him as an usurer you should not impose any interest. [25] If you put pledge your neighbor's cloak, return it to him at sunset, [ESODO cap 22] Delitti e risarcimenti [24] Se tu presti denaro a qualcuno del mio popolo, all'indigente che sta con te, non ti comporterai con lui da usuraio voi non dovete imporgli alcun interesse.[25] Se prendi in pegno il mantello del tuo prossimo, glielo renderai al tramonto del sole,

    @ pornography - it is written who destroys the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in his body? Then, the Holy Spirit will destroy him! @pornografia -- è scritto chi distrugge il Tempio dello Spirito Santo che è nel suo corpo? Poi, lo Spirito Santo distruggerà lui!

    @ seigniorage banking - how is it that Jews racist [(lol.) Zionists (lol.)], existing at the time of the prophet Jeremiah, they were operating with relentless cruelty through wear, so as to in mode of reduce entire families in slavery? It did this with each other, with the same their people ... certainly they had accomplices, their prophets and priests great masters of the law ... precisely when the law says that usury is abomination for God @seigniorage banking -- come è possibile che gli ebrei razzisti [()sionisti()], già esistenti, al tempo del profeta Geremia, loro operavano con crudeltà inflessibile attraverso la usura, tanto da ridurre in schiavitù intere famiglie? E questo facevano tra di loro, con lo stesso loro popolo... certamente loro avevano per complici profeti e sacerdoti grandi maestri della legge... quando proprio la legge dice che l'usura è un abominio per Dio

    @at world - I can not take under my protection the whole human race if 1. Jews do not renounce at the Talmud and the banking seigniorage, 2. Muslims do not renounce the Sharia, 3. if the Communists dickhead, do not understand that even believers in God are good communists. Contrary? No person who is guilty of only one of these crimes, will tell his children the 3 rd WWnuclear! if Christians did not have the Gospel? namely, the doctrine of love for enemies? today could not exist in the world Muslims, Jews and communists of course! and in fact all of them are not in the doctrine of love for the enemy. In reality, not only in the secrecy of their hearts, but, in mode clearly they have will to exterminate all other ... since all of their are of the imperialist ideology in reality still

    @ jew - maybe the tribe of Aaron (for the priesthood), was the largest and important tribe in Israel? Of course not! His task was to remind all Israel, that he was all totally only a priestly people of all man saints and holy .. In fact, this is precisely the task of Israel, in turn that is of to remind all nations, that every man has a priestly role that is to manifest the image of the glory of God to others. But, on the contrary, Israel has just put himself at the disposal of Satan Rothschild, since all the money in our pockets? makes us all the Satanists, in relation to God. is simply a single note of banking seigniorage of IMF-NWO, to desecrate the entire Vatican, etc. .. etc. .. that's why we have suffered so much destruction, which were torn down, against all peoples, in the last 5 centuries.

    @ youtube - I'm not a man religious, that he says "This is the truth, because the Bible has says. " I said to God, when I was a boy, "you give me, the rational demonstration, of all your mysteries and of everything that is mysterious. " that's why God gave me the metaphysics! I can not explain something to my students or to say something here, because it is written in a book. If you have not been verified by me. In fact, I am a Christian only, from personal experience. In fact, I can not even talk about something, that is outside of my experience rational, proven many times proven and irrefutable. Since metaphysics is just pure rationality of "being"! all I'm saying? will be believed by all men! this God said to me.

    TheGingermarie SAID "what do you think about what the CDC said about coming Zombies?" -ANSWER- ZOMBIE - lol. Zombies are not strong how IS to see in horror movies. A child of 8 years with a hammer in his hand? could kill hundreds of them! THE GOAL IS TO SPREAD the FEAR of SATAN IE Creating a psychosis. This story is similar to that of aliens. Probably, they have misunderstood the my reply, at their question, that a Satanist ie, one of their staff he did to me. actually zombies, they can never prevail, because their disease? it is too debilitating. Their attempt to destroy the presence of God and to take the control emotional of peoples? can only be between 300 years, that is at the time of the anti-christ.

    @Muslims @ dethroned81 - how to protect a hen, under her wings her chicks? so I will defend all Muslims in all the world .. Allah is my witness, I will spread the Islam Holy, and myself also have to build many mosques saint ... but there is no room in my kingdom, for your lies, about the sharia, because hundreds of innocent Christian martyrs, are killed every day, by you in the world! this is that deny all your lies. You made the genocide of all Christians who were before you. first, before of you? were all Christian countries! Sharia is incompatible with my universal brotherhood. If you do not abandon the sharia? Islam itself is big in danger, because, I am the divine ministry of UniusRei I am an invincible power!

    Commento al tuo video Son of Hamas leader converts to Christianity CyberSarayaRPG SAID Sharia is from Satan? It's the perfect best Legislation, and it's fair to Every Person. Also it's fair, to kill Muslims who accept an other religion. Surely I have to hate the sin, But I Also hate the sinner, if he isn't a muslim! You follow the satan! May Allah guide you to Islam.. --ANSWER- right you, has condemned to death, at this moment 1.5 billion Muslims. Since you have just declared incompatible, all kinds of diversity (which is always a treasure for God), in relation to sharia. Therefore, the Sharia is Satanism. In fact, with the sharia, peace will never be possible on the planet. and all this? can only be the work of Satan!

