CHINA False Panchen Lama

    KevinLancasterify -- I am for universal brotherhood and freedom of religion, but because you do not accept the freedom of religion? I can not accept to be misunderstood by you! in the name of the same God, only for the different doctrines two people to be hostile? So, are Satanists the IMF's 666 to will win! if he had been a single doctrine(religion) perfect? this religion would have already conquered the planet! but, fortunately, with 40% of the entire human race will not go to hell just because the judgment of God is about love and not about the doctrine! I proposed an alliance with the Communists, and with all religions. If not it? then, will win only Satanist 666 Rothschild, and 322 Bush That Is the IMF NWO Therefore I unius REI the king of Israel, I want the freedom of religion now Quickly! for around the world!

    @ israelNationalTV, comunitaEbraicaRoma - let's say the Jews are very much "protected" to have it Completely in hand the control of the West that is, the system Judeo Masonic, of banking seigniorage (something That Lasts from least 500 years)! That it is true Satanism. However For luck is a Satanism that at least so far he went to destroy the Christianity only! Therefore, a jew Can "do" the Satanist, but, Could never "be" a true Satanist why His Jewishness it is a priority, "in an institutional way!" here's why there can "NOT" be in an future of the New World Order, the State of jews here is why Israel Will Be Completely disintegrated During the Nuclear "World War III" and what is it worse? is that Muslims will believe that has-been a gift of Allah

    @ KevinLancasterify - I do not hate Islam, because for me to hate only one religion it's like to hate God! right things and the wrong things? are everywhere thus, a commitment of men of "good will" to carry all the best! namely, the universal brotherhood! is a crime against the sanctity of God to integrate a religion within a national identity because it shows the apostate, not as a saint who seek their way to God but as a traitor to the State ! my friend. could never have won the war against satanic institution (666,322 Freemasonry intelligence, aliens, bildenberg, etc. .. multinational exchanges; IMF NWO, etc. etc. missile shield,) If you fail against logic the conflict between religions you must give me the freedom of religion in all Muslim nations if you will not see the 3 ° WW nuclear for 213/14

    @Bt7935 - if you do not want to be a passive spectator of extreme events that they are about to fall against the whole human race? ie the war between 1. the good that is, all the nations, and, 2. evil that is, all their governments namely, a single only one occult government Masonic of all world already operational and held tightly in hand, by Rothscild through the blackmail and the threat of an alien attack against all mankind or do with the kidnappings targeted "abduction"! You could fix my exorcisms that were written in bad English and I use to fight all the Satanists of youtube, and to demolish the NWO. the string VRSN CSPB CSSMLNDSMD SMVS MQLIVB are the initials of a prayer to Exorcism of San Benedetto del V century. lol. do not worry why God bless! shalom lorenzo

    @Bt7935--how could a man make love with a nation (Israel)? 1. Israel is the image of the Kingdom of God on earth (thus is all peoples)! 2. me? not only further to be a man? I am especially a ministry "universal political" that is, a metaphysical entity, that is by God for love of any religion and any Institution ie I possess the power to "legitimize" any authority! So, for not be in conflict against the natural law and therefore they all does not become "illegitimate".

    @ Bt7935 real-politics? is that of financial flows as follows 1). the IMF Masonic Jewish "synagogue of Satan". 2). China, India, Russia, etc. .. are opposed with its own fund .. However to deceive the people they show, as if, China it is approached the West while simultaneously opens hostilities against India, but this is entirely false 1. (because, it already exists one only Masonic world government New World Order, where at last all schemes will throw the mask and declare openly their ideological practical religious Satanism)! 2. because you can not get out of this recession (which we have a current cost of money equal 270% source. scientist Giacinto Auriti) without a nuclear world war (2013/14) where they will lose life more than 5.5 billion people. indispensable for regenerated, a new IMF parasitic of banking seigniorage (source Ezra Pound Auriti)

    @ bT7935 - I am a real man whatever I write? is worthy of true! I am a politician universal for universal brotherhood. Now, for the field of politics? do not need, of a religion, but only of the natural law that is, the foundation of the positive law. Every Constitution, declares that sovereignty resides in the people, but this is not true in any part of the world If Freemasonry he secretly sold monetary sovereignty at few families of Jews Rabbis Pharisees in Scotland and the U.S. that is the IMF ie 666 of god owl at bohemian Grove Baal?
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    @ Hello, you have a very interesting channel and comment page, however if I may say, some of your political and biblical concepts and terminology are difficult to grasp and understand. Our channel is a mainstream, non-political, non-religious, entertainment channel. I personally have no influence on World politics or Worldwide currrent affairs. The views of British Politicians and the policies of the British Government in-relation to foreign policies or foreign policies adopted by UK Governments - are by no means a reflection of my own personal political beliefs or religious views and opinions. I am a liberal (slightly left-wing perhaps) and believe that we should all live together in peace and harmony. Have a really nice afternoon. Susan (Video Mag channel)

    @KevinLancasterify -- I will allow the aggression of Iran and all genocide of the Palestinians if you do not give me the freedom of religion and do not stop to calling Christians "idolaters" When, by on your point of view they are polytheists, because I am a minister of God with a political mandate, I am unius REI. I'll never be the friend of a criminal, mentally deranged lunatic like you. NO! YOU ARE A PIG (not a servant of God)a Satanist EVIL! as, I can be a friend of a murderess! you make the complaint, of the crimes of the Zionists against you (Iran, Palestine, ecc..) .. and then, for you and to all Muslims it is normal to be the criminals of the innocent Christians! as the wrath of God not devour everything very soon in Iran?

    @KevinLancasterify -- YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM THE JEWS to be an HYPOCRITICAL of MUSLIM? lol. Oh Excuse me you are half-brothers so to be hypocrites? there is natural for us! you speak well, but, then your Muslims make more of 300 Christian martyrs every day through crime of Sharia .. and if I do I'll knock your head against "black stone"? Even then you not are able to talk about the freedom religion! so they do well Bush 322 & Rothschild 666 ie zionists of IMF satanists to devour all Muslim nations at time of 3°WW nuclear!

    666 CIA 322 Mossad @ LetsPlayBilamba - Thomas Mistafield - criminal of a Satanist! you lie! Satanists Jews of the IMF who, havw stole also the seigniorage banking for the synagogue Masonic of Satan that they ordered to you, the killers of the chief priest Rothschild of the service for the worship of his Baal god owl at the Bohemian Grove to destroy the democratic potential to YouTube because, these parasites Jews usurers of the IMF? have eaten from the inside every democratic prerogative! hours with all them monopolies? have come to destroy also freedom of speech!

    The most frightening thing of the MUSLIMS? IS THEIR VIOLENCE AGAINST CHRISTIANS INNOCENTie, the FAILURE of the FREEDOM OF RELIGION all this take for granted a project of imperialism for the conquest of the world in this way 1400 years the Islamic history? have not been useful in order to correct their crime! and then are the Zionists of IMF 666 that to have taken possession of the West (ie, all the false democracies Masonic of banking seigniorage where the Constitution, has been completely raped to buy the our money at interest by one jew). These Jewish rabbis Illuminati IMF of Owl and their God Baal the Bohemian Grove? they use not their symbols (the cross reversed, etc. ..) but they have stolen the symbols of Christianity and Judaism for, to do evil to all .. and Saudi Arabia? is accomplice in all this Satanism of course!

    inasmuch as the love of God and His holiness are in operation in order before the foundation in the first monotheistic religions that were formalized after at this point[if] 1). when you got a splendid idea noble of God Almighty Creator whose concept infinite justice is beyond of the ideal concept the same that could be conceived of the human mind[if] 2. you extracted the basic inspiration "loves God more than yourself. and every other man as yourself". So you can make the journey backwards and see all the shit, that is, over in in the Word of God and all the words which are merely the expressions of a specific historical context and that can not be used in an our concept more advanced of the dignity of man and of basic human rights!

    When it is obtained a real image of God namely, of a person totally spiritual with attributes Infiniti of goodness that is, all his eternal perfections, of justice, dignity, etc. .. ie the perfection of holiness. we must necessarily infer, that the world around us it must necessarily be a degradation the corruption of the original plan because of sin, because in the majestic God that he made ​​the universe? could not co-exist in itself the principle of good together with the principle of evil! why contrary even his evil would be infinite and this would end to destroy himself. So we can deduce that in God there is no selfishness or narcissism and his it is true love AGAPE ie a thirst absolute of love, happiness and that require of be offered and received

    God said "Let us make man (any man) in our image (justice truth) and likeness (love, hope, patience wisdom)." here's why it is the task of the intellect the first exercise of discernment it from this analysis (ie an overview of the work) would never come out of the picture a racist and cruel God (as Brahma that created the Dalits from the dust of his feet, or as the Talmud says "the goyim men appear, but they are animals"), because if the image of God is no better his best creation (Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Gandhi, etc ...) that is if it's a pitiful image of God? Then, the entire work could never to be used for the advancement of mankind it might be, ever declared as the Word of God

    To understand correctly Quran Bible, Vedas, etc. .. you should read first the whole book simply, in a rational manner (no all preconceptions that the men of religion have done and were stratified in our minds). like this you will get a judgment of together to get the heart of Revelation .. because it's only the original inspiration that indicates 1. the character of God, 2. the character of man, 3. the criterion for interpretation of the whole Work. Because this is obvious the man more than any other his Creature is been doing the image and likeness of God himself!

    IHateNEWLAYOUT -- such as? might be done a perfect insight about a holy book any? ie, about any book that purports to be "the Word of God"? at first sight just watch is in the microcosmos, as in the macrocosm? to intercept the character infinite and imposing structure a a Creator God a designer infinitely wise as (not yet been demonstrated only one fossil of transition! even if a theory of evolution is not, however, a problem for the existence of God which being above space and time is not subject to mutation or corruption as his creatures)

    @ 2628342, Israel, IsraelNationalTV, ComunitaEbraicaRoma - coward! as you not put in relation to any Holocaust with the IMF? I know, "is sweet in your mouth, the blood of the peoples that is, seigniorage banking to be you the one who approves the 200,000 human sacrifices in honor of Satan!" .. otherwise? you're not a coward for to be for 4 years behind your computer without talking to me! Moreover the loss of life on the battlefield(Shoah) they are granted for those pursuing an imperialist project against the whole world! you fail to stop the next holocaust, that will be made ​​by the anger of the peoples is why the real problem is not Israel, but, is Zionism satanic of the IMF.

    @ 2628342 - [the deceiver does not obey the Word of God (Torah) to obey the word of Satanist Kakam Enlightened creator of the secret things by Talmud, to Kabbalah ie all masonic Institutions secret they are illegal unworthy of the holiness of God). These Satanists of Baal rabbis Pharisees they have offended the Word of God is why, all the prophets condemned always the abhorrent practice of usury. Therefore it must be doing the discerned with our minds as before about Infinite Holiness of God the same about any alleged Word of Godthrough infinite perfection, goodness of God taht never can be violated. These attributes they can not disappoint the human concept in any way if the man was made in the image and likeness of God himself.

    lorenzoscarola posted a comment 4 months ago ["Every man is my neighbor!"]. because the feelings of God can not disappoint the concept that, his Creatures all have about the justice! So here is why also nell'ateo there is a "concept" of the infinite good is thanks to the natural law is then every man of discernment about the authenticity of the Word of God! In fact the Creator has made in his image (faith, hope, love, justice, truth, compassion, mercy) all its creatures. and this condition of being the creatures of God? can never be totally destroyed, by the degradation of sin

    lorenzoscarola posted a comment 4 months ago However, the concept of absolute good and universal can not be stifled completely! @ Dear Jews, whether you think the Old Testament small not enough if it is considered a small thing? You are always on hand the New Testament for your studies and approndimenti! But, to save all mankind, from your curse the International Monetary Fund that is, seigniorage banking that is the killing spree of 322 Talmud, and Kabbalah 666 I'm forced for the first time in the history of mankind using my jurisdiction to Unius Rei to impose all these curses of Deuteronomy 28, against any person who violates the Natural law because every man is my brother and every woman is my sister!

