Jewish Woman Talks About Ritual Killings


Jewish Woman Talks About Ritual Killings

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A Jewish woman talks about the weird and savage ritual killings that went on in her family on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The crazy part is,look how Oprah and her stupid audience laugh when the woman mentions killing babies,it's like a joke to them or something!Disgusting.
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  • @irishxxkelt There's plenty of evidence suggesting that Jews infact have done and continue to ritually slaughter non-Jewish children at passover and purim.
  • I recommend reading Blood Ritual by Phillip de Vier this book proves without a shadow of a doubt that Jews have been ritually murdering us for hundreds of years.
    .Jews have been kicked out of various countries 109 times many of these expulsions reasons included blood ritual murder and these murders from different parts in the world all had the same type of Jewish cult ritual M.O.
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  • @SnewgAlbert They're shabbatean frankists... or more better known as kabbalahists.
  • Wtf.
  • Yahweh and Satan are equally malevolent rival deities. The belief in the duality of good and evil is itself blightful against humanity.
  • wow
  • @jcliveron
    So, how come we are not in jail,Ha....go to all the jails and see how many Jews are there, NON! the police are not idiot, only you are! Bigot, Hateful,Crazy, Homophobic SOB!!!
    And don't comment to me anymore,you are not worth a fraction of my time!!!
  • @011jaffa jews are mafia massive crminals they get to be in goverments and organizations there by twisting the laws extortion euphemism and tons of sorts of treacheries get to corrupt a nation and cause crisis crime rates increase and they always get away with it playing the role of victim poor people they always do... You are worst than a rapist at least they do it in front of you not in a faggot jewish way of cowardice and corruption.
  • @irishxxkelt I never mentioned the Protocols. I'm talking about recorded instances of Jewish ritual murder. The blood of the sacrificed gentiles is believed to have been drank or dried and baked into bread for passover/purim. Read the books Blood Ritual by Philip De Vier, , Pasque di sangue. Ebrei d'Europa e omicidi rituali by Ariel Toaff etc. Watch Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited here on youtube.
  • @CuriosityRoads The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a forgery from the time of the Russian Czars. If you had any knowledge of Jewish beliefs you would know that no Jew is supposed to eat any flesh with blood on it. I lived in a very secular kibbutz in Israel. Chickens were brought in drawn and clean. Yet, they were washed in case there was any blood on them.
  • @irishxxkelt go bother someone else JIDF critter , cry & slander all you Jews want, nobody believes you anymore!
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