    @ youtube - I can not contend against thee, about the my "uniusrei2" because I'm hugely guilty against you guilty as charged in various ways, and many and various ways against you and against all of your users against all, in over the world. Indeed, it is plain for all (at least), as I have "stolen" videos to so many people ... etc. .. etc. ... etc. .. Yes, I admit all my guilt! However, even if I do not deserve anything from you, for myself? However, I can not know what it might do against you again, the Holy Spirit, if you do not make return to me my "uniusrei2. Yours faithfully

    @ at world - it is useless to lose themselves in the lies of Satan! Human nature, if not culturally guided by natural law or rational metaphysics? it tends to bottom in fact, a bad apple, can corrupt all healthy apples, but it is not true the other way unfortunately. Thus, in this way, we can not say, "we have put il good, with the bad, and then may the best win. " Since, the best have always been Sodom and Gomorrah (ie, Satanism, farm porn, gay, etc. ..). Thus, with the values ​​of moderation metaphysical, secular and democratic we have a moral duty, to make a cultural operation reverse the current trend, to cancel the criminal actions of the Jewish lobby of the IMF-New World Order, that is the banking seigniorage and Masonic . whose ie, is the his goal? it is parasitic goal that is the extermination of all people. each loan banking, in times of recession? is an incitement to suicide!

    abdibaasit SAID ALLAH is the supreme, the most merciful the most beneficent, the most high, the most powerful, the sustainer, the bestower, the creator, the one that give life and death, the owner of judgement day, the self sufficient, the most gracious, the forgiver, the all wise, the almighty, the all knowing, the irresistible, all praiseworthy, exalt, lofty and glory is he who is freee of any sort of deficiencies who has no partners who has no associates with his kingdom. who begets not children nor is he begotten in anyways. he is the first without beginning and he is the last without ending. he is all seeing and all hearing. ABOVE all his creation. -ANSWER-- all WHAT YOU HAVE said? is WONDERFUL! But the Christians, over at body, they can see also both the soul(PSYCHE), that the spirit of the same and only divine person Allah Holy. You do not hurt them for that!

    @ SUPERCOLLECTORSBEST - Holy Spirit, has never disappointed me! Like the Pied Piper draws at him all the rats? So all the enlightened and Satanists they are forced to come to me! lol. Then they must dance to my music! I can show you now, like all fetishes, sadism, masochism, trampling under foot, etc. ..? all sex perverse is run by Satanists, in fact you can watch the channel "TheRedDemonizer" @SUPERCOLLECTORSBEST -- lo Spirito Santo, non ha mai deluso me! Come il pifferaio magico attira a se tutti i topi? Così tutti i satanisti e gli enlightened sono costretti a venire da me! lol. Poi loro devono ballare la mia musica! Io posso dimostrare a te adesso, come tutto il feticismo, sadismo, masochismo, calpestare il cibo sotto i piedi, ecc..? tutto il sesso perverso è gestito dai satanisti, infatti tu puoi guardare il canale di "TheRedDemonizer"

    1/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]Two Indian Christians Languish in Saudi Prison. 'Religious police' raid apartment; no official charges.LOS ANGELES, March 28 (CDN) — Friends and family of two Indian Christians arrested after a prayer meeting in Saudi Arabia in January have tried in vain to secure their release. The two Christians were incarcerated for attending the prayer meeting with other Indian nationals and accused of converting Muslims to Christianity, though the government has not produced formal charges, sources said. Yohan Nese, 31 and Vasantha Sekhar Vara, 28, were arrested on Jan. 21 when mutaween (religious police) raided an apartment where the two had lingered after attending the prayer meeting.

    2/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]] Religious police interrogated and beat them to the point that they suffered injuries, according to sources. During this time, religious police who were cursing at them allegedly tore up and trampled on Bibles and Christian material they had confiscated, said a source who spoke to the men. Authorities asked them how many Christian groups and pastors there are in Saudi Arabia and Riyadh and asked their nationalities. The religious police also put pressure on the two to convert to Islam, according to sources. The next morning, Jan. 22, authorities took the two Christians to the Religious Court in Riyadh. The court sentenced them to 45 days in prison. At 2 p.m., police filed a case at the local civil police station, according to a source who requested anonymity.

    3/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]To date the Christian Indians have been in prison for 67 days. Their family and friends say they still have not been able to obtain a document with official charges, but know from the prisoners that the charges are religious in nature, according to the source. At the time of their detention, the Christians were not engaging in religious activities. On Jan. 22, 15 mutaween in civilian clothes came back to the apartment they had raided the previous day, destroyed valuable items and wrote Islamic slogans on the walls with spray paint, the source said. Nese and Vara's situation in prison is "horrible," said the source.