    @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma - Satanism is an international organization very powerful it can do 200,000 human sacrifice for Satan with impunity! Now? only Jewish Satanists they could invent a wickedness like this that is the International Monetary Fund for the destruction of biblical monotheism that is, for the destruction of the seed of Abraham the annihilation of Israel. This is more than obvious our governments in the world? are at a very low level compared to the royal pyramid of power that is become invisible! we are all fallen into the hands of criminals who have no respect of human dignity! we must break the veil of separation and opposition that religions have built to protect themself if we fail? Satanism is will have the last word very soon!

    alharmain - why do a lot of evil in our midst the believers and servants of God? because this hostility? will certainly this is victory of Satanism! Then, all the atheists say "Certainly, religion is evil!" no longer exists a political flavor of Christianity in the West are the Jews of the synagogue of Satan, to have taken each control 20 years ago? only 5% people going to Mass every Sunday? so what makes television viewing is false! no longer exists a real Christian civilization! the Jewish and Masonic plot of the IMF won in fact is the triumph of Satanism only that is why God will allows the destruction purification of the entire human race in 3WW nuclear

    my job? will not be lost "Indeed, it is threatening" because I am a man that contemplates the divine perfections of God, in fact, I am already with my spiritual body in heavenly places in the Glory that, can not be corrupted by, this penal colony. in which all its leaders Governments, politicians have made treason and mutiny against 1. Creator 2. the natural order. to allow Satanist Jew of IMF loan shark to destroy The Fundamentals of Constitutional law and to remain silent as an accomplice in front to 1. owl god of Bohemian Grove 2. State crime by 11-09. if the IMF it will not be detected and replaced by unius REI? 3° WW nuclear will be inevitable. but, as it can not be a another phony war if China maintains with his alms the European economy?

    I understand to be a genius when I write something, "simply because I am the first one to be was surprised about myself for what was written, in fact there's too much energy in my words to be one word only human! "- Rothschild and all 666 all my enemy? they are been warned! io comprendo di essere un genio quando io scrivo qualcosa "semplicemente perché io sono il primo che è meravigliato di me stesso per quello che è stato scritto infatti c'è troppa energia nelle mie parole per essere una parola umana soltanto!" -- Rothscild? lui è stato avvisato!

    but the judgment against all rebellious creature? had already been established before the creation of the universe Why the time? is also a creature of God. But all this? should terrify the sinners! but who does not see the danger it is he who will fall into it! all the saints? they knew well the fear of God! all demons are the lie a lie to deceive. How does a fish to make the proved of the sea? this is impossible for him or almost impossible! so the most obvious thing that is, GOD? can not be proved by we. rather, our suffering is not that they can not prove God, but, because, He is infinitely holy but we are infinitely us dirty to him, also, we are not accustomed to have relations through the spirit alone only that is, only intuitively because these two realities holiness and invisibility? are very painful for us! as a death.

    SYRIA[ why Saudi Arabia and his salafi Muslim extremists and terrorists taking advantage of Syria's revolution] Sources tell AsiaNews that al-Qaeda operatives are in Syria to pursue the jihad. The interests of the Arab League are fuelling the climate of hatred and violence, reducing hope for a lasting diplomatic solution. Damascus (AsiaNews) - "Muslim extremists are hijacking the pro-democracy movement that came out of the March demonstrations of young unemployed Syrians," sources told AsiaNews. In their view, what started out as peaceful protests against the regime has morphed into an armed struggle that is leading the country in the direction of a bloody civil war.

    [ why Saudi Arabia and his salafi Muslim extremists and terrorists taking advantage of Syria's revolution]"So many interests are involved in the fight against Assad, and not all of them with the well-being of the Syrian people at heart," the sources said. "Foreign Muslim terrorists, some from al Qaeda, have joined the ranks of the rebels. They are in Syria to fight a jihad against the regime and defend the interests of countries in the Arab League. This is fuelling a climate of violence and hatred and is undermining hope for a diplomatic solution based on talks between the parties."

    [ why Saudi Arabia and his salafi Muslim extremists and terrorists taking advantage of Syria's revolution] "People are afraid," they added. "A curfew has been imposed on Damascus. The city is divided between those who are in favour of the regime and those in favour of the rebels. The same is true in other cities." For the sources, Syria is at impasse as violence begets counter-violence.

    [ why Saudi Arabia and his salafi Muslim extremists and terrorists taking advantage of Syria's revolution] The recent constitutional referendum highlighted these divisions. Although the new constitution ends the Baa'th party monopoly of power, opening society and politics to pluralism, contrary to the claims that 87 per cent voted Yes (with a 57 per cent turnout), the actual results indicate that less 50 per cent of those who cast their ballot were in favour of the new constitution. "Such a result hurts the regime, but also the opposition, which failed in its boycott campaign," the sources said.

    [ why Saudi Arabia and his salafi Muslim extremists and terrorists taking advantage of Syria's revolution] Meanwhile in Homs, fighting between troops loyal to Assad family and the rebels of the Free Syrian Army continue. This morning, the Red Cross was able to bring aid to Syrian refugees who fled the violence in the city's Baba Amr district. The latter has suffered the brunt of the fighting and remains off limits to aid workers. Today, Arab League General Secretary Nabil al-Arabi announced that Syrian authorities have accepted Kofi Annan as a special UN envoy. He is scheduled to arrive in Damascus next Saturday.

    RLOATMAN SAID YOU ARE AFRAID OF GOING EXTINCT AND THE DAYS OF SUCKING THE BLOOD OF OUR PEOPLE ARE COMING TO AN END FOR YOU -- ANSWER- no! I'm not your Rothscild, gof owl Baal al Bohemian Grove ie, IMF your synagogue of Satan of Bush 322, who stole the banking seigniorage and who has made ​​the Jewish Masonic conspiracy .. lol. You have the wrong person! Maybe you're jealous of me for you to be an old man irritable and ugly? that RlOATMAN, you are jealous because Miss Israel just loves me? how many lies it is full your life yet? You're an atheist, yet you speak of God Why? you have hatred for Jesus as a Satanist, but Jesus is Holy!

    @ xXTurelNosgothXx --- zzz zzz ZZZ sleep? Your Satan sleeping? You're a nothing! you're a circus clown! you are a Satanist exhibitionist .. therefore you are also a fool! You say that science must destroy the faith, just because, the aliens will came be fot to say "no! God no longer exists!" lol. and why, we should believe the aliens that they are hidden as infamous traitors because they are born even to them by the ass the IMF Rothschild about 100 years ago namely, the eternal evil the same synagogue of Satan, as always that is, the mother of every abomination on earth!

    @Thomas CIA 666 322 freemasonry.. I had a deal with your mother and youtube because all your mothers does not to weep for thy fault, like a bitchs! But, you have broken our covenant! @666 322 porno-- in what your mother or your sister should be different from every other woman? we are all brothers! human dignity it must be sacred necessity because you can not hurt another human being without hurting themselves that is, without becoming of monsters like the Pharisees Kakam, the rabbis Illuminati of the IMF

    the greatest revolution in the world? IS not believe in God that is, have a religion .. but, is have a relationship with God, that is faith! because the true faith is science! and the real science is faith! it is not very important, that you believe, in a religion, or that you believe in God what is important is that you know of live for love that is to make your life a gift for others why love is of God!!. oh NO! LIFE IS NOT ABSURD. LIFE IS LOVE. I am absurd? You are absurd? our love is absurd? Our all sacrifices are absurd? oh no! are something of very very very real.

    @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma - always my brothers! always together on the road of human rights more! against all racism as Talmud, sharia, ecc.! against any kind of imperialism such as the conspiracy Jewish Masonic that he has stolen the sovereignty monetary to all Peoples that is, the synagogue of Satan IMF and their owl god 666 Baal 322 at the Bohemian Grove that so much evil have doing (Shoah holocaust) against the hope of Israel, against biblical monotheism. Rothscild claim to be Jews but are only all Satanists of NWO for every wickedness against civil society how the project aliens who is having given a body biologically modified at the demons of always .. God have mercy on us all

    @ Israel - my love to my wife .. I do not affront people about their religion. (because every man's duty is to give love to all, because only love it is justice, truth, equality, only this love is the sense of all things) Though Abraham and twelve tribes of Israel are a historic event and witnessed the events of Yahweh they were an entire people? however, that the people often do not gave a good report of himself as each of us unfortunately, even, we often fail to delude ourselves, but we are not ashamed to admit our sins publicly! but it is not. so for all criminals, masonry Talmud IMF Sharia satanists, racist, all cowards? Their never going to love! locked up in all their liesof Satan's only to justify their crime! and this is the reality and truth about man that the Torah declares his superiority (the wisdom) on all things!

    xXTurelNosgothXx - like this this is the story! Many of them have escaped human control and so they became "independent" ie. for the entire solar system and that that we expect? also an alien attack, because Satan is united on earth (Satanists) that in the sky (flying saucers) legions but, I do not know how many of those flying lizards I killed with, one only my prayers. . at that time? for to not do exterminate them all ie all the aliens in all the solar system? CIA Mossad Satanists they have caused to hibernate of all Your aliens, because Satan has only one flaw he is too delicate for me!

    [this is obvious!] metaphysics it is a force universal the conviction and exaltation of intelligence rational and spiritual virtues it is the highest honor is for the atheist as of the believer in God? Metaphysics can not be defeated! because it's already been inserted by me in the chromosomes of all mankind! here's why youtube is going through the pains of childbirth? because, like every thing has happened for go to the worse ie is from the opposition ie, the Satanism of Rothschild? but, is for King of Israel so it will flow all will be for the better ie for me that I am unius REI universal brotherhood! God will do drop the veil of evil that Jews moneylenders of IMF have put on the eyes of all peoples

    @ Israel - Rothschild and 666 his Talmudic curse of IMF? They may provoke The WW 3 Nuclear where of course 5.5 billion sinners die with all of them(satanists sharia aliens Illumianti Rabbis Kakam masonry SpA FED ECB god owl Baal, at Bohemian Grove, ecc..), like in this mode? all the world would be, too cleaner for the lack of too much shit! But their cursed dynasty is over! this not only it is written in the prophecies, but, just this is that we have decided in the Kingdom of God! Rothschild could not ever have only one choice to fight my ministry with success because against my metaphysics? He is powerless! You prepare yourself for my sake and love for one day, sooner or later? I will come pick you up!
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    @ IsraelNationalTV --- like the ox might say "cuckold" at the donkey? as "Tomislavv2" can say to me that I am a Satanist? if he himself he has the Star of Rothschild 666 on the flag of Israel? that cowardly "Tomislavv2"? 1. before he has insulted me on my page, and then, 2. He has also blocked me on his page! As a nice guy like me should not become vulgar? of This shame of the Zionists? is now conscious all the world! @IsraelNationalTV --- come il bue potrebbe dire "cornuto" all'asino? come "Tomislavv2" può dire a me che io sono un satanista? se proprio lui ha la stella di Rothscild sulla bandiera di Israele? quel codardo di "Tomislavv2"? 1. prima lui ha insultato me sulla mia pagina, e poi, 2. lui ha anche bloccato me, sulla sua pagina! Come, un bravo ragazzo come me non dovrebbe diventare volgare? di Questa vergogna dei sionisti? è ora consciuta in tutto il mondo!

    [il mistero della iniquità]was only for the Christian mercy of the Catholic Monarchs if the Jews were able to survive .. But this is obvious .. they paid with their lives for their mercy to the Jewish people (more or less innocent) .. because only if were killed every jews could be killed also the rabbis kakam enlightened ie the satanist bankers of synagogue of satan! [the mystery of iniquity] è stato soltanto per la cristiana misericordia dei Re cattolici se gli ebrei sono potuti sopravvivere.. ma, questo è evidente.. loro hanno pagato con la loro vita per la loro misericordia verso il popolo ebraico(più o meno innocente).. poiché soltanto sterminando ogni ebreo avrebbero potuto essere uccisi anche i rabbini kakam illuminati!

    UniusRei3 (6 ore fa) Spam [the mystery of iniquity] @ IsraelNationalTV - rather, the issue of Kabbalah is not that it is not science or not has a scientific method .. Kabbalah is pure luciferism it is the synagogue of Satan! They know very well that Jesus is the true Messiah born in Bethlehem, but they chose to be for Satan, from the time of the Exodus from Egypt! So they betrayed YHWH before the deportation to Babylon! have denied the love and virtue! they were consecrated to Satanin the breast womb! they are the curse of the world and the destruction of the hope of Israel, the rabbis as Ovadia Rochefeller Rothschild ecc..? are the masters of the IMF-World Order? they are the synagogue of Satan true here because you are all going to die again, once more holocaust Shoah war nuclear, ecc.. ! but, you are complicit in all this once again!

    UniusRei3 (6 ore fa) Spam [il mistero dell'iniquità] @ IsraelNationalTV-- piuttosto il problema della kabbalah non è quello che non è scienza o che non ha un metodo scientifico.. kabbalah è puro luciderismo è la sinagoga di satana! Loro sanno molto bene che Gesù di Betlemme è il vero Messia ma hanno scelto di essere per satana dal tempo dell'Esodo dall'Egitto! Quindi loro hanno tradito JHWH prima della deportazione in Babilonia? hanno rifiutato l'amore e la virtù! loro erano i consacrati a satana! loro sono la maledizione del mondo e la distruzione della speranza di Israele i rabbini Ovadia Rothscild Rochefeller? i padroni del FMI-NWO? loro sono la vera sinagoga di satana ecco perché voi state tutti per morire di nuovo ancora una volta poiché voi siete i complici di tutto questo ancora una volta!

    UniusRei3 (8 ore fa) Spam [| Quickly passes the scenes of this world. Time is short. |] @ IsraelNationalTV I am immortal, because, since the sin can not harm to metaphysical man, like me! but, for the law and to humiliate myself, I went to confess alone by Priest to my friend one who I need in the church every Sunday, that he is so young, That Would Be, my son ..... I am immortal, because, sin can not harm a man metaphysical like me! but, for the law and to humiliate myself, I went to confess to my friend priest to him that I serve the Mass, as acolyte Sundays that he is so young, that would be my son.

    UniusRei3 (8 ore fa) Spam [I am immortal] Luke 12.15] He said to them "Beware, and stay far away from all greed, for though one it is in abundance his life not dependent from his labor." Luke 6.9] Then Jesus said to them "I ask you is it on the day Sabbath you can to do good either do harm?, to save life or destroy it?". Luke 9.24] Who will save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me, sake will save, [25] What good is it to man to gain the whole world, then if, you are lose your soul, or forfeits himself in the hell?

    UniusRei3 (8 ore fa) Spam [I am immortal] Giovanni3, 34] because one, that God sent [Unius Rei] speaks the words of God, and gives the Holy Spirit without measure. [35] The Father loves the Son and has given him in everything by hand. [36] those who believe in the Son has eternal life, and whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. " [io sono immortale]Giovanni3,34]Infatti­ colui che Dio ha mandato[Unius Rei] proferisce le parole di Dio e dá lo Spirito senza misura.[35]Il Padre ama il Figlio e gli ha dato in mano ogni cosa.[36]Chi crede nel Figlio ha la vita eterna; chi non obbedisce al Figlio non vedrà la vita, ma l'ira di Dio incombe su di lui».

    UniusRei3 (8 ore fa) Spam [I am immortal] John chapter 3,14] as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must be lifted up the Son of man, [15] because whoever believes in him may have eternal life ". [16] for God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. [17] God will not has sent the Son in the world to condemn the world, but, because the world might be saved through him. [18] Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but those who do not believe it is condemned already, why not he believed in the name of the only Son of God [19] And this is the verdict the light came into the world, but people preferred the darkness to light, because their works were evil .-- if the Kabbalah was a real science? they would have discovered that Jesus of Bethlehem is the true Messiah!

    UniusRei3 (8 ore fa) Spam [io sono immortale] John XII [10] The chief priests then decided to kill also Lazarus, [11] because many Jews were leaving because for him, believing in Jesus [12] The next day, the great crowd that she had come to the feast heard that Jesus was in Jerusalem, @IHateNEWLAYOUT --- CRISANTEMO! --- you're an old goat, that smells like rotting process with all its 40 years who are above you, very soon! [I am immortal] Giovanni XII[10] I sommi sacerdoti allora deliberarono di uccidere anche Lazzaro, [11]perché molti Giudei se ne andavano a causa di lui e credevano in Gesù. [12] Il giorno seguente, la gran folla che era venuta per la festa, udito che Gesù veniva a Gerusalemme,

    [| passes quickly the scene of this world. Time is short. |] @IsraelNationalTV I has dismiss as traitors of the hope of Israel, that is this abomination Masonic of the rabbis kakam ie all priests that make murders of Christian children! all rabbis that with their silence they were the accomplices of seigniorage banking, and of all Zionists, that have allowed the abomination of a satanic star on the flag of Israel .. jew my friend that was true my friend with me from the beginning he will be the my high priest! of all current classes priests and rabbis? were all traitors are been dismiss downgraded! So, all the ruling classes will all be by re-found why for the new house of God YHWH .. There is a new law this is, for a new Israel Biblical, and a new Jewish temple! in reality not everything is lost there is still hope!

    1_3. [(U. N. Population Found)] .03/06/2010. PHILIPPINES. Manila launches sex education in primary schools. The criticism of the bishops. With the new school year, the government and the UN spread to 80 elementary schools the program of "reproductive health" even the children of 11 and 12 years. Qitorio Bishop "The Church believes that sex education children it is a task for the parents and not of the school and, if it should be taught students, to begin with the boys  of the high school. " (AsiaNews / Agencies) Second, the prelate, the school should support the parents in the education of children, and not replace them. "Only the parents know when it is the right time, to deal with with their children the issue of the sex."  The prelate emphasizes, as the proposal is too focused on the topic of sexual relations and can be understood as a an open invitation promiscuous relationships and of out of the marriage.

    2_3. [(UN Population Found)]. "The students should be aware properly about sex, not through, an idea linked only the body, but the importance that the sexuality and life is a gift of God " the program of" Reproductive Health for adolescents "(Adolescent Reproductive Health Program), will involve three boys 11 and 12 years and will be experienced in 80 government primary schools and 79 institutions of high school. Sponsor of the program is the Fund of the UN, on the population (UN Population Found), which adjudicates the high rate of birth the main obstacle to development of the the country. "The initiative states Teresita Inciong, head of the project is to of to explain to children change of the their body during adolescence

    2_3. [(UN Population Found)]. "The students should be aware properly about sex, not through, an idea linked only the body, but the importance that the sexuality and life is a gift of God " the program of" Reproductive Health for adolescents "(Adolescent Reproductive Health Program), will involve three boys 11 and 12 years and will be experienced in 80 government primary schools and 79 institutions of high school. Sponsor of the program is the Fund of the UN, on the population (UN Population Found), which adjudicates the high rate of birth the main obstacle to development of the the country. "The initiative states Teresita Inciong, head of the project is to of to explain to children change of the their body during adolescence

    3_3. [(U. N. Population Found)]. and how to deal with the relationship with the other sex in a safe manner, through lectures of scientific and medical ". It includes the distribution of the condoms and contraceptives in all public places, only two the number of children, for family and foster voluntary sterilization. -ANSWER - in part because the Church has, from the point of moral and in the UN is right - conclusion after the second child, the State has to offer a check important for women to close down their tube voluntarily. but, after the third son, the tubes must be closed the law! and this will be done in everything the world as long as do not exist a global plan of sustainable development

    @ IsraelNationalTV - are much folklore. and very nice ... lol. all these Jews lol. in their historic and picturesque in their costumes ancient! joke. lol.! Now, I speak seriously ... have suffered for too long, all these good guys, because of the lack of a homeland, why, they feel the need to dress with clothes from the past, but to give peace to them, and to all the whole world? we must destroy this Masonic State of Israel that is, the owl god Baal Marduck of Rothschild and, that is so dear to Bush 322, ie, the Satanism of the banking seigniorage of the Talud and Kabbalah ... etc. .. and that, we have to do the Kingdom of Palestine! because, if not the 3 rd WW nuclear to destroy the world? this will do the anger of God of course! for God? HE's really pissed!

    [Abortion double violence] 14/05/2010. INDIA. Mumbai (AsiaNews) Gujarat girl of 13 years for rape is forced to abort the advice of the Court, judges have granted the request for termination of his pregnant, made by the mother ie, reversing against the negative evaluation of the local court. They consider the child's birth a danger to the mental health of the girl, and economic and social problem for the family. Bishop Agnelo Gracias, president of the Commission for the family and for Life Conference of Catholic Bishops says "Justice should punish the criminal and not the innocent." Abortion is legal in India since 1971. To use it here are the women of the poorest the fmily poor not being able to care for the unborn prefer to terminate the pregnancy.

    [Abortion double violence] the case of sexual violence of lesser very widespread among the poor population, the judges solve the problem causing the victims to have abortions. Interviewed by AsiaNews, Mgr. Agnelo Gracias, says "What is possible in the law? does not mean, that it is morally. Years ago the newspapers reported the news a group Dutch judges intent to legalize the relationship sexual with the animals. Even if that happened, ie, the bestiality, not it could never be allowed a moral level ... From this point of view end the life of an innocent should never be granted. " of course. "For the girl, says it must have been a terrible experience and we should all have compassion for her, but do not justify abortion. of innocent Human life that it is inside her, the innocent and is not worthy of death "..

    [Abortion double violence]. "Behind the compassion there must be an active support." We must help the girl to come out of  his trauma and to find a family for child, giving him for adoption so that victims can begin a new life and give the neonate a future without the shame of shame. The Church would willingly this help, if required. "" must be prevented the recurrence of cases of rape. with Exemplary punishment the criminals could be used as a deterrent and a "quick systemof justice" would understand criminals that sexual violence does not it is "tolerated in a civilized society. Justice should punish the penal criminal, and not the innocent. "

    [aborto doppia violenza] 14/05/2010. INDIA. Mumbai (AsiaNews) Gujarat ragazza di 13 anni stuprata costretta ad abortire su consiglio della Corte, I giudici hanno accolto la richiesta di interruzione di gravidanza fatta dalla madre ribaltando il giudizio negativo del tribunale locale. Essi giudicano la nascita del bambino un pericolo per la salute mentale della ragazza e un problema economico e sociale per la famiglia. Mons. Agnelo Gracias, presidente della Commissione per la famiglia e per la Vita della Conferenza episcopale indiana dice "La giustizia dovrebbe punire il criminale e non l'innocente". In India l'aborto è legale dal 1971. A farne ricorso sono soprattutto le donne degli strati più poveri della società, che non potendo accudire i nascituri preferiscono interrompere la gravidanza.

    [aborto doppia violenza] Nel caso di violenza sessuale su minore, molto diffusa tra la popolazione povera, i giudici risolvono il problema inducendo le vittime ad abortire. Interpellato da AsiaNews mons. Agnelo Gracias, dice "Ciò che è possibile nella legge non è detto che lo sia sul piano morale. Anni fa i giornali hanno riportato la notizia di un gruppo di giudici olandesi intenzionati a legalizzare i rapporti con gli animali. Anche se questo fosse accaduto, la zoofilia non potrebbe mai essere permessa a livello morale...Da questo punto di vista terminare la vita di un innocente non deve essere mai concesso". certo. "Per la ragazza -- dice -- deve essere stata un'esperienza terribile e tutti dobbiamo avere compassione per lei, ma questo non giustifica l'aborto. La vita umana che è dentro di leiè innocente e non merita la morte"..

    [aborto doppia violenza] . "dietro la compassione deve esserci un sostegno attivo. "Bisogna aiutare la ragazza a uscire fuori dal trauma e trovare una sistemazione al bambino, dandolo in adozione in modo che la vittima possa iniziare una nuova vita e dare al neonato un futuro senza l'onta della vergogna. La Chiesa darebbe volentieri questo aiuto, se richiesto". "è necessario prevenire il ripetersi di casi di stupro. Una punizione esemplare dei malfattori potrebbe servire da deterrente e un "rapido sistema di giustizia" farebbe capire ai criminali che la violenza sessuale non è" tollerata in una società civilizzata. La giustizia dovrebbe punire il criminale e non l'innocente".

