David Icke Ritual Satanic Child Sex Abuse By Elites

David Icke Ritual Satanic Child Sex Abuse By Elites

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The documentary is as an interview with a woman who has suffered numerous mental and physical tortures and participated in rituals involving human sacrifice. The subject of these videos is a sinister agenda of elites, child abuse, ritual sacrifice, mind control and evil at the highest strata of society.

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  • Thanks for uploading this! Watch the whole thing, I just recently started to read one of David Icke's work.
  • @asiandawn69 Its hard but important viewing. David's work is important.

  • @frstwonder I know that Penn State thing made me trip out that they could be passing around children in there to powerful men.
  • It's coming out that American Universities are part of an Illuminati child sex ring , With Penn State and now Syracuse Univeristy being found out...Their are bound to be more involved unless the Illuminati put an end to the media coverage.
  • you know tht they found bodies of thousands of Mohawk native American children in the uk by the catholic church of England they say that they found bodies of children and they also found ritualistic tools and devices kinda creepy. They say through they found a lot of bodies and the time period it stopped was the early 1970's but the catholic church and England have been doing this way before as well.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the Aryan Martians (because of their insatiable appetite for power and control, as demonstrated in this world by the same people) summoned these otherwordly creatures but then couldn't control or get rid of them. So they tried to escape by coming to Earth, and brought this evil with them to fuck up this world too.
  • Let's accept that what this woman in the above video said is true:
    What I'd like to know is what (if anything) were these so-called 'Aryan Martians' doing that attracted the attention of these hyperdimensional reptilian entities? Which came first, the prior's interest in the latter (which then attracted the attention of the latter), or vice versa?
  • well may be if i don't watch the full story becuz just make me 2 angry how peolpe can do kind of things is so so SICK
  • tl;dw
  • @charlesfrith Deffinetly man , My goal at the moment is broaden the optics of the poppulas. Emailin ya now! :)