    4/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]The two men are cramped in a prison cell with only enough room to stand."There is no place to even sit," said the source. "Only two hours a day they are sleeping in shifts. When brother Yohan is sleeping, brother Sekhar needs to stand, and when brother Sekhar wants to sleep, brother Yohan needs to stand. They have been doing this for more than a month. I don't know how many more days they have to continue this." Since the arrest, other Christians have been too frightened to meet for prayer. One week after his arrest, Vara was able to use a phone to call his family and pastor in India. His wife, Sandhya Vara, who is expecting their first child in three months, said she has not heard from him since.

    5/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]"There were no Muslims in their prayer meeting, but they are accusing them of converting Muslims into Christians," she told Compass by phone. "We got married eight months ago, but he's very far from me now and he's in very much trouble, and I'm six months pregnant." She and his pastor in India have communicated numerous times with the Indian embassy but have received no response. "I have been complaining to the Indian embassy," she said. "They cannot call me or give me any information. There is no help. So many times I informed them and they cannot give any reply and cannot take any action."Vara had worked in Saudi Arabia for more than seven years.

    6/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]] Last summer he came to India and got married, returning on Jan. 9 to his post in Riyadh, where he worked as a supervisor for a catering company. "Vasantha is from my church," said his pastor in India, Ajay Kumar Jeldi. "He is very God-fearing, good, prayerful, supporting the pastor and working for the youth."The morning of his arrest, Vara called Pastor Jeldi and told him he planned to go to the evening prayer meeting in Riyadh. After the meeting, Vara, Nese and four other unidentified Christians lingered at the flat where the gathering had taken place. At around 730 p.m. two mutaween in plainclothes and one policeman in uniform raided the apartment.

    7/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]] On the phone with his pastor back in India, Vara said he was in prison for religious reasons and that he had been pressured to convert to Islam, but that he had refused."If I have to die for my God, I will die for him here," he told Pastor Jeldi. "God will help me."The pastor said that in his sole conversation with him a week after his detention, Vara requested prayers for his release.Typically in Saudi Arabia, a foreign worker's documents remain with the employers who sponsor them in order for them to work in the country. Saudi employers are typically the only ones who can secure their employees' release on bail."Only their sponsors can bring them out," Pastor Jeldi said.

    8/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]] "He has the right to bring him out, and no one else has the right to go and pay the bail or anything. Only the sponsor can have that responsibility."Since his arrest, Vara's employer has handed his passport to local authorities and told them he is no longer responsible for him, according to the anonymous source."He doesn't want him to work in his company anymore," said the source.The Saudi "religious police" or Commission to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice (CPVPV) is a government entity that includes 5,000 field officers and 10,000 employees, along with hundreds of "unofficial" volunteers who take it upon themselves to carry out the CPVPV's mandate,

    9/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]according to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom."Despite the fact that the CPVPV is not allowed to engage in surveillance, detain individuals for more than 24 hours, arrest individuals without police accompaniment, or carry out any kind of punishment, its members have been accused in recent years of killing, beating, whipping, detaining, and otherwise harassing individuals," the commission stated. In the raid, authorities confiscated anything of value in the apartment, including two musical keyboards, a guitar, two sound boxes, a sound mixer, four microphones, music stands, power extension boxes, a laptop, mobile phone chargers and a whiteboard.

    10/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]they also confiscated 25 Bibles and other Christian materials, the source said.The other Indian Christians at the apartment escaped.The anonymous source said he has informed the Embassy of India in Riyadh of their arrest numerous times."I have lost hope in them," he said, "because the only thing they are always saying is that this is a religious case, so we can't do anything. "Pastor Jeldi said he thought someone must have complained about the group of Christian Indians who were meeting regularly, causing authorities to act.Nearly 7 million foreigners live and work in Saudi Arabia, of which an estimated 1.5 million are Indian nationals.

    11/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]Human Rights Watch has reported that Saudi Arabia systematically discriminates against migrant workers and has called for the government to "abolish the sponsorship system for migrant workers, in particular the requirement for employer consent to transfer employment and to obtain an exit visa."According to the U.S. Department of State's 2010 Report on International Religious Freedom, with rare exception, expatriate workers fear government interference with their private worship. The reasons for this interference can range from the worship service being too loud, having too many people in attendance or that it occurs too often in the same place, according to the report.

    12/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]Riyadh was the stage for another raid and mass arrest of Christians in early October 2010. Arab News and other press reported the arrest of 12 Filipino Christians and a French Catholic priest celebrating mass in a private apartment. There were 150 Filipinos in attendance. The employers of the 12 Christian foreign workers secured their release, and the Philippine embassy negotiated their repatriation. The Catholic priest was also released within days.

    13/13[[[criminal sharia of satanallah]]]"Saudi officials do not accept that for members of some religious groups, the practice of religion requires more than an individual or a small group worshipping in private, but includes the need for religious leaders to conduct services in community with others," stated the State Department's religious freedom report. "Foreign religious leaders continue to be prohibited from seeking and obtaining visas to enter Saudi Arabia and minister to local religious communities."