    @IsraelNationalTV-- sono molto folcloristici. e molto simpatici... tutti questi ebrei lol. nei loro costumi storici e pittoreschi! scherzo! ora, parlo seriamente... hanno sofferto, per troppo tempo, tutti questi bravi ragazzi, a causa della mancanza di una Patria, ecco perché, loro sentono il bisogno di vestire, con i vestiti del passato, ma, per dare pace a loro e a tutto il mondo? noi dobbiamo distruggere questo Stato massonico di Israele cioè del dio gufo Baal tanto caro a Rothschild e Bush, cioè il satanismo del signoraggio bancario del Talud e kabbalah... ecc.. e noi dobbiamo fare il Regno di Palestina! perché, se non sarà la 3°WW nucleare a distruggere tutto il mondo? lo farà la rabbia di Dio certamente! perché Dio? lui è veramente incazzato!

    @IsraelNationalTV -Protests in Meah She'arim [[ Da IsraelNationalTV | 15/gen/2012 | 138 visualizzazioni ]]-dear friend .. dear friend .. .. dear friend .. but, lol. I have always put his hands on the crystal ball to see and undestand your videos? because you do not make a summary in your video? so also could help the search engines, to display your videos thanks! .. amico caro.. ma, lol. io devo sempre mettere le mani sulla sfera di cristallo per capire i tuoi video? perché tu non fai una scheda sintetica sotto il tuo video? così anche i motori di ricerca potrebbero aiutare la visualizzazione dei tuoi video grazie!

    pedophilia] 18/05/2010. INDIA. The Church in India study a "code of anti-abuse." The rules to be applied if are doing crimes sexual in nature. The Bishop of Pune says "Zero tolerance for those who make mistakes. The Pope has shown the way, wrong to criticize Him. "Vasai (AsiaNews) Against those who are guilty of sexual abuse, especially, if members of the clergy, "must be exercised zero tolerance. It should be followed the system civil justice, and you must give full justice to the victims of such abuses. But the fact remains that, especially in India, there is an exaggerated campaign the hatred against the Pope, accuse him exaggerated of, not to do anything against pedophilia is deeply false, because, precisely Benedict XVI is a of the firm popes and courageous that they faced such cases ".-- ANSWER - OK! but, when we do marry also these priests? Punish them only?, but do not see the problem not the solution!

    @JHWH WINS -- alleluia. Salam Alaikum Allah my holy! shalom for my jewish people blessings too for all my Peoples love for all my Religions in all the World hallelujah. I am your Unius REI ie Universal brotherhood @ YHWH WINS - Hallelujah. Salam Alaikum mon Dieu saint! shalom pour mon peuple juif. Bénédictions aussi pour tous mes peuples pour tout mon amour dans toutes les religions du monde alléluia. Je suis votre unius REI Fraternité Universelle à savoir
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    Salam Alaikum

    Risposta al tuo commento su Hate - Intransigence Of Evil . . . DominationOscuridad said @UniusRei1 There's no god. I'm god. I'm a very vengeful God! My name is loki -- answer -- really I saw a drum of sulfuric acid, (that only the CIA can buy in the industrial quantities), but that drum bin that I have seen, however he was saying "you have seen a god named Loki?" veramente io ho visto un bidone di acido solforico,(che, soltanto, la CIA può fare comprare in quella quantità industriale), ma quel bidone che io ho visto tuttavia lui andava dicendo "per caso voi avete visto un dio di nome loki?"

    @ Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu-. When I talked of "bohemian grove" (Satanism Freemasonry IMF New World Order, etc. ..)? one type is said to me "because you talk about what you do not know? so much noise for a little smoke?" but, when I asked him "you've been there?" .. ok then, he has no answer more! why, it is written in the Bible "I interrupted their covenant with death!" .. children of Israel return to the Lord God of your fathers, because even if you die? however would be canceled too your alliance with death, that is, with synagogue of Satan, because o with the good o with the bad? However, God has decided to put an end, to this regime of the Illuminati!

    @Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu-. quando io parlavo del "bohemian grove"(satanismo massoneria FMI NWO, ecc..)? un tipo fa detto a me "perché tu parli di quello che non conosci? tanto chiasso per un poco di fumo?" ma, quando, io ho chiesto a lui "tu ci sei stato?".. ok, allora, lui non ha più risposto! ecco perché, è scritto nella Bibbia "io ho interrotto la loro alleanza con la morte!".. figli di Israele ritornate al Signore Dio dei vostri padri perché anche se morite? comunque verrebbe annullata ugualmente la vostra allenza con la morte, cioè, con la sinagoga di satana perché o con le buone o con le cattive? comunque, Dio ha deciso di porre fine a questo regime degli Illuminati!!

    @ Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu-. If you are afraid? if you believe that a task is too big? is for this that God has relieved my ministry to Unius Rei! is essential a power of attorney a mandate by those nations that want to join at this initiative ... why continue to buy to interest the money created out of nothing 1. not only it is a pure act of Satanism. 2. but open, of course the road to the largest massacre of the entire history of mankind in fact the dead do not have the habit of to go in the bank to ask for money, that do not exist anymore!

    @ Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu-. se voi avete paura? se credete che sia un compito troppo grande? è per questo che Dio ha sollevato il mio ministero di Unius Rei! è indispensabile una procura un mandato da parte di quelle Nazioni che vorranno aderire a questa iniziativa... perché, continuare a comprare ad interesse del denaro creato dal nulla 1. non soltanto è un puro atto di satanismo. 2. ma, aprirebbe, certamente, la strada al più grande massacro di tutta la storia del genere umano infatti i morti non hanno la abitubine di andare in banca a chiedere il denaro che non esiste più!

    @Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu-. quanti giovani uomini voi conoscete che loro hanno commesso il suicidio? certamente l'80% di loro aveva un mutuo fatto in banca poiché in tempi di recessione è impossibile fare gli incassi che erano previsti, e per questo si rimane presi in trappola! .. un disatro! disoccupazione aziene che falliscono una trgedia sociale, giovani che non possono sposarsi, ecc. ecc.. aumento della criminalità, ecc..!! ma, il vero problema non è ancora quello di essere schiavi o di morire. Il vero problema è che i fondamenti della moralità mondiali essendo fondati su un crimine di satanismo che è il signoraggio bancario(derubato a tutti i popoli attraverso la massoneria) ha corrotto e maledetto le relazioni umane ha dato forza al male ed ha indebolito il bene! è l'umanesimo ed il monoteismo che sono stati colpiti al cuore!

    @ Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu-because I do not I turn even at that good guy Obama? because the institutional Satanists Bush and CIA? kill him at once if he were to think, to do really the President of the United States of America! Now, the most serious aspect of seigniorage banking no is that we have become all slaves of Rothschild, but the fact is that he's a Satanist of the Talmud he believes that the people are his animals in human form (Talmud)! Therefore when we will be pressed and we have not more milk and wool by take to him (debt public)? He will also take our flesh through 3 ° WW nuclear! and institutions that are under his control? National supranational occult, secret, etc. .. will obey to him!

    @Nicolas Sarkozy and Benjamin Netanyahu- perché io non mi rivolgo anche, a quel bravo ragazzo di Obama? perché i satanisti istituzionali Bush e CIA? lo ucciderebbero subito se lui pensasse di fare veramente il Presidente degli Stati Uniti d'America! Ora, l'aspetto più grave del signoraggio bancario non è quello che noi siamo diventati tutti schiavi di Rothscild ma il fatto è che lui è un satanista del talmud lui crede che i popoli sono i suoi animali in forma umana(talmud)! pertanto quando noi saremo spremuti e non avremo più latte e lana da portare a lui(debito pubblico)? lui prenderà anche la nostra carne attraverso la 3°WW nuclear! e le istituzioni, che, sono sotto il suo controllo? Nazionali sovranazionali occulte, segrete, ecc.. obbediranno a lui!

    @ 2UniusRei - you've wanted to play with me, Thomas mistafield? I do not! I have a very sad heart at this moment! @2UniusRei  -- tu hai voglia di giocare Thomas mistafield? io no! io ho il cuore molto triste in questo momento!

    Musical Havdalah With The Rebbe From IsraelNationalTV | 07/gen/2012 | 107 views ... ... @ IsraelNationalTV my brother, grazie, for this heritage of traditions .. of passion and love ... I perceive myself as a man without roots and traditions e the Holy Spirit testifies to me that this is my permanent condition of Unius Rei .. In fact, the reality of a true King is to always be alone ​​with his God, and honestly? I do not conceive it a different way for me to live! grazie fratello  per questo patrimonio di tradizioni.. di passione e di amore... io attuamente percepisco me stesso come un uomo senza radici e tradizioni e lo Spirito Santo attesta a me che questa è la mia permanente condizione di Unius Rei.. infatti, la realtà di un vero Re è quella di essere sempre solo con il suo Dio, onestamente? io non concepisco un modo diverso per me di vivere!

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .-. is evident! after more than 300 years of total control of the synagogue of Satan IMF New World Order, all over the world not only the truth of history but also the truth of science have been lost! here's why if there were to be a war against Iran? after one year this will turn into 3 ° WW nuclear Israel too therefore could not escape himself from the disaster this time! Because the Jews so in mode very evolved and refined for banking seigniorage, ecc.. ecc.. ! Muslims in mode very rude .. but, however both you have your hands full of the very blood of many innocent Christians!

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad .-. my dear, and yet there is something that it is much worse! when from me came a jew, that he pretended to be a Christian to be able to deceive me? lol. thing that is impossible for anyone, because I am too simple! He said, "you ask, the Jews with what they replaced the lamb of sacrifice?" Now, the Catholic Church for not discredit the deposit of the faith? Church has never lied in 2000 years! Well The Catholic church has had to hide, four children and her canonized as saints after long canonical processes, etc. .. children who had been bled the rabbis .

    UniusRei1 ha pubblicato un commento 19 secondi fa . now, there are thousands of Christian children, that have been bled by the rabbis Pharisees kakam Illuminati of IMF (without knowledge of the Jewish people) and with the blood of these martyrs (lambs "Animals in human form" as the saying their Talmud) have devoted their synagogues etc. .. etc. .. here's why also for the crime of banking seigniorage God has permitted that they end up in Auschwitz

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad-. you are a perfect criminal with the King of Saudi Arabia, which uses the secret SERVICES To put in prison those Christians that by phone do best wishes for Christmas! or that meet at home for someone came to pray! When the King of Saudi Arabia went to the Pope? He gave him a sword .. now,if he wore a nude woman? or if he sodomized the Pope in front at the cameras (which is impossible for him why, he is powerless for a long time)? would have been less serious! Because Jesus, and then many Christian martyrs every day you are killed by Muslims but, they rather die than use violence! that king of the devil presents a sword? with history of Crusades, what he has deliberately mean? or make of the pope being converted for be an his vassal? You may not offend in this way a peaceful man of God. now, if the Vatican it was not dominated by the Zionists and the Freemasons? never would have happened an abomination like that!

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- tu sei un perfetto criminale insieme al Re dell'arabia saudita che usa i servizzi segreti per mette in carcere quei cristiani che per telefono fanno gli auguri di natale! o che si incontrano in casa di qualcuno a pregare! Quando il Re dell'Arabia SAudita è andato dal Papa? lui gli ha regalato una spada.. ora, se gli potava una donna nuda? o se lo sodomizzava davanti alle telecamere(cosa impossibile perché lui è impotente da molto tempo)? sarebbe stato meno grave! Perché Gesù si è fatto ammare e molti martiri cristiani ogni giorno si fanno ammazzare dai musulmani pur di non usare la violenza! e tu regali una spada con le crociate che ci sono state? oppure fai il gesto di trasfomare il papa in tuo vassallo? Tu non puoi offendere in questo modo un pacifico uomo di Dio.. ora, se il vaticano non fosse dominato dai sionisti e dalla massoneria? mai avrebbe potuto succedere un abominio del genere!

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad-hours you will think "who cares? a jew a Muslim or, if the Church is destroyed?". Islam or Judaism could not survive without the Church (most advanced theologically)! In fact the synagogue of Satan hates any monotheism behind the Talmud and the Kabbalah? is been Hiding Lucifer! those of the IMF have spread the crime ideological, of evolutionism perversions sex with animals and 200,000 human sacrifices for Satan, each year. facts or with permission, of CIA and MOSSAD! (because who has the money, and the structure of the NWO? is he who decides what, that must be done either that, should not be done)

    and atheism (Masonry) When you have finished the their work of demolition of the faith? Then is easy to can be defeated in turn, from Satanism because atheists do not have the cultural and spiritual resources to make a resistance appropriate Against the New World Order, to that god owl Grove of Mother's Bush says "we will win in the name of Lucifer"!

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - this is my suffering! after more than 600 excommunications against Freemasonry? The Church has had succumb at the power of Illuminati namely, the synagogue of Satan, the IMF, because she had lost the blessing of God because of "clericalism", and of the crime theological of impose the celibacy for diocesan priests, this crime that has been done only 1000 years ago, and for a purpose totally anti-Gospel! the consequence was, that no one could do so much evil against Catholic Church more than, that the Catholic Church has done against itself! In fact, many real men they had to leave the ministry (with lots of unnecessary scandals), while some pedophiles and homosexuals (who were ordinary men with the gift of a wife) remained inside to making more more scandals .. not to mention of all priests, that were not peaceful, and they could not play the best their ministry

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - questa è la mia sofferenza! dopo più di 600 scomuniche contro la massoneria? la Chiesa si è dovuta arrendere al potere degli Illuminati cioè la sinagoga di satana del FMI, perché, lei aveva perso, la benedizione di Dio a motivo del "clericalismo", e del crimine teologico di imporre il celibato ai preti diocesani, crimine che è stato fatto soltanto 1000 anni fa e per uno scopo assolutamente anti-evangelico! la conseguenza è stata che nessuno ha potuto fare tanto del male alla Chiesa Cattolica più di quello che la Chiesa Cattolica ha fatto contro se stessa! Infatti, tanti veri uomini hanno dovuto abbandonare il ministero(con tanti scandali inutili) mentre alcuni pedofili ed omosessuali(che sarebbero stati uomini normali con il dono di una moglie) rimanevano al suo interno facendo unteriori scandali.. senza contare tutti quelli che non sono stati sereni comunque e non hanno potuto svolgere al meglio il loro ministero

    @ IsraelNationalTV -- attraverso il mio "canto in lingue" cioè il dono che lo Spirito Santo ha fatto a me? io posso partecipare in modo soprannaturale a qualsiasi festa o a qualsiasi celebrazione religiosa in qualsiasi parte del mondo! [[Musical Havdalah With the Rebbe.. Da IsraelNationalTV | 07/gen/2012 | 31 visualizzazioni]] perché una caratteristica del mio carisma di Unius Rei è la universalità della mia spiritualità. Ecco perché io non sarei a disagio in una Moschea o in qualsiasi altra parte del mondo se le persone sono buone? io sono sempre perfetto in mezzo a loro cioè il mio spirito esulta e compartecipa da protagonista! shalom. + salam. blessings tooooooo

    @ IsraelNationalTV - through my "singing in tongues" that is the gift that the Holy Spirit has done to me? I can take part in a supernatural way to any feast or any religious celebration anywhere in the world! [[Musical Havdalah With The Rebbe .. From IsraelNationalTV | 07/gen/2012 | 31 views]] because this is a characteristic of my charisma of Unius Rei ie the universality of my spirituality. Here's why I would not be ill at ease in a Mosque or anywhere else in the world if people are good? I am always perfect in their midst that is, my spirit rejoices; as an partnership a protagonist! shalom. + Salam. Blessings tooooooo

    1_4.[Unius Rei vs Raj Patel(cabalista)]. Alcuni studiosi di scienze esoteriche(satanismo naturalismo), fra i quali Benjamin Creme, esponente di uno dei cinque Centri esoterici maggiori, riconoscono in Raj Patel l'Istruttore del Mondo, di cui parla il Maestro di Saggezza Djwhal Khul nelle opere L'esteriorizzazione della Gerarchia e Il ritorno del Cristo, dettate ad Alice A. Bailey nel secolo scorso. (il troppo ateismo ha portato voi all'occultismo!). Benjamin Creme (esoterista, ie, illuminati) (Glasgow, 5 dicembre 1922) è un artista ed esoterista scozzese. È noto per la sua intensa attività di divulgatore degli insegnamenti trasmessi da Helena Blavatsky e Alice A. Bailey(luciferini).Benjamin Creme dice "Il mio compito, è stato quello di organizzare l'informazione iniziale al pubblico, di aiutare a creare un clima di speranza e di attesa affinché Maitreya (anti-cristo) /wiki/Raj_Patel

    2_4.[Unius Rei vs Raj Patel(cabalista)]. possa emergere pubblicamente senza infrangere il nostro libero arbitrio, Nel 1959 ha un primo contatto con un Maestro di Saggezza, uno dei membri della Gerarchia Spirituale(demoni), il quale lo informa dell'intenzione dell'Istruttore del mondo(satana 666 kabbalah 322 Talmud IMF Baal Grove dio owl) di rimanifestarsi tra gli uomini e del suo possibile ruolo di portavoce e organizzatore di questo importante evento. Dopo aver accettato l'incarico, a partire dal 1972, Creme inizia un periodo di addestramento intensivo con il suo Maestro fino ad arrivare a stabilire un "contatto telepatico" immediato e costante(demoni). Da allora Creme riceve regolarmente informazioni e le divulga nelle sue conferenze. I suoi messaggi sono diffusi in tutto il mondo affinché il maggior numero di persone sia preparata a riconoscere l'Istruttore del mondo(lucifero) e ad aiutarLo a favorire il cambiamento positivo, spirituale e materiale,

    3_4.[Unius Rei vs Raj Patel(cabalista)]. in grado di condurre l'umanità intera oltre la crisi che sta affrontando. [in quale parte dell'inferno tu eri durante la 1° e la 2° guerra mondiale?] Invitato negli Stati Uniti d'America, in Europa, Australia, Giappone, Canada, Messico e in altri paesi, Creme porta all'attenzione pubblica gli insegnamenti d'amore, condivisione, libertà e giustizia che anticipano quella che sarà la missione pubblica dell'Istruttore del mondo(Raj Patel). Con il passare degli anni il pubblico presente alle sue conferenze aumenta, come pure le richieste di interviste radiofoniche e televisive. I suoi libri sono tradotti in numerose lingue, senza ricevere alcuna rimunerazione per questo lavoro trentennale./wiki/Raj_Patel [(mie citazioni)]

    4_4.[Unius Rei vs Raj Patel(cabalista)]. È redattore capo della rivista Share International, distribuita in 70 paesi. Verso la fine del 1974, il Maestro(lucifero) mi disse più volte "Devi comunicare con un pubblico più vasto. Ho altri progetti per te" mi diceva, e io mi tranquillizzavo. Ma, alla fine del gennaio 1975 mi disse "Ho deciso. Trasmetti queste informazioni (ce ne aveva dettate una serie sul funzionamento del Piano(agenda) a tutti i gruppi, indipendentemente dalla loro cultura e dagli insegnamenti ricevuti." ... , nel campo esoterico, io sapendo, che, la mia opera era utile, non troppo difficile, né psicologicamente impegnativa. Non feci nulla fino a che il Maestro mi incitò con forza, allora mi decisi » (Benjamin Creme, La riapparizione del Cristo(ie, Raj Patel) e dei Maestri di Saggezza, Prefazione(ie, spiriti guida o demoni)/wiki/Raj_Patel

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - here's why the heresy of modernism has often been convicted with many excommunications? but today has took control of all the clergy of many Christian churches these heretics are saying that the human nature is good, giving them first a good example to the Satanists how if, you must spit on the Cross that is, on the sacrifice of Christ that it is obvious it would not be nessario if human nature it was good! is Because the Christians were also defeated theologically as well as politically? behold, they are in danger of extinction (in the West) here, because the lives of all Muslims it is in real danger. Why After Vatican II? Christians could never be bad against the Muslims and, unfortunately, they continue to get, so much violence on the part of ignorant Muslims.

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - ecco perché la eresia del modernismo già più volte condannata con scomuniche molte? ha preso il controllo di tutto il clero di molte chiese cristiane questi eretici vanno dicendo che la natura umana è buona dando loro per primi il buon esempio ai satanisti di come si deve sputare sulla croce cioè sul sacrificio di Cristo che è evidente non sarebbe stato nessario se la natura umana fosse buona! Poiché i cristiani sono stati sconfitti anche teologicamente oltre che politicamente? ecco, che loro sono in estinzione(in Occidente) ecco, perché, la vita di tutti i musulmani è veramente in pericolo. perché da dopo il Concilo Vaticano II? i cristiani non potrebbero mai più essere cattivi contro i musulmani mentre, purtroppo, essi ricevono continuamente, tante violenze, da parte dei musulmani ignoranti.

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - the technique is been still the same .. of the Zionists of IMF infiltrate send their agents the infiltrators. If you have a masonry? those are the real traitors of the state because become rich, and take control of the strategic places of the institutions .. That is, the technique known as "Marrano Jews," to confuse the concepts? called also great saints with this name "Marrano Jews" as Santa Teresa Davila Saint Ignatius of Loyola Edith Stain, etc. .. But this is false! Marrano Jews they are only Jews infiltrated in the Church, which, they pretend to be Christians and become cardinals and bishops, by reason of their wealth, etc. .. is this the real reason If the Court of the Holy Inquisition has failed to capture the Rothschild and all his accomplices that today dominate IMF World Order.

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- la tecnica è sempre la stessa.. i sionisti del FMI infiltrano mandano dei loro agenti degli infiltrati. se tu hai una massoneria? quelli sono i veri traditori dello Stato poiché diventeranno ricchi e prenderanno il controllo dei posti strategici delle Istituzioni.. Cioè la tecnica conosciuta come "Ebrei Marrani", per confondere i concetti? hanno chiamato anche grandi santi con quest nome di "ebrei marrani" come Santa Teresa Davila Santo Ignazio di Lojola Edith Stain, ecc.. ma, questo è falso! Ebrei marrani sono soltanto gli ebrei infiltrati nella Chiesa, che, loro fingono di essere cristiani e diventano Cardinali e Vescovi, a motivo delle loro ricchezze, ecc.. è questo il vero motivo se il Tribunale della Santa Inquisizione ha fallito nel tentativo di Catturare i Rothscild e tutti i suoi complici che oggi dominano il NWO.

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad see the Pope? is like watching a monkey at the zoo! it's all folklore the Pope is only an old priest full of fears scared! are the Zionists of the IMF, and the Masons that hide themselves behind this bad theater and keep to see an appearance of reality for to do see that after all they are not their the true masters of the all political West! @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vedere il Papa? è come vedere una scimmia alla zoo! è tutto folclore il Papa è soltanto un vecchio prete spaventato! sono i sionisti del FMI, ed i massoni che nascondono se stessi dietro questo teatro e mantengono per fare vedere una apparenza di realtà per fare vedere che tutto sommato non sono loro i veri padroni della politica dell'occidente!

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are strategic information that you do not know and it is for this the real reason that you do persecuted Christians .. .. whether there was a true Pope? if there were true Christian nations? You would have had to endure a crusade to all evil, that you do, against the poor innocent Christian martyrs @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ci sono strategiche informazioni che voi non conoscete ed è questo il vero motivo per cui voi perseguitate i cristiani.. se esisteva un vero Papa? se esistevano delle Nazioni cristiane? Voi avreste già dovuto subire una crociata per tutto il male, che, voi fate, contro i poveri martiri cristiani innocenti

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad If you want to win, this war against the American Satanists? you have to do so as of to become their(ie, Rothscild) own the real citizens of a true Republic of Iran. you must grab the challenge of the claims of that son of a bitch (about hypocrites greetings of Christmas that Larijani, he has made ​​to the Pope, and all lol. fake Christians), and you have to proclaim the secular state for one perfect equality of all citizens and the perfect freedom of religion! I decided to transfer all Jews of the U.S. as well for I will find them all a happy country places nations happy in all regions of muslims country. why, Jews are too rich, even of the technology, etc.? You quarrel between you for to have their! and if this project would not to be implemented immediately? however I have the technical INSTRUMENTS to prevent an attack against Iran if you prove to be my obedient son.

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad se tu vuoi vincere questa guerra contro i satanisti americani? tu devi fare diventare proprio loro i veri cittadini di una vera Repubblica dell'Iran. tu devi impugnare le affermazioni di quel figlio di puttana(circa gli auguri ipoctiti di Natale che, di Larijani, lui ha fatti al Papa, ed a tutti i cristiani), e tu devi proclamare lo Stato laico una perfetta uguaglianza di tutti i cittadini e la perfetta libertà di religione! Io ho deciso di trasferire tutti gli ebrei dell'US, così io troverò per tutti loro una felice collocazione in tutte le Nazioni della Regione e poiché loro sono troppo ricchi anche di tecnologia, ecc? voi litigherete tra di voi per poterli avere! e se questo progetto non sarebbe di immediata attuazione? comunque io ho gli stumenti tecnici per impedire una aggressione contro l'Iran se tu dimostrerai di essere un mio figlio obbediente.

    @Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Sunday, December 25, 2011 1442 .. Iran Parliament President Larijani, said 'Happy Christmas to the Christians and the Pope' .. you have seen? for a crime like that? not only you deserve to die like dogs, but even Satan will prepare for you a special place in the hell! and it is this the real reason of the war against Iran that can not be said in order not to frighten also other international criminal of the King of the 'Saudi Arabia. because of course will, too his time will. But, the good wishes of those bad of Larijani. is in fact that he subtly suggests as the parliament is made ​​up of Christians and everyone knows "all the MPs, they are all Masons (Satanists) and with them it is not possible to speak of seigniorage banking! their main agenda? is to finish destroying the Christian faith and in fact, only 5% (all old woman and children) go to Mass on Sunday!

    @ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad President lol. "Republic fake" of Iran? .. come on do not be ridiculous ["Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, was sentenced to six months in prison with no excuses for" propaganda against the regime. "] You are an Islamic regime, not a republic because the concept of republic provides for freedom of religion and the freedom to build political opinions .. you are international criminals! that it is just that that you are! you were a boy deprived too many important things your body also are stunted your culture it is not enough you're the idiot, perfect, that American Satanists have been looking for the reason for the attack on Iran? is false! as it was false the reason for the aggression against Iraq .. if you do not want to die like a dog , and if Iran does not want to do a second Iraq? you have to listen to my advice!

    @Mahmud Ahmadinejad Presidente della lol. "Repubblica" islamica dell'IRAN? .. suvvia non essere ridicolo ["Faezeh Hashemi, la figlia dell'ex presidente Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, è stata condannata a sei mesi di reclusione senza attenuanti per "propaganda contro il regime"]. Voi siete un regime islamico non una repubblica poiché, il concetto di repubblica prevede la libertà di religione e la libertà di opinioni poltiche.. voi siete dei criminali internazionali! che è proprio quello che voi siete! Tu sei stato un ragazzo troppo deprivato la tua cultura è insufficiente tu sei il cretino perfetto che i satanisti americano hanno cercato! il motivo della aggressione all'Iran? è falso! come era falso il motivo della aggressione all'Irak.. se non vuoi morire come un cane, e se non vuoi fare dell'Iran un secondo Irak? tu devi ascoltare i miei consigli!

    @ youtube- boy I too many times I put you in the notice about the consuguenze that you will have for Satanism and pornography that you agree in yours, and in this our "social networks" of scam! You do hurting to whole human race! Begone Satan Satan, Marduk OWL GROVE 322 TALMUD 666 COLLAPSE IMF Fed KABBALAH all demons ALIENS Between 300 years Will BE disintegrated in the Lake of Fire! Everything I Do? is made ​​solely for the glory of God! Amen. Satan is devastated kingdom of Babylon tower collapse IMF, Amen Hallelujah Satanists Freemasons traitors! CSPB CSSM LNDS MDVR SNSMV SMQLIVB Drink Your Poisons Made By Yourself. Hallelujah Mene Techel Peres all Satanists? die in MODE miserable in Jesus's name Amen!

    [IsraelNationalTV] @ JEWISH LOBBY AIPAC - this morning I had the impression of having been awakened of the love of the Jewish people ... in fact, seems to have been formed a stable majority, in my favor. I am sure that does not exist a problem that can not be addressed with successfully for us! There will come a day (when sins reach their peak) .. that a meteorite asteroid will delete all forms of life in North America! We must prepare to go home! Muslims are not stupid they know that my love for them is not a second choice because I hold in my heart the suffering of Abraham that he was forced that he had to endure the separation from Isaac .. for my love? The Muslims will give me all that I ask them!

    @IsraelNationalTV -@AIPAC LOBBY EBRAICA - questa mattina, io ho avuto l'impressione di essere stato svegliato dall'amore del popolo ebraico... infatti, sembra essersi formata una stabile maggioranza in mio favore. io sono sicuro che non esiste un problema che non può essere affrontato con successo da noi! Verrà un giorno(quando i peccati raggiungeranno il loro culmine).. che, un meteorite asteroide cancellerà ogni forma di vita nell'America del Nord! Noi dobbiamo preparare il ritorno a casa! I musulmani non sono stupidi loro sanno che il mio amore per loro non è una seconda scelta poiché io porto nel mio cuore la sofferenza di Abramo che e stato costretto cioè che ha dovuto separarsi da Isacco.. per avere il mio amore? I musulmani daranno a me tutto quello che io chiederò loro!

    [[Power of Rei Unius]] will worship my Lord YHWH all the peoples of the earth! AMERICAN JEWISH LOBBY AIPAC @ IsraelNationalTV - PSALM 71. Oh, my God, entrusted to your king your right, [[Unius REI your right] at, the son of RE YHWH (righteous king of Israel) thy righteousness, he judges all peoples with justice and thy poor, according to the right in his days the righteous man will flourish and peace abound in every corner of the earth, until the moon is (for him). And domains, from sea to sea, from the river to the ends of extremes of the Earth. The kings of Tarshish and the islands, bring gifts in the Jewish Temple, the kings of Sheba and Seba offrino their gifts. All kings shall bow to him, for serve him all nations. Why he frees the poor, which it invokes, and the poor that no one to help. Have pity on the weak and needy and save the lives of all the poor ... this I your Creator I will, that is made

    [[power of Unius Rei]] ti adoreranno mio Signore JHWH tutti i popoli della terra! @AIPAC LOBBY EBRAICA AMERICANA IsraelNationalTV -- SALMO 71. Oh, mio Dio, affida al tuo reUnius REi il tuo diritto, al figlio del RE JHWH (Re giusto di Isarele) la tua giustizia; egli giudichi tutti i popoli secondo giustizia e i tuoi poveri secondo il diritto Nei suoi giorni fiorisca il giusto uomo ed abbondi la pace in ogni angolo della terra, finché non si spenga la luna(per lui). E domini, da mare a mare, dal fiume fino ai confini estremi della Terra. I re di Tarsis e delle isole, portino tributi nel Tempio Ebraico, i re di Saba e di Seba offrino i loro doni. Tutti i re si prostrino a lui, lo servano tutte le genti. Perché egli libera il misero, che, invoca, e il povero che non trova aiuto. Abbia pietà del debole e del misero e salvi la vita di tutti i miseri... questo io il Creatore io voglio che sia realizzato

    [AMERICAN JEWISH LOBBY] @ AIPAC- from -ISRAELNATIONALTV --- as you are respecting my word? In the same way your fathers have respected the word of the Prophets! But the prophets were never heard by the heads of the people and for this, that, with the help of Satan, the Jews, bankers, Illuminati have taken control of the world! Now, if your brain is still something important for you? This must be understood "God not sent the prophets to say Look, I gave you in the Torah IE, you RESPECT THE TORAH", but rather to say "guys, the Torah has been corrupted and manipulated! "Therefore, the word of the Prophets? is the true Word of God that is the life of Israel! I swear in the name of the living God in those holes snakes(fallout shelters underground) that you have dug in the ground? you will be forced to eat the flesh of your sons!

    @AIPAC LOBBY EBRAICA AMERICANA -presso- ISRAELNATIONATV --- come voi state rispettando la mia parola? Allo stesso modo i vostri padri hanno rispettato la parola dei Profeti! Ma, i profeti non sono mai stati ascoltati dai capi del popolo ed è per questo, che, con il favore di satana gli ebrei banchieri Illuminati hanno preso il controllo del mondo! Ora, se il vostro cervello è ancora qualcosa di importante per voi? Questo deve essere compreso "Dio non ha mandato i profeti a dire guardate che sono io che ho dato a voi a Torah CIOÈ, voi RISPETTATE LA TORAH", ma, piuttosto a dire "ragazzi, la Torah è stata corrotta e manipolata!" Pertanto, la parola dei Profeti? è la vera Parola di Dio che è rimasta ad Israele! Io giuro nel nome del Dio vivente in quei fori da serpenti che voi avete scavato sotto terra? voi sarete costretti a mangiare la carne dei vostri figli!

    88tuner Commento al tuo video 80 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei.flv Thank you for your videos. I have read the Quran. One thing that sands out to me is the repeated judgment of the non-believer. I also notice that Jesus is their messenger. Jesus states clearly in Luke 10 that a believer must love God. Yes. True. It also states this is not enough. One must also love his neighbor. Jesus defines the neighbor as the Samaritan (enemy of the Jew). If a person does not love God and his enemies, he is judged by the words of the Quran as a non-believer. 207 80 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei.flv If Jesus is true? Then everything else is a form of Satanism more or less intense. indeed, while all are damaging and harmful against Christianity? however, Christianity is not harmful, against none, why is the law of love! satanist masonry enligh...

    @IsraelNationalTV..- I can not fight and die today for Israel because it would be as to offer my life for the agenda of Rothschild and his Illuminati from Lucifer those of the IMF Grove 322, 666 god Baal owl in the grove of the mother "good woman"! and then, I will have the disgusting impression to offer my life for a rabbi who believes in the Talmud, and that, therefore I for him? I am only an animal that looks like a man! but, because google and youtube they did not want to use, again the gift that I have done to them that is, to give my copyright about the intellectual property of my thought. that is, I has done free gratis for all the my literary property of all my thoughts because I belong to all mankind .. So, in this case I could give you free use intellectual property of the my thought if you want to use!

    @IsraelNationalTV- io non posso combattere e morire oggi per Israele perché sarebbe come offrire la mia vita per la agenda, di Rothscild e degli Illuminati da lucifero quelli del FMI grove 322, 666, dio Baal gufo nel boschetto della mamma "brava donna"! e poi io avrei la disgustosa impressione di offrire, la mia vita per un rabbino che crede nel Talmud e che, quindi io per lui? io sono soltanto un animale che somiglia ad un uomo! ma, poiché google e youtube loro non hanno voluto sfruttare ancora il dono che io ho fatto a loro cioè, di regalare i miei diritti di autore circa, la propietà intellettuale del pensiero. cioè, io ho rendo gratuita la proprietà letteraria del mio pensiero poiché io appartengo a tutto il genere umano.. allora, in questo caso io potrei dare a te gratis l'uso della proprietà intellettuale del mio pensiero se tu la volessi usare!

    by 666 rothscild and 322 bush ie, their god owl grove baal /watch?v=IEEOQjm-BX0&feature=related @ youtube - youtube sorry but I can no longer find the video mutilated corpses. you have been quick to delete all of you? no! were pretty fast Satanists to remove them ALL, in particular I can no longer find the video of that girl, that was perfectly intact from the breast IN ON up, but that was completely consumed, FROM the basin down, WHY, the bones of the pelvis ARE a white .. now, who among us can buy a drum of sulfuric acid? is obvious they are the CIA and MOSSAD to ensure that all of these crimes may be committed because they are the ones that have 11 - 09 who HAVE can make possible 200,000 human sacrifice FOR Satan, each year, without finding no one to blame for all this!

