satanic ritual abuse survivor

satanic ritual abuse survivor

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some comments from a satanic ritual abuse survivor. it is better to be the victim of satanic ritual abuse and be cleansed by their torment than to be a satanists and be condemned to hell for cruel murder
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  • This is one of the only TRUE accounts of Satanic child abuse.
    "They" consider humans to be Pigs and plan a holocaust to their (lucius trust) Gnostic God (God is Satan and Satan is God). Billions will die /watch?v=b65BI4AiGpI#t=1m00s
  • @Q69573 yeah i heard of that. they are a bunch of demonic demented self absorbed cowardly orcs
  • Asalaamu Alaikum Waramtullahi Wa Barakatu. I'm glad you've found your way away from the clutches of the cursed individuals. MashAllah!  I think more muslims and christians need to be made aware of your story.
  • @UMHproductionsIndy thanks very much. it is a great relief to find truth and Allah's good word. this is a dark world but islam uplifts the down trodden
  • Brohter welcome in islam!
  • @2011bilaal thanks!! Allahu Akbar!!!

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  • Muslims worship the devil. Witches are a force for good
  • Brother i am very happy that you get away that filhty evil cults. they thing that they can harm god but in reality they only harm them self..even allah has say that in quran, they are arrogent and they dont understands that they are flesh and bones..and that they will not last four ever ,,
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