    @Bush Rothscild satanists freemansory +++ amen hallelujah will soon be done to you what you do for others! drink your poison made ​​by yourself. Begone Satan Satan, Marduk OWL GROVE 322 TALMUD 666 IMF COLLAPSE FED ECB KABBALAH all ALIEN demon between 300 years will BE disintegrate in the Lake of Fire! everything I do? is made solely for the glory of God! amen. will all devastated in kingdom of Satan, Amen Hallelujah Satanists Freemasons traditori! CSPB CSSM LNDS MDVR SNSMV SMQLIVB Drink Your Poisons Made By Yourself. Hallelujah Mene Techel Peres many Satanists? have to die IN MODE miserable in Jesus's name amen!

    @ IsraelNationalTV-that forgetful I forgot 1. what he said Albert Pike to Mazzini "Atheists will be defeated because everyone will understand that Satan is the true God" 2. that the fact of to be jew? does not necessarily mean to love God, because those who love God? Do not write (A) Talmud 322 Freemasonry (B) Kabbalah 666 the IMF! Now I prove it to you how these adorers of the god owl have prepared many underground cities where they already live in the luciferin civilization between aliens and satanists? under the earth they have already destroyed the civilization of the Jewish-Christian because they hate human rights, democracy, ecc ..

    they are too prepared for the massacre of 5.5 billion, of human beings and now, they suffering, to leave, of these Illuminati agenda! When all this will be done '. who does not think, that "all Jews are responsible for" .. this final holocaust will be the end of Jewishness and every other civilization finally, a perfect new era the radiant dawn of Lucifer will rise finally in the history of mankind! When Bush senior said "we will win!" He meant to us? Were you there at that us? @Bush Rothscild satanists freemansory ----- amen hallelujah will soon be done to you what you do for others! drink your poison made ​​by yourself

    [Glory of Unius Rei one only King for Palestine & Israel] So, you will look, and be radiant! shall thrill and rejoice your heart, because the abundance of the sea will pour upon you will come to you the wealth of nations, a multitude of camels will come over you, dromedaries from Midian and ephah, all from Sheba will come. They shall bring gold and frankincense (to my Jewish Temple) and all will come to Jerusalem, proclaiming the glories of the Lord! If you will not be worthy of this perfect and universal happiness? you will live a universal despair!

    [glory Unius Rei's father "Abraham" of all the peoples] Isaiah 60.1-6 Arise, shine, of your light is come! the glory of the Lord shines upon you. behold the darkness covers the earth (322 Talmud, Kabbalah 666 baal owl IMF), and thick hate wraps all peoples (Sharia seignorage banking, freemasonry, satanism), but, on you shines the Lord the God YHWH , its glorious presence? appears over you. Walk all the nations (all peoples and all religions) in thy light, all the kings walk for the brightness of your rising! Lift up your eyes around you and see .. all of them all of them have gathered and they come to you! Your children? come from far away! your daughters? are carried in the arms! yes! (really are all peoples)

    @IsraelNationalTV - but Unius Rei he is, the father of all the children of the world? The safety of all mothers of the world? - ANSWER - my brother first of give to you the demonstration of this statement?, I want you to know how I have at the table drinking a glass of wine in the most in the hope of being able to sleep a couple of hours. .. but it was impossible because the ultrasound in the left side of my brain (the children of Satan) are of equal intensity ultrasound the right side of my brain (and all the servants of God, "men of good will " even if atheists) .. Unfortunately, however they are Satanists to be the richest! I would say to them you have the wealth (stolen), that is not enough a hundred lives to be enjoyedby you! is true if I regenerate the IMF? I will have to thinning your immense wealth, but it is also true that if I do not renew the IMF? you will die, everyone in this upcoming 3 rd nuclear WW!
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    6 mesi fa

    You seem to put a lot of work in to your videos! I think they are really good UniusRei1!

    We'll complain forever until you at least give us a choice of keeping the old setup. i bet there's at least 95% of Youtubers agaist the new setup and thats a HUGE number of your users that are NOT happy people! do you have any care at all as to how we all feel? have a heart and think about what this is doing. if they bring out another site and give us what we want then news will spread fast and you will lose out in the end. there has already been one site opened up which is very similer and i know of many who have already moved over to that site. do the right think YT or your risking losing everything!

    israelnationalTV @ @ youtube - Jews @ - @ Benjamin Netanyahu --- and anyone he will not Came more to say to me "where was God in Auswitz?" Because jew is not Who he is cut a piece of skin On His cock, but who does not mind and who does not hide His Himself behind the computer, which effectively are all things, that you own you're doing against me and the Against All Peoples! --- And anyone is more to say to me "where was God in Auswitz?" Because jew Who is not it is cut a piece of skin above cock but those who do not mind and those who do not hide it himself behind her computers that they are all bad things, that you own you're doing against me and against all people!

    @ Youtube + israelnationalTV as long as there is the predation and the wickedness of the "bank seigniorage"? always exist the wars and holocausts against that part innocent of my Jewish people .. ["because Holocaust and IMF ECB FED? are two sides of same coin!"] Here's why God will curse you again .again .again .. because you has deciso to cover the crime of the IMF? you have not decided to make an investment in the direction of friendship, cooperation culture universal brotherhood solidarity humanism, etc. .. but,

    @ Benjamin Netanyahu --- you are been always to arouse the demon of the "Final Solution" that is, either the destruction of Israel (Shaoh) or the destruction against of all peoples (for your Talmud and Kabbalah racist satanic). . and as far Muslims they can be always evil and ignorant? is obvious they are not then, so stupid they do have guessed these things! But Muslims are crazy, if they think they can win this war alone! guys you're doing with your parents a game very dangerous an investment in the wrong direction ie the synagogue of satan of 666 and 322 good look!

    @ youtube + israelnationalTV because you that are Jews super rich, leading rabbis elite corporate lobbies World Freemasonry 666 322 NWO IMF, etc. .. when you hear the word "bank seigniorage" then you become all dumb like donkey? maybe you are afraid that your toy crime is discovered? This is institutional system masonic IMF FED ECB, ecc.. it you have stolen plunder, and you took possession of all the strategic resources of the world! too "youtube" You are a jew racist as everyone for the destruction of the hope of Israel, to do evil against all the poor of Yahweh through a new holocaust in all the world against the Jews poor. new Shoah. But, "I swore in the name of Jesus" I will expected against you moments of sheer terror!

    @DamballaWedo - you do not believe that one day of the year (Carnival) is more than sufficient to dress like a clown? Thou to me, like your friends? are all evil! but this is not a political consideration until the Holy Spirit will not tell me that you have committed a serious crime because, at that time, I will come, to kill you in a supernatural way! @ "HopeYouReadQuran" + "ReadQuranEverybody" I know all the wonderful things that Satan caused to be written in the Koran, but if you do not kill every day the poor innocent Christian martyrs? I would not ever stopped the wickedness contradictions and hypocrisies, which are written in the Koran Because, you with your Sharia law and Jews with their Talmud? you have transformed our world into a nightmare!

    I am Rei Unius ie, king of Israel my jurisdiction is universal! my authority is on any domain spituale & politics. I Decided to give start to the premature deaths confusion obsession oppression infestation demonic any fatal accident Against Satanists, masonry elite leaders, enlightened racist Sharia Talmud Kabbalah that are accomplices of the seigniorage banking Amen in Jesus's name ♰ "drink your poisons made ​​by yourself, "your life? Is not your! ♰ your life is from God that is YHWH, Allah, etc.. in Jesus's name! you will be for 1. Justice and Truth, 2. equality and fraternity, 3. service and love! Yes, to freedom of religions?

    Stop Violence comunism, extremism, terrorism, martyr christians, every day of the year at Christmas as well! .. is why, will be bad very bad this 2012 for everyone! They will not stop will be until, unius Rei Will not Be Recognized by all Governments throughout the world for His universal brotherhood why, we are all brothers in the jewish my Temple. I have done the wrong to all those criminals, who toppled the cross [ ♚ MENE✞★ amen hallelujah TECHEL ★ amen hallelujah PERES] ✟ [ PAX ] ✞ ✰ ✟CSPB CSSML NDSMD VRSN SMVSMQLIVB✞

    theSynagogueofSatan (14 minuti fa) Spam @ ComunitaEbraicaRoma, 2628342 .---- brothers! I have my divine nature, and my perfect and dynamic perpetual sanctification for mercy of Jesus of Bethlehem, the Christ! However, I as Toaf? we are Zionists for the kingdom of Israel! is this great love that I have given up removed my identity Nationality Religion! What you see me? is only a shell! I have become truly, the heart of the world the universal brotherhood! has arrived for you time to eliminate from your symbol is the Star of Satan that is the IMF! The work that I'm doing, "Christian blood in Jewish rites" "as a substitute for the sacrifices of the Temple!" is the my work the most painful work of my life .. but I do not want publish it on your page so that the whole world to know what I have decided of not to move against you, no charge and not any condemnation!

    theSynagogueofSatan (14 minuti fa) Spam @ComunitaEbraicaRoma,2628342.-­­­­- fratelli! io devo la mia natura divina e la mia perfetta e dinamica perpetua santificazione a Gesù di Betlemme il Cristo! Tuttavia, io come Toaf? noi siamo sionisti per il regno di Israele! è per questo grande amore che, io ho rinunciato alla mia identità nazionalità religione! Quello che voi vedete di me? è soltanto un involucro! io sono diventato veramente il cuore del mondo la fratellanza universale! è arrivato per voi il momento di eliminare dal vostro simbolo la stella di satana che è il FMI! Il lavoro che io sto facendo è il lavoro più doloroso lavoro della mia vita.. ma io non lo pubblicherò sulla vostra pagina affinché tutto il mondo sappia che io ho deciso di non muovere contro di voi nessuna accusa!
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    9 mesi fa

    ..comment ça va , lorenzo ??? ...à jamais , ton amie de france !!!

    [the infamous pact] between Saudi Arabia and enlightened for the destruction of Christian civilization(democracy) and the destruction of Palestine, in this way through Freemasonry, Satanism, multinational, corporations, bank seigniorage the enlightened jews take control of the West, while the Saudis take control of all Muslim Nations. [il patto scellerato] tra Arabia Saudita e enlightened per la distruzione della civiltà cristiana e per la distruzione della Palestina, in questo modo attraverso la massoneria, satanismo, corporations multinazionali, signoraggio bancario gli enlightened jews prendono il controllo dell'Occidente, mentre i sauditi prendono il controllo di tutte Nazioni musulmane

    "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your schmucks" Plato Humanity is more important for us than to Follow the Corrupt & Sick Media or so called Leaders (criminals) of the world even if they are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Zionists, Athiests or anything else. They all are Sick Bastards if they support or don't condemn the systematic killing of innocent human beings as they are doing in , lraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Somalia, Africa etc. Start Thinking and Do Something Good Today to stop the Cold Blood Murderers and real Terrorists; mainly Zionist Regimes of USA & Isreal. Your voice matters because your silence is supporting those Organized Criminals (Mafia)

    Rochefeller leaders of all the enlightened (ie the synagogue of Satan), and the King of Saudi Arabia are in cahoots with each other according to this agenda both need to get the destruction of Christianity and Western civilization 1. Rochefeller through the pornocracy bank seigniorage Freemasonry, Satanism, etc. .. for to consolidate the political domination over of the West .. while, the King of Saudi Arabia, wants to get the political domination of all the Muslim countries! David Duke, Can not Understand as there is A Contract villain cahoots, and the International Islamic, Among enlightened (all fossils of the book) for the destruction of Christianity and Christian civilization! I know Saudi Arabia has sacrificed the Palestinians in Israel's favor .. while all the hate Against Israel and the West who are always make from Jewish lobbies and Freemasons of seigniorage banking, is against to the innocent Christians ...

    for these comment ​​the government has forced youtube to close his page of youtube/youtube (22/10/2011) 666SeigniorageofBank (6 ore fa) Spam on youtube page everything is very simple for me! 1. God wanted to give the Jews(lobby enlightened of banking seigniorage) the political responsibility of the world. 2. but, everything revolves around Jesus of Bethlehem, for all flesh is judged condemned or saved only in reference to him! how high thou art institutions ? because the institutions do not react to the bank seigniorage? like, they may not know the necessity for the IMF-World Order of to do 3 ° WWnuclear ?

    Eric Holder Stages Fake Saudi Israeli Embassy Terror Plot Tying Iran And The Drug Cartels Together Da IranContraScumDid911 | 12/Oct/2011 | 1,519 visualizzazioni Im actually surprised Eric Holder did not tie Gadaffi, Syria, Al-Shabaab, North Korea, and bigfoot into the Hollywood story. There is so many problems with this story it is sad. Eric is really getting desparate. Mr. Fast and Furious needs to go to prison for supplying the cartels with guns and staging fake terror for real political gain. At the same time he is in trouble for supplying guns to the drug cartels and he is staging a fake trial for Obama's Flight 253 diaper hoax, Eric Holder creates a diversion with a whole new twist and purpose.

    The terror plot was not foiled, it was successfiul as a tool that can be used as a pretext against Israel and Saudi Arabia's enemies. Israel and Saudi Arabia are attacking America every chance they get to reinforce their political agendas. This is why your founding fathers wanted you to remain independent, foreign nations now control our puppet government using our justice system to con us into being afraid and supporting the policies that have destroyed this country. Eric Holder is running the drug cartels and terrorism, to suit Obama's agenda.

    @ Rochefeller - he is the sovereign Lord universal the satanic world of Babel Tower, he himself the head of all enlightened! he is the real head of the snake! ie the head of the New World Order, Freemasonry, Satanism IMF, World Bank Freemasonry Intelligence CIA MOSSAD Bildenberg, trilateral etc. .. Etc. .. the propensity of the Jews "Marranos," to pretend to convert to Christianity? is the oldest the Middle Ages!! is a phenomenon sad that the Catholic Church knows very well so ... that it was forced ... to do the court of the Holy Inquisition! these enlightened Jews of Satanists? they have no imagination! Despite all their power? they play again, to make the Jews Marranos (converted to Christianity fake)!

    the time of the dictators is over, because the time is over of the slaves .. so the responsibility for power is to be shared .. according to a principle of fairness because every man is like any other man .. In fact we are not racist as the Sharia, or as enlightened Zionists.. in reality? I do not need to threaten no one .. because I do not feel to be the enemy of someone! Also, I am extremely more than convenient of all, in fact, I am profitable! why pay the money at interest by the Jews Satanists? when I can give gratis all money at all the Governments?

    Commento al tuo video Persecution BLOOD CHRISTIAN Martyrs in Saudi Arabia rudyavelino1982 said @MyJHWH the bible says revelation 29 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. SEE, YOU NEED TO GET INTO THE DEEP STUDY OF WHO THE FAKE JEWS AND THE REAL JEWS ARE AND ITS NOT THE JEWS INVOLVED IN THE BANKING SYSTEM BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE TODAYS SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN SO THOSE AINT JEWS BUT SATANS FAKE JEWS AND NOT THE REAL TRUE GINUINE JEWS.

    Rochefeller leaders of all the enlightened (ie the synagogue of Satan), and the King of Saudi Arabia are in cahoots with each other according to this agenda both need to get the destruction of Christianity and Western civilization 1. Rochefeller through the pornocracy bank seigniorage Freemasonry, Satanism, etc. .. for to consolidate the political domination over of the West .. while, the King of Saudi Arabia, wants to get the political domination of all the Muslim countries! David Duke, Can not Understand as there is A Contract villain cahoots, and the International Islamic, Among enlightened (all fossils of the book) for the destruction of Christianity and Christian civilization! I know Saudi Arabia has sacrificed the Palestinians in Israel's favor .. while all the hate Against Israel and the West who are always make from Jewish lobbies and Freemasons of seigniorage banking, is against to the innocent Christians ...

    Rochefeller leaders of all the enlightened (ie the synagogue of Satan), and the King of Saudi Arabia are in cahoots with each other according to this agenda both need to get the destruction of Christianity and Western civilization 1. Rochefeller through the pornocracy bank seigniorage Freemasonry, Satanism, etc. .. for to consolidate the political domination over the West .. while, the King of Saudi Arabia, wants to get the political domination of all the Muslim countries! David Duke, Can not Understand as there is A Contract villain, and the International Islamic, Among enlightened (all fossils of the book) for the destruction of Christianity and Christian civilization! I know Saudi Arabia has sacrificed the Palestinians in Israel's favor .. while all the hate Against Israel and the West who are always handled from Jewish lobbies and Freemasons of seigniorage banking, is charged to the innocent Christians ...

    Rochefeller leaders of all the enlightened (ie the synagogue of Satan), and the King of Saudi Arabia are in cahoots with each other according to this agenda both need to get the destruction of Christianity and Western civilization 1. Rochefeller through the pornocracy bank seigniorage Freemasonry, Satanism, etc. .. for to consolidate the political domination over the West .. while, the King of Saudi Arabia, wants to get the political domination of all the Muslim countries! Rochefeller leader di tutti gli enlightened (cioè la sinagoga di satana), ed il Re dell'Arabia Saudita sono in combutta tra di loro secondo questa agenda entrambi devono ottenere la distruzione del cristianesimo e della civiltà occidentale Rochefeller attraverso la pornocrazia signoraggio bancario massoneria, satanismo, ecc.. consoliderà il dominio politico sull'Occidente.. mentre, il Re dell'Arabia Saudita vuole ottenere il dominio politico di tutti i paesi musulmani!

    88tuner Commento al tuo video 82 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei.flv There is a way to find a true believer by the fruit they bear. A believer will protect, defend and honor. Someone who is lost will steal, kill and destroy. 1 Corinthians tells the entire story of Jesus--Love. Luke 10 establishes the job of Issac and Ishmael. The brothers must love God and each other. They are the neighbors (enemies) that fell on the road. The good Samaritan was the enemy of the Jew. He stopped to assist him after robbers came to steal. Who has the message of love?

    88tuner Commento al tuo video 81 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei.flv Luke 10 36 "Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?" 37 The expert in the law replied, "The one who had mercy on him." Jesus told him, "Go and do likewise."

    UniusRei1 (5 secondi fa) Spam Commento al tuo video 80 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei.flv 88tuner aid Thank you for your videos. I have read the Quran. One thing that sands out to me is the repeated judgment of the non-believer. I also notice that Jesus is their messenger. Jesus states clearly in Luke 10 that a believer must love God. Yes. True. It also states this is not enough. One must also love his neighbor. Jesus defines the neighbor as the Samaritan (enemy of the Jew). If a person does not love God and his enemies, he is judged by the words of the Quran as a non-believer.

    UniusRei1 (4 secondi fa) Spam Commento al tuo video 79 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei.flv 88tuner said I don't get why the Muslim faith would deny a fellow Muslim the belief in Jesus. He is their messenger. Why persecute a person for belief in the very messenger of the Quran? This has always puzzled me. In my opinion, bias and hatred is the flaming sword that protects the tree of life. Love is the key to opening the door to eternal life. Clearly the message of Jesus to the brother Issac and Ishmael.

    UniusRei1 (1 minuto fa) Spam Commento al tuo video 100 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei ksrea said @UniusRei1 I understood like nothing what you just said. so i searched up one of your videos. in your channel says that muslim had slaves or something like that. 942 100 to all MARTYRS lorenzojhwh is Unius Rei If Jesus is true? Then everything else is a form of Satanism more or less intense. indeed, while all are damaging and harmful against Christianity? however, Christianity is not harmful, against none, why is the law of love! satanist masonry enlightend sharia, ecc.. in the hell!

    mistafield the satanists against youtube community | | v

    WakeUpUSAxRonPaul (52 minutes ago) Comment / s reported / by mistafield as spam spam Hide @ 666Rothschild and 322Bush - I'm sorry for the Freemasons and Satanists to criminals, That They Will Smothered in a supernatural way, but what is has to be That said, "is not a favorable time for them" I'm sorry for the Freemasons and Satanists all criminals, if they are smothered in a supernatural way, but what that has to be said, "is not a favorable time for them"

    WakeUpUSAxRonPaul (1 ora fa) Spam 5OLDI3R1994 said I agree! But I believe in Jesus of Nazareth and I am sure of my salvation.-- ANSWER- of course! of course! but you do not have a problem with your sins, until they are all recognize by you, as well, as are all described in the Bible because Jesus of Bethlehem has paid all your debt on the cross. In fact, you're a true child of God because you are clothed in Christ you have the same divine nature of God, and in reality only, of the Bible Christians fundamentalists could call God "Father", in fact all others, even Christians or religious traditionalists they are only creatures of God's only HIS servants, because every man is that he is, in her faith! If this faith is confirmed or authenticated by the Word of God

    WakeUpUSAxRonPaul (1 ora fa) Spam @5OLDI3R1994 -- tu non hai un problema, con tuoi peccati finché li riconosci tutti, così, come sono tutti descritti nella Bibbia poiché, Gesù di Betlemme ha pagato ogni tuo debito sulla croce. In realtà, tu sei un vero figlio di Dio poiché, tu sei rivestito di Cristo tu hai la stessa natura divina di Dio, ed in realtà soltanto, i cristiani biblici fondamentalisti potrebbero chiamare Dio "Padre mio!", infatti, tutti gli altri, anche i cristiani religiosi o tradizionalisti loro sono soltanto creature di Dio suoi servitori, poiché, ogni uomo è quello, che lui è, nella sua fede! se questa fede è confermata o autenticata dalla Parola di Dio

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    07/27/2012 TIBET - CHINA False Panchen Lama, a "Chinese puppet", his words mean "nothing" Beijing's hand-picked Panchen Lama Gyaltsen Norbu visited Lhasa where he slammed anti-Communist protesters, "unfit" in his words to be called men of religion. A young monk tells AsiaNews that "he is a poor puppet in Chinese hands" living "in a gilded jail". Without any understanding of Tibet, he is "forced to play to Beijing's tune. We feel compassion for him." Nonetheless, his statements are part of the Communist party's strategy to decide what is orthodox in every religion. 07/28/2012 PAKISTAN Faisalabad: diocese teaches youth about justice and peace,Youth from all the parishes take part in a meeting in Punjab. Topics examined at the event included the role of media and coping with different environments and people. Participants also discussed the fight against drugs and the proclamation of the Word of God. Youth have the task of building peace, Diocesan Youth Commission director says.
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    07/28/2012 SAUDI ARABIA : CRIMINAL TOO BIG BIG! little satan for 666 IMF] Shia demonstrators wounded and arrested after they take to the streets against the Saudi regime The protest broke out in Qatif, Eastern Province, a minority Shia stronghold. Mohammed al-Shakouri is among the people detained. He was wanted by the authorities. Saudi Arabia backs the anti-Assad uprising in Syria but crushes in blood its own domestic dissenters. 07/28/2012 NEPAL In Kathmandu, Nepali president and UN officials slam attacks against private schools Concerned with students' future, Ram Baran Yadav appeals to the government to guarantee security. UN officials, who share the same concerns, want schools to be considered 'Zones of Peace.' Catholics play a significant role in the country's education system.
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    public debt is a scam! In fact, our Father Jacob has cursed his 10 sons on his deathbed, because: he was a prophet! These Satanists: of IMF: in addition to having him killed my son by the Romans? now, are leading to destruction and despair, all peoples! This was a terrible crime (of: high: betrayal), namely: to give, the life to all peoples: for their destruction (their monetary sovereignty) to these Pharisees of the Talmud satanic criminals il debito pubblico è una truffa! infatti, nostro Padre Giacobbe: ha maledetto 10 suoi figli: sul letto di morte, perché: lui era un profeta! Questi satanisti: del FMI: oltre ad avere fatto uccidere: mio figlio dai Romani? ora, stanno portando alla distruzione: ed alla disperazione: tutti i popoli! Questo è stato un crimine terribile(alto: tradimento), cioè: regalare la vita di tutti i popoli: per la loro distruzione (la loro sovranità monetaria) a questi criminali farisei del talmud satanico
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    @ all love for you: my JHWH --> Satanists are the slaves of the ugly monkey: all poor children who, go to the destruction! I too, like my son unius REI, I love: all peoples and all religions! I am a Jewish woman! and I love Palestine: that is, my native land, not that ugly star of Rothschild, that the Freemasons of the IMF, have linked, on the flag of Israel! Why, an Israel that is: a false democracy of the Masonic bank seigniorage? it's all a scam: of satan